Love After Marriage (Part 54)


Arvi see aishu’s pics.. Arvi think of aishu if hadn’t met with accident this days would be more special to us.. Arvi remember her last birthday when she wished she would like fall in love in him again from beginning and enjoy that felling.. He replies her I fall in love with you daily I don’t know why? ..

Present Arvi thinks ill make her that wish come true but whenever I see her I can’t control myself falling for her but being in one room it would be difficult,ill manage it.. I want her to be mine from heart not just body.. He sleeps thinking about her..
Aishu is with her friends.. They keep saying jokes to make her laugh.. Tapu and appu comes to them and ask them to sleep early.. Appu and friends go.. Tapu and aishu remain in terrace only.. Aishu asks her when Madhu will reach here? She replies by morning.. Come lets go and sleep.. Aishu asks her can I ask you one question? Tapu smiles.. Aishu asks her is my decision of marriage is good or bad? Tapu replies best decision..

Aishu: Arvi is good guy na?
Tapu: He is best for you
Aishu: He wont hurt me na..
Tapu: He will never dear you’re his first love how can he hurt you?
Aishu: Who is my first love?
Tapu: Arvi ofcourse
Aishu: I m not in love with him
Tapu: You are..
Aishu: But why will I feel scared whenever he is near me?
Tapu: You won’t be scared just you’re heart as mixed feelings towards him.. So
Aishu: Will I be happy?
Tapu: You will be happiest person on earth after marriage..

Aishu hugs tapu and say im really miss you all.. Tapu says don’t worry ill come there every other day.. Both leave to sleep.. Arvi calls tapu and asks her why you both standing at terrace for such long time alone? Tapu say him she is getting scared of you , understood? He says ya I got it.. She says go and sleep da tomorrow puja starts at morning 5:30 only. He says i couldn’t be her friend also tapu how can i think of sleeping dear.. Tapu replies you’re her lover and now you’ll be her hubby da. He says really she will fall in love with me? Tapu say any girl will fall for you how come she wont fall da,her heart belongs to you you know na then why are thinking so much? He says hummm.. She adds don’t worry your nature will make her remember things what happened between you both early.. He says im waiting for that day tapu i wish that happen before marriage.. Tapu say him go and sleep da.. He says good night.. He goes to sleep.

Aishu calls amma and when amma come she asks whether she can sleep in her lap.. Amma smiles and say you’re my kid dear.. Come ill make you sleep today.. Aishu sleep in lap peacefully.. Amma think this is your last day as my daughter tomorrow you’ll be Arvi’s wife.. Tapu comes and see it.. She smiles…

Arvi gets up,his granny asks him to get ready by 6 we should go to temple.. He goes to get ready.. After 30 min he comes out.. He gets aishu’s call.. He feels happy first then thinks mostly she called for saying something…
Aishu: Hello arvi…
Arvi: Hello aishu
Aishu: Can I say something
Arvi: Hummm…
Aishu: I know you are angry with me after talking with tapu yesterday night..but you know me na ill say what’s in my heart..
Arvi: So it means you don’t believe me..
Aishu: No I believe you more than myself da.. You keep saying you’re my life na today ill say you’re my life,my friend,my Best friend who understands my silence also..
Arvi: ( he feels happy) hummm.
Aishu: But I need time to adjust da,with my new relationships
Arvi: You will be never forced into anything dear.. I love you it doesn’t you should also love me..

Aishu: I should love you but I don’t know when it will happen..
Arvi: Dear I promise you,till you say me I love you or give me permission to touch, I won’t even touch me more than a friend ok..
Aishu: Thank you ? bye da… Your granny as come here..
Arvi goes to temple with his family… Aishu thinks why can’t I say what’s in my heart? He is so special to me but also im feeling somewhat.. Whenever he comes near me ill be happy but im a girl I have fear of it what can I do.. Her friends come there.. They take her to temple.. After they come back, aishu gets busy with some puja’s…
At evening…
Amma is feeding aishu,her friends say this is you’re last day bcz from now onwards amma won’t make you eat by her hands.. Amma tells them ill make her even if she gets her grandchildren.. Aishu thinks here im afraid of that only what amma you’re thinking about my grandchildren.. After a while.. Aishu goes to have shower..

