Love After Marriage (Part 57)


Arvi comes inside bed room see aishu sleeping on sofa.. He wakes her up and she doesn’t get up(ya she is acting) he thinks let she sleep.. After 4hrs.. Arvi gets up.. He check whether she is sleeping properly.. He goes near her.. Smiles.. He covers her with bed sheet and then goes to sleep..

Aishu wakes up and search for arvi in room then thinks where is he? Suddenly he comes from bathroom,he is shirtless.. She closes eyes and turns other side.. He see her and say sorry take shirt and go inside bathroom.. She takes dress and get ready to bath. He comes outside,she goes in.. He thinks of talking about yesterday night.. She comes after a while.. He asks what happened ? She nods nothing.. He comes near her..she keeps stepping back reach wall.. He comes very close to her..asks what happened? She tries to escape from there but he pins her to wall.. There’s eyes meet. Suddenly she grab’s his collar and say whom you think of fooling? Who was she who hugged you yesterday? Don’t even think of cheating me ok.. Ask her to keep distance.. He asks what you talking about? She says vanu..tell her you’re my lover if she thinks of hugging you ill not leave her.. He says im you’re friend.. She gets angry and say you’re my lover ok… He looks on shocked.. She says only I have right to hug no one else… He see’s her fainting and hold her..make her sleep.. He thinks did she get her memory back? He takes water and sprinkle on her face.. She gets conscious… He asks are you okay? She nods yes.. He then asks did you take tablets yesterday? She nods no.. he says ok ill call you once at afternoon you have tablets ok she says I don’t want it.. He says till Friday you have then we will go to doctor ok? She nods ok.. Then see time and runs prepare breakfast. He smiles and thinks she will make some mistake for sure in breakfast.. Aishu is preparing rava idly,coffee and tea. Suddenly she takes ginger and goes to put in coffee,arvi comes there and say ginger coffee? Aishu smiles and puts in tea.. She thanks him.. Mom comes there asks what happened? Arvi tells aishu was going to add ginger to coffee.. Mom smiles and say once we will try it.. Aishu and Arvi laugh with her..
At dinning table..

Aishu serves everyone.. Arjun says aishu ill become fat if you keep doing such things daily.. Dad tells this is one advantage of you’re mom choice sons she selects things which she cant do.. Arvi and Arjun start laughing that dad said that bcz mom don’t know to prepare good food.. Mom tells till suji and aishu come I was cooking ok.. Dad adds so only my sons lift going to gym bcz they were on full diet at home only.. Mom gets angry with him and say in Vijayawada you will know what is food ok ,now have this.. Arjun and Arvi smile silently bcz dad will be on full diet after this talks.. Aishu and suji serves them.. Mom tells im thinking before we book tickets for Vijayawada let Arvi and aishu go to that house.. Dad asks arvi and aishu what is there opinion? Aishu replies whatever arvi say im okay with it. Arvi say we will shift but can you both stay with us for few days.. Mom says we will be leaving on Saturday.. Its Wednesday today.. Aishu asks please mom stay with us.. Mom nods ok and adds tomorrow you both are shifting. Arjun says mom again ill have only oats and fruits for breakfast bcz of you.. Suji gives him a angry look.. Aishu see it and say Arjun bhai this breakfast was Akka plan only.. Arjun start coughing.. Arvi smiles.. After finishing breakfast,arvi goes to room.. Aishu comes there.
Arvi asks aishu did babhi plan it? Aishu nods yes.. He says you were preparing it but.. She says night she prepared rava butter I just kept for baking. Arvi says ok…don’t seat for packing things at evening we will do it.. Aishu says only you’re clothes are need to be packed,I didn’t completely remove my package.. He says ok afternoon ill call take care now bye.. She says bye you too take care of yourself ?

Arvi keep thinking about what happened in morning.. In office Manu come to Arvi’s cabin ,see him lost and say boss its time for work not for thinking.. Arvi see Manu and say im really going mad bcz of aishu da.. Manu asks what happened? Arvi tells him everything.. Manu smiles and says its good only na she is remembering things.. Arvi replies ya but she feels more stressed now.. Manu says dude we don’t know what happened before accident completely she should give us information else police officers will close that case.. Arvi nods ok.. Manu goes out and call Sai and say everything that happened after vanu meeting aishu. Sai says this is really positive guys but Arvi shouldn’t know we are involved in this..
At evening..
Arvi comes back home. He keeps aishu in packing things.. After completing it they both go to have dinner.. All start having dinner and after that they enjoy family time.. Suji takes aishu to garden.. They both seat on swing..
Suji: From tomorrow ill miss you dear
Aishu: Akka come with us na..
Suji: You know na dear we both work and this house is near to office..
Aishu: Akka on Sundays you will be free na..
Suji: Ya.. We will meet on that day..
Aishu: Smiles.. Ok Akka..
Suji: Can I ask you something? Personal?
Aishu: Smiles and say her to ask

