Love After Marriage (Part 53)

All are laughing at Acchu talks.. Aishu smiles and say them to be quite.. Acchu goes out of room.. Sai and Mano come to aishu house… She see them parking car and goes to meet them.. Sai comes to aishu and ask her how are you? I missed you so much from 3yrs..where is our hero? She hugs and say im fine.. I was missing you soo much.. Who is hero? Mano signs him not to tell… Aishu hugs Mano and ask where is your son ? Im missing him so much.. He shows his and his son near car and say he said till you come to welcome him he wont come inside… She goes out.. Sai and Mano speak about Aishu’s accident. She comes inside with kittu and his mom.. Achu and kittu starts playing with aishu and her friends..
At evening….
Aishu home is full of relatives.. Her friends say her tomorrow we will meet you and bye… Sai comes there. Aishu and he talk about his work and etc… He thinks she was in love with him how can she forget it? He starts talking about arvi indirectly and keep repeating jadoogar word.. He is doctor by profession and keep trying different ways to make her remember things.. After a while they all go for dinner..
After dinner Sai call tapu..
Tapu: Hi how are you?
Sai: Im fine,what about you?
Tapu: Im fine da..
Sai: I want your help dear in solving out aishu memory loss problem
Tapu: I can do anything for her..
Sai: Says her something (muted)
Tapu: Really will this help?
Sai: There are 100 ways to solve a problem but we don’t what will solve it…
Tapu