Love After Marriage (Part 55)

Arvi and aishu are alone in car, he asks her to sleep you have slept yesterday night.. She says you also didn’t sleep yesterday night.. He says please dear sleep you have taken you’re tablets na.. She nods no.. He stops car and make her have tablets.. After that starts riding.. She keeps her head on his shoulder and sleep.. He thinks she’s looking like a kid while sleeping.. She in sleep slowly hold his hands and sleep.. Her upper body is in contact with his fully.. He ignore it and keep driving.. After a while she wakes up finds herself so close to him and seat straight.. She asks him can we have some thing im feeling hungry.. He smiles and say ok..ill stop if I see any hotel.. After 20min travel they get hotel (dabbha), both get down.. She smiles and says I need only fruits,he says I know you won’t have anything outside but you have for me today. He brings chocolate cake which he had kept in car,she hugs him and say thanks.. He smiles and says shall we have lassi with this? Aishu smiles.. Arvi goes to bring.. After having cake and lassi they start there travel again..

After 2hrs they reach home..
Mom,suji and some relatives are waiting for them.. Mom see them arriving and smile.. She goes to bring arati, she does their arati and ask aishu to come inside home.. Suji takes aishu’s room and asks her to fresh up.. Aishu nods ok.. Suji goes to arvi and ask him totally married now what you planned for your girl? He says nothing I have office work to be completed.. She say ohh.. He smiles and say really babhi.. She ask shall I give a gift? He understand and say no not now.. She is just my friend when she becomes my wife ill plan for you both with us..??.. Suji replies first make her your life I mean you’re wife than plan.. He says ok, he gets official Call he gets busy.. Arjun see suji and ask why you are troubling him? She replies don’t you remember our wedding night how much he teased me? He says he is you’re brother in law I won’t come in your talks in this talks.. Arvi comes there,Arjun asks him to go to room . Suji says don’t worry we will send aishu there, arvi hears it and smiles.. Mom comes to aishu and say her don’t worry it’s your home be free. Aishu nods ok.. She takes aishu to Arvi’s room..

He is sitting inside and busy with laptop.. Mom comes inside and ask him to shut it and spend time with aishu.. She leaves them alone.. Arvi close door.. He smiles and ask aishu to change dress it might be difficult for you.. She goes to change, after 5 min. She comes out.. She see arvi arranging to sleep on sofa.. She say him sleep on bed ill sleep on sofa.. He comes near her and say you’re having habit of sleeping on bed sleep dear ill adjust.. She goes to sleep but doesn’t get sleep.. Arvi see her awake till 12am and ask what happened? She replies nothing.. He says don’t worry I won’t touch you.. She says not that I have habit of hugging teddy bear but.. He smiles and goes to wardrobe,takes out a teddy bear and give her.. She thanks him and sleeps hugging it..
At morning.. Aishu gets up and see Arvi sleeping with difficulty on sofa.. She wakes him up, he gets up.. He asks what happened? She says please at least now go and sleep on bed.. He goes to sleep.. She goes to take bath.. After 30min she comes out.. She is in white and red colour dress.. Her waist portion is seen through it.. She cover it using duppata… Mom comes to room,knock it.. Aishu opens door.. Mom see room is how it used to be and thinks nothing happened between them.. She gives aishu coffee and ask her to wake up arvi and come down.. Aishu nods ok..
Aishu close door.. She tries to wake up Arvi but doesn’t get successful.. She takes hair strand and slowly puts it in his ear.. He wakes up.. She smiles.. He says Aishu.. And start to chase her.. She runs, but because of her dress suddenly she slips and he catches her in proper time.. They both get into a eyelock. He asks her are you okay? She nods yes… She goes down.. Mom see her coming and say her to prepare breakfast.. Aishu thinks what to prepare.. She sends arvi what all like to have breakfast ? He replies

Dad-green tea with fruits or oats
Mom-ragi soup and fruits
Suji and Arjun – coffee and fruits..

She asks you ? He replies whatever you prepare.. She does what all arvi said,above that she prepare pongal.. After 1hr all come for having breakfast, she serves them.. Suji thinks how does she know so much about us.. Arvi smiles.. Suji understand it.. Then aishu serves them pongal, all like it.. Arjun say her to prepare breakfast like this im feed up of having coffee and fruits daily.. Aishu nods ok.. Dad and mom bless her.. Suji says it was really good.. And tasty.. Leaving mom all leave for work.. Arvi is travelling, he gets a message from aishu didn’t you like what I have done? He replies I loved it , she says you didn’t say anything just you left like that ? He asks her are my words so special to you? She says you’re my friend it’s your duty to say it’s good or not.. He replies as friend I have no reason to say it but as hubby I have but now im your friend that’s it not hubby.. She cuts call.. He thinks why she getting emotional like this?

Precap: Aishu seeing Arvi hugging a girl and getting frustrated and jealous..

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  3. Really grt yaar …pooha no words luv this pair by heart …arvi and aishu ,……luv u guys …..u r really really soo good in writing dr…..?

  4. Pooja ur story is getting more interesting. Aishu jealous and all.. Waiting dear. Update soon…

  5. awesome. loved our cute couple. aishu jealous. i think may be this is plan of tapu. i may be wrong. but i’m eagerly waiting

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