Love After Marriage (Part 56)


Aishu thinks why I need praise? I didn’t do it for him.. Mom see her washing vessels but not in this world.. She comes to aishu and say you’re mehandi will go off,don’t wash vessels. Aishu says mom only colour will go not meaning of it na,you take rest ill complete work and come.. Amma comes their home,aishu feels that Amma is near her. She runs from kitchen to main door, mom ask her what happened? Aishu opens door and hug Amma.. Mom smiles.. Amma comes inside, aishu goes to get them coffee. Mom and amma seats talking..
Mom: Missed aishu?
Amma: Ya she is life for that house..without her it’s boring..
Mom: But now she is becoming this house life.. You know morning only everyone got impressed by her cooking style,they want her to cook daily..
Amma: Smiles… Then what you think of my daughter..
Mom: I wanted to talk with you regarding,…

Amma: Tell..
Mom: Aishu and arvi haven’t…
Amma: Its first day of their life,you are worrying now only..
Mom: But also..
Amma: They are modern couple,they know what to do so that relationship will be good don’t worry..
Mom: Im thinking about sending them to that house..
Amma: But you told that you will send them after 1week..
Mom: No im sending them after 2days..
Amma: You have gone mad.. Thinking about them..

Mom smiles.. She see’s aishu coming.. Aishu comes and serves them coffee. Amma gives her movie and say her its your favourite daemon movie tickets,go with arvi ill say him ok.. Aishu says ok.. She goes inside,amma see mom and she smiles.. Mom says you have planned anything? Amma says not me Madhu and tapu..Manu planned something it seems. Mom understands there is something then for sure.. Aishu comes there ask what happened?everytime you will be laughing if I come you both will become serious.. Amma and mom smile and hug her.. Aishu says you both didn’t tell it now alsoo making cry face.. Amma gives her chocolates and say you’re papa gave you.. Aishu asks shall I come there? Amma says dear this is you’re home now only when festival or any other occasions are you can come there.. Mom says we will plan something so that we all be together don’t worry aishu.. Aishu says first amma left me now mom is planning to leave me alone I know you both are planning to leave me alone in that house won’t I get scared.. Amma calls drama queen enough I know you very well why you’re doing this now but you are not allowed to come there ok.. Amma then ask aishu how did you sleep yesterday night without your teddy?

Aishu says arvi gave me one teddy bear yesterday night and after that I slept.. Amma and mom see each other face.. Amma tells her you’re teddy is waiting for you at your new home ok.. Aishu says ok.. Amma see its 5pm and tells ill leave now,aishu don’t forget to go for movie ok.. Aishu says ok.. Amma leaves,mom asks her to get ready arvi will be coming.. Aishu gets ready wearing red top and white pant.. Arvi comes home after 30min, mom asks him to get ready and go with aishu ok. He says ok..

Arvi comes inside room,see aishu seating hugging her teddy.. He gives her chocolate,asks are you angry with me? She nods no.. She says till you became my hubby I won’t ask anything.. Arvi smiles and says sorry I’ll do whatever you want don’t be angry with me.. She asks can we go for movie? He smiles and says yes we are going but one thing I wanna have dinner out ok. She asks why? He says I can’t be hungry for long time.. She smiles and says ok.. They both leave for movie..
After 3hrs of movie.. Arvi and aishu are coming out.. Manu see them, signs a girl to go.. A girl(Arvi’s classmate) she comes and see Arvi.. She calls Arvi in loud voice.. She runs and come to him.. She says arvi I was missing you so much.. And hugs him.. Aishu see her with shock.. Arvi see’s aishu and say vanu im not you’re boyfriend to hug in public.. Vanu hits him and say if you were my boyfriend why would have allowed you to get married to aishu? She then talks with aishu only hi how are you? Like this. Then again start talking with arvi.. She asks them to accompany her for dinner.. Arvi see aishu,aishu nods ok. They all go to dinner..

While ordering.. Waiter asks them what they need? Vanu orders I need fruit salad and roti.. Before arvi order for him, she says he needs roti and dal with plain tomato soup. Then asks aishu what she needs? Aishu says I don’t need anything.. Arvi says a fruit salad and plain soup.. Vanu keeps talking one or other thing.. Aishu thinks why did i say yes for dinner that with her? She is just irritating me.. Vanu sense something is going on in her mind.. After dinner vanu hugs arvi and moves from there.. Aishu feel jealous of there closeness.. Arvi asks aishu shall we go home? Aishu just nods ok.. While driving arvi talks with aishu but she says why you are asking me go ask that vanu.. Arvi stops car,asks what happened? Aishu says nothing im feeling sleepy.. They head to home..

Aishu thinks what happened to me? Why im feeling so jealous of her? He is my hubby only I have right to hug him.. Why did she hug him.. She thinks of asking who was she? They reach home.. Arvi and aishu go inside its 10pm,only mom is awake.. Mom says had dinner na? Aishu nods yes..then goes to room.. She asks what happened? Arvi says I don’t know mom..

Precap: Aishu and arvi shifting to new house..

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  1. Woww… Nice jealous episode…. Happy to her jealous…

  2. Superb. Jealousy part was too gud.

  3. Ha ha ha superrr manu

    1. Hi dear sorry for late reply.. I’m not married. These are my friend and my thoughts for marriage and love. You didn’t hurt me dear..but I was just surprised with your question dear..

  4. Wowww…awesome….aishu’s jealousy was awesome god…u r damn good in writing..keeping up the reader’s interest in every precap yaar…

  5. Superb…..

  6. Sorry guys I didn’t pic so I put this one.. Thank you friends for liking my fiction

  7. Hahahaha
    Aishu’s Jealousy ????

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