Love After Marriage (Part 58)


At 2am..
Aishu comes to room.. She see arvi and smiles..thinks I want you to smile.. She goes and sleep next to Arvi. In sleep she hugs him.. Morning arvi wake up and see aishu sleeping next to him.. Then smiles and sleep off.. At 9am.. Aishu wakes up.. She see arvi and blushes.. She goes to take bath.. After that she comes to kitchen and prepares coffee for them..
She smiles thinking about arvi.. Arvi comes down.. She asks him to have coffee.. She asks him can we ask can we go out please im feeling bored.. He says office.. She says if you love me then take me out.. He says my drama queen.. She smiles.. Asks him to get ready he goes..
She calls Manu and asks whether everything is ready? Manu says yes ma’am everything is according to your plan.. She smiles and thanks him.. She seats chatting in group.. Her friends say aishu you order us we are ready.. She thanks them.. They ask her to keep arvi away from office for one day everything will be ready and we will go to office by 11 dear.. She says thank you so much ?? . She texts Manu.. He replies ok..

Arvi comes down and see aishu is busy with phone.. She sense his presence and see him..asks him to seat ill get breakfast.. He seats for having breakfast.. He see her busy and ask are we going today or tomorrow? She says not today but now… She runs to get ready.. He smiles.. She comes down within 20min.. She asks first to hospital? Remember promise? He say yes.. She asks can we go in bike? He asks what?why? She says please I’ll listen to your words.. He says ok maa…come.. Both leave in bike..
They reach hospital.. Arvi goes inside to take appointment..aishu says hello I have appointment.. He smiles.. They both go inside.. Doctor meet them.. She asks arvi to stay out.. Arvi goes out.. Aishu say thank you aunty.. Dr smiles and says now check up.. Aishu smiles and goes with sister.. After 30min aishu comes out.. Dr tell her you’re health condition is improved dear.. Aishu asks her aunty I wanna talk with about.. Dr asks her to tell.. Aishu asks aunty can I allow arvi to touch me? Dr smiles and say you can if you love him.. Aishu smiles and say aunty I don’t know whether I love him or not but as a wife I should.. Dr say her I know what you are going through but Arvi will be with you in whatever time.. Aishu smiles.. Dr calls Arvi in and inform him there will be no need to continue tablets with she should have food at right time ill send diet plan on Monday take care of her? arvi thanks her.. Dr asks aishu to be careful regarding stress.. Aishu say her okay aunty.. They both leave from hospital

Aishu thinks about arvi… She says herself aishu if you don’t become his wife then you are fit for nothing..he is so cute and understanding say am I falling in love with him but what happened to me .. Arvi see her lost through rear mirror.. He asks next? She says somewhere far from everyone and silent.. He thinks of taking her to their first proposal place.. He start driving… She suddenly hugs him for back.. He thinks is any luck for me..she slept next to me now hug.. She asks him to drive fast…she wants to enjoy long ride.. They both reach place… Aishu gets down,she thanks him for bringing to such a cool place… She goes and stand near edge of mountain… He see her and ask her to come back.. She comes towards him.. She smiles and hugs him..say thank you soo for spending time with me.. He smiles says can we have something? Im feeling hungry.. She says you had morning na.. He says but you didn’t have anything.. She asks him how do you know? He smiles..and you were busy with your friends.. She smiles.. They both leave to have lunch..

After lunch,aishu say it’s 3:30 lets go home.. Arvi thinks there is something which you are hiding but at least from that you’re staying with me.. They leave to home..
They reach home.. Arvi gets manager call he gets busy with it.. Aishu prepare dinner.. She calls mom and ask did they leave? What time they will reach? Mom replies by 7 dear.. Arvi hears her talk and ask at what time train is? She replies at 9:30.. He goes to fresh up.. She thinks about him..I don’t know why I wanna be near you? Why I asked aunty such question? Do I love you? There is some magic in smile I forget everything bcz of it.. He comes down.. She asks him off gas stove after 5min.. He nods ok.. She goes to get ready..thinks why I wanna get ready for him? No I want him to see me and only me.. She takes out cream colour dress and simple set matching it.. She gets ready.. While coming down she watches that room and thinks I didn’t check this room till now.. Arvi calls her to come down.. She goes without checking it.. She see’s mom and amma and smiles.. She goes and hug them.. Arvi family enter then.. Suji goes to help aishu.. They arrange dinning table.. After that everyone start having dinner.. At 8:30 arvi and Arjun go to drop their parents.. Amma and papa also leave.. Suji and Aishu spend time talking about Arvi’s and Arjun fights,franks etc.. Suji say her that Arvi is very naughty.. On their wedding night he had kept something when we both were sitting on bed it started to make sound after that mom saved us.. Aishu laugh.. Suji says we thought to do something for yours but Arvi was busy with office work else I wouldn’t have left you both. Aishu blushes.. Suji asks when you both are going for honeymoon? Aishu nods no.. Suji smiles and tells her to plan early.. Aishu nods ok.. At 10:30 Arjun and Arvi come back.. They see Aishu and suji watching movie..join them.. They all go to sleep..

Morning.. Aishu wakes up and see Arvi sitting tensed.. She asks what happened? He replies nothing I was just thinking about it.. Aishu smiles and say don’t worry ?.. She goes to prepare breakfast and after having breakfast suji and Arjun leave to there home.

After 3 days..
Aishu is getting ready for office.. She prays she gets successful in helping Arvi. Arvi and aishu leave to office.. Arvi thinks what she is upto… They reach office..
Manu come and takes arvi with him.. Aishu and tapu go to meeting hall,they make everything ready.. Manu takes arvi and come to meeting hall. Arvi see committee members there.. He greets them.. After 5min aishu comes there.. She says she is here to tell about new contract,here is small presentation about it.. She starts explaining about contact for next 30min.. Arvi and committee members gets shocked bcz there is profit of higher percentage. Committee members without thinking tell we are ready for this.. Aishu thanks them..
Manu and Arvi go to drop them.. While coming back Manu tells him how aishu and her friends did it.. Arvi smiles.. They go to meeting hall.. They see aishu and friends enjoying without thinking it is office.. Arvi comes inside.. See them.. Aishu friends say hi jiju what’s going on? How was presentation? Arvi replies presentation was good but you people are really.. Girls say jiju… We are leaving you talk with her.. Arvi smiles and say you all be here I have some work..bye.. Manu and he leaves.. Aishu’s friends start teasing her.. She smiles and say shut up girls..come lets go to canteen have some thing.. They all go.. Aishu goes and orders snacks.. After 15min they served with snacks.. But aishu gets fruit and milkshake. Aishu asks what’s this? He shows Arvi’s orders.. Aishu’s friends smile.. She haves fruits and milkshake.

Precap: Arvi asking aishu how come my friend left me at last moment even after knowing about profit..

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