When she back,she see room filled with her relatives.. Amma makes her sit on floor.. Then pandith comes does puja , aishu doesn’t speak anything.. She is sleepy.. But she should be awake till morning 11:30.. Arvi thinks if she doesn’t get sleep,she will get headache.. He thinks while going home only we both will in car na, ill make her sleep till we reach home..
It’s night 11:30.. Aishu is getting ready to be Arvi’s bride.. She is in traditional saree,she is looking like a doll but she just wanna sleep nothing else.. Her friends are making her get ready.. She is gets ready as traditional Tamil Iyer girl.. She feels her hair is getting heavy each and every second,above that her saree she don’t know to walk in it.. Here Arvi gets ready in white and white clothes ..

Marriage starts at morning 6:30…
Arvi is sitting and doing puja.. All his friends haven’t even wake up..alarm rings they wake up and go for taking bath.. All come out after 1hr.. They see aishu and get shocked.. She is dressed up as a doll, her nose ring is complimenting her smile.. Her waist chain and leg chain are making cute sounds.. Her hair is tied into a knot in front portion and at back fish tie..with full of jasmine flowers.. She friends and her amma are coming with her.. She comes and sits front of Arvi.. A white cloth is a barrier between them.. Her amma and papa sit with her.. After 20min of kanaya dhanam is made by aishu’s father.. Arvi promises him ill remain with aishu in happiness and sorrows for my whole life.. After 5min aishu is made stand next to arvi.. Pandith asks aishu to tie a string fastened to a piece of turmeric around the wrist of the arvi to bind themselves by a religious vow. A little later, the arvi ties a kankanam to the aishu’s wrist. After a while arvi tie Mangal Sutra to aishu.. Then after that pandith asks them for aishu and arvi to take seven steps around the sacred fire. The arvi walks with the bride to the right side of the sacred fire while holding his aishu’s right hand. He stops, bends down and holds the right toe of his wife with his right hand and helps her take seven steps around the fire. At the beginning of each step, he recites a Vedic mantra seeking the blessings of Maha Vishnu. As these seven mantras are being chanted, he asks Maha Vishnu to follow in the footsteps of his aishu and bless her with food, strength, piety, progeny, wealth, comfort and health.

Then pandith asks them to start treading grindstone, Holding the aishu’s left toe the arvi helps her to tread on a grindstone kept on the right side of a fire. (This ritual is symbolic of the solid rock foundation for the union.) arvi and aishu go out according to pandith order to show aishu Arundhathi Nakshatra .. Aishu asks him did you really see it? Arvi nods no.. Both smile and return back with pandith.. Then Nalangu starts with the aishu and arvi being seated opposite each other. They apply turmeric on each other’s feet. The aishu also takes yellow rice and waves it around her Arvi’s head and throws it away. This is repeated three times and the same is done by the arvi. (This is believed to ward off evil eyes.)

Then amma and mom do mangala arati of new wed couple.. Then they both take blessings from everyone.. Aishu’s friends and Arvi friends take pics with them.. At evening marriage is completed.. Aishu and Arvi’s friends leave.. There are only relatives left behind.. Aishu goes to change dress.. Tapu and Madhu are with her.. They are helping her.. She comes back wearing simple saree.. Arvi is also changed..

Aishu is asked to perform another one ritual.. That is giving her amma and papa rice,money and gold.. She asks them to keep it forever don’t lose it.. Mom tells them you’re giving us your daughter we don’t need all this things you’re daughter from onwards will be having 2mothers and 2fathers.. Aishu without looking back is asked to seat in car.. Tapu and Madhu make her seat.. She keeps crying..that she cant be with her amma and papa from onwards.. Then pandith asks arvi to take aishu parents blessings and promise them.. Arvi takes there blessings and tell them ill never aishu alone in any type of suition..

Amma is crying,but mom tells aishu will be your daughter forever,she will be far but not so far that you can’t come to meet her.. Madhu and tapu takes care of amma.. Arvi comes and seat next to aishu in car.. She is crying so he says aishu don’t cry ill take to your Amma whenever you say or without your saying also ill take you don’t worry..

Precap: Aishu and arvi coming to their home..

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      1. U have that maturity mind dr what is love what is martiage the meaning of these things such a cute story…. actually looks like my story i am impressed dr… so just i thought like that sorry dear if it hurts to u… really sorry

  4. I am so happy that our love birds are married now… This was a wonderful episode.

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