Suji: You both haven’t started your marriage life na..
Aishu: (With hesitation) say yes akka we haven’t..
Suji: Dear you know guys na.. If they don’t get what they should have been getting then..
Aishu: Arvi is not like that..
Suji: He is not like that but there are many girls who can make use of this
Aishu: (thinks about vanu) nods yes ..
Suji: Please don’t feel im interfering but I think you should… Its only 2days got over but also..
Aishu: Ok Akka.. I understood akka …
Suji: He loves you more than himself.. Everyone in home knows it dear but till you love him back..his love doesn’t have meaning..
Aishu: Akka..
Suji’: I know dear.. What you might be thinking but he loves so much you should also try to find it..

Aishu: Smiles and say Akka ill try..
Suji: Smiles and say come lets go and’s already 11..
Aishu and suji go inside.. Arvi is with his laptop.. Aishu comes inside room.. He asks her to take tablet and sleep on bed. She says ok.. Goes change.. He is completely into his work.. Aishu comes out and see Arvi busy in laptop.. She seats on bed and think what suji told her.. Then like that only sleep off.. After a while aishu gets up shock.. She switch on lights and see Arvi sleeping.. Then thinks if dream comes true then what will happen..(guess the dream??)
Early morning..

Aishu wakes up and goes to take bath. Arvi wake up and see aishu is not bed and goes and sleep on it.. Aishu comes out.. She see him sleeping and say he looks so cute while sleeping I wish I could say him.. Arvi wake up and see she staring at him.. He acts like sleeping.. She comes near him and slowly pulls bed sheet so that he can peacefully sleep.. She smiles when her hand touch his hands..and goes to get ready..

Mom is in kitchen.. She is preparing breakfast.. Aishu comes down.. Mom ask her did he wake up? She says no.. Mom tells her go wake him up.. Aishu goes to room..see home sleeping and close door.. Slowly goes towards his ear and call out his name loudly.. He gets up with shock..asks what happened? She smiles nothing.. He slowly pulls her near to him,she keeps seeing him with pleasing look.. He see her.. He remembers what happened before Mano marriage and leave her.. Go to take bath..

Aishu thinks what happened to him why did he leave me? Am I not looking good? He hugged vanu why not me.. Then she goes to kitchen thinking about this.. Arvi in shower thinks till when I can be far from her.. She is so pretty whenever she see with that pleasing look I just remembered what happened b/w us… He comes out and gets ready .. Then goes down..
All have there breakfast.. Mom asks them to come back home by noon,at evening aishu and arvi will shift. Arvi asks mom yesterday you told you will come? Mom says you’re dad booked tickets for tomorrow. Aishu say we can chancel it na.. Mom says no dear we cant.. Then ask arvi no to go for office today.. Arvi says mom today after meeting ill come back home.. Mom says ok.. Aishu is lost in her thoughts.. Suji and Arjun leave for office.. But they both arrive at new house.. They both go inside with flowers and candles..

At evening…
Mom ask Aishu to call Arvi I asked him not to go but see. Aishu calls Arvi.. He cuts call as he is driving.. He comes home.. Aishu see him frustrated,he goes inside room.. He start smoking.. She comes inside.. He see her and ask her to close door.. She closes it.. She comes near him and ask what happened? He throws cigarette and tightly hugs her… She is standing and he is seating on bed.. So his head is at her belly.. She asks what happened? He says if I don’t get the contract then I have to undergo loss .. She says nothing such gonna happen don’t worry.. He keeps crying like small baby bcz he wanted aishu to get everything he started business but now… She asks him what happened? Please tell me Im your friend na.. He says we had mingled with my friends software company to get this contract but at last moment he said he cant take risk.. Aishu says you can only make that software also na.. He says I have no idea about it.. She asks can I join your company as a employee. He asks why? She says don’t worry I don’t want much salary just you’re smile is enough… He asks reason.. She asks him to hire her then she will say.. He says ok .. You are tell me.. She says Monday come to office sir you will get to know.. He says ok.. His mom knock door.. Aishu open door.. Arvi as gone fresh up..
After a while… They leave to new house.. Its fully decorated.. Aishu and arvi enter house.. Aishu goes to kitchen to prepare dinner.. Suji joins her.. After a while everyone have dinner.. Then mom dad and Arjun suji leave.. Aishu says Arvi to sleep.. She will come after a while.. He goes to bedroom..

Aishu calls Manu and tapu.. They speak regarding contact. Manu says it’s really risky aishu,but wanted it to happen.. Aishu asks him how many we have to time to put tender.. He say till next Thursday.. She smiles and says we have one week.. Talking with them she goes and check whether arvi slept or not.. She see him sleeping..Then comes down and does study regarding contact details..

Precap: Aishu in Arvi’s office with her friends.. Arvi and committee members gets shocked after seeing aishu presentation

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