Love After Marriage (Part 59)


Arvi comes to meeting hall.. He asks from when you decided to start your work? Tapu replies we have some requirements,as soon as we get things we will start.. Arvi then says I can’t manage salary now after completing project can you take it please.. Tapu says we are doing for friendship.. Ofcourse we need salary not now don’t worry.. Manu say her you won’t get anything tapu he is talking about others girls.. Bcz ill take it ? Tapu says ill take you’re credit don’t worry ? Arvi smiles and asks other girls.. They say we will decide about this after completing work ,jiju we need things early … Arvi and Manu goes to arrange things.. Aishu thanks them for helping.. They say now we will take 50% of profit.. Aishu says no you take 75% ill talk with him.. They say have you gone mad..if we join any company what will be salary we will that dear.. Aishu thanks them.. They say we need anything made by your hands not thanks.. Aishu smiles..and say definitely on Saturday friends.. They say Idiot spend some time with him.. She says no first friends.. Tapu get doubt and ask her on Sunday we will come.. Now lets start going home we haven’t said about job.. Friends says ok lets leave now..

Aishu and tapu send them.. Manu comes to pick tapu and aishu goes inside Arvi’s cabin.. She thinks of him..and smile comes automatically on her face.. Arvi comes after 1hr.. He see her busy with laptop and smiles.. He seat next to her and say aishu.. She smiles and see him think why I feel my name is so special when you call me.. She asks completed meeting? He says ya shall we go home? She nods yes but a coffee before that.. He goes to bring coffee.. She closes laptop and pack there things.. He comes with coffee cup and both seat drinking it.. She asks did you like the presentation? He says im impressed with it..but I have doubt why did my friend leave after knowing such a profit? Aishu smiles and say leave it.. Now concentrate only on project.. He says you’re there na how can I concentrate only on it? She asks what? He say when you are there to do it I wont interfere with it.. She smiles.. After coffee both leave..

They reach home.. Arvi says ill prepare dinner you go and fresh up.. Aishu says life partners cooking also we will become partners.. He smile and say ok go fresh up now.. She goes.. He start preparing dinner.. Aishu in room thinks I should say him or not…what shall I say? That I started liking him? What he will think? If he think im just fulfilling wife duty arvi im not fulfilling wife duty but im falling in love with you.. What you like me to wear? How can I make you come near me? So that without me telling you will come to know everything.. She goes down.. He see her coming down..smiles and tells himself when will she say she loves me? She asks him what you are dreaming about? He says nothing.. She understands and says to herself what can I say you?you know everything about me… He goes to fresh up.. She see dinner is prepared and say he is fast… Then after a while both have dinner.. She keeps observing him… He see phone and signs her,she receive call and talk with Amma.. She then gives phone to him.. Amma and he talk for more time.. Aishu asks him why amma with you more than me? He replies you’re my responsibility so.. She asks am I kid? He says at least kids will understand what we say? But you do what you like.. She gets angry and doesn’t talk with him… After dinner she goes to sleep on sofa.. Arvi comes after some time and makes her sleep on bed.. He smiles and says himself aishu is really kid.. He sleep on sofa.. Mid night aishu gets dream of there love but Arvi’s face is not seen properly..there first proposal..there first fight.. She starts talking in sleep jadoogar I love you… Then screams suddenly… Arvi wake up and ask her what happened? She is scared..she tells him what she saw in dream.. He makes her sleep.. She ask him to sleep with her im feeling scared.. He makes her sleep and sleep next to her.. She hugs him and sleep well… Arvi thinks should I be happy that you’re getting those dreams or should I be tensed that you’re getting scared.. He hugs her and sleep …

Arvi wake up and take bath.. Goes to prepare breakfast.. He brings coffee for her.. He asks her to wake up .. She says just more 5min.. He tells im leaving to office.. She says you’re going huh? Really? He says yes.. She comes near him and say please wait for 15min… She slowly pulls his ears and you will wait na.. He says if you go to take bath without wasting time ill wait.. She hugs him and then runs to take bath.. He smiles…thinks im getting back my jaan??

He gets ready for office.. She comes out form bath in bathrobe ,he see her coming and goes out.. She smiles and thinks he is really good at heart also… She gets ready.. Then goes down.. See its just 9:30 and say more 30min is there na.. He smiles and say madam you’re friends are already started working over there.. She gets shocked and say lets leave.. He gives her tiffin and ask her to have.. She says ill but at office .. Both leave.. She takes fruits salad and start having in car.. She feeds him also..say I know you were busy preparing breakfast so didn’t have anything so have this fruit atleast.. They reach office by 45min.. Aishu comes to her friends.. They ask what happened madam late? She says I slept late..they tease her taking his name but she tells nothing like that.. He was busy with laptop till 2am.. They smile and say someone is jealous of laptop then.. Aishu smiles.. Then they all get busy with work..

At lunch time..
Aishu comes to Arvi’s cabin and ask him to have lunch.. He asks are you hungry.. She nods yes.. He gives her tablets.. She asks what is this now? He says just vitamin tablets.. She says no da..please I wanna be free from this..☹☹ He tells at least one of it now.. She takes all and say have your lunch ill have afterwards.. He makes her seat and feed her lunch.. She asks you? He replies after you complete..she says ill make you have lunch..she feeds him.. Both complete lunch together.. Then she goes and joins her friends..

Like this 2 months get completed.. Arvi and aishu’s closeness increased.. But aishu haven’t said she is in love with him.. Project also have completed to 50%.. Aishu’s friends are adjusted to office atmosphere.. Tapu and Manu are busy with work as well as there engagement preparation..

Tapu comes to office.. Aishu is busy working.. Tapu asks her planned for Arvi’s birthday? Aishu gets shocked and turns back..and ask when.. Tapu says next month 2nd.. Aishu says no da I haven’t.. Tapu asks her to think.. Aishu asks you’re engagement is on jan 15th na.. Tapu nods yes.. Aishu thinks what to do? She asks what shall I give him? Tapu says ask you’re heart dear.. Aishu says my heart is in silent mode not responding ? tapu laugh and asks her did you ever propose him? Aishu nods no.. Tapu say then do it..? Aishu says if I do it then… Tapu asks what? Aishu says I should give myself to him.. Tapu asks what? She replies it’s indication of im ready for *** Tapu asks haven’t you both? Aishu nods no.. Tapu say Ayyo really you are idiot from two months dude? What were you both doing? She replies we are friends nothing more than that in we both are outside same way we are at home.. Tapu asks do your in-laws know it? Aishu says suji akka knows it.. Tapu says you’re really mad..any girl in this world wishes to have such a true lover you are wasting such a opportunity.. Aishu says how could I say yes for it before knowing him? Tapu takes her to aishu home.. All her friends see them leaving and think what happened?

After 1hr they reach Aishu’s home.. She asks why did you brought me here? Tapu takes her to upstairs.. Aishu keep asking what happened? Why are you pulling me such?

Precap: Tapu showing aishu and Arvi’s pics..aishu gets shocked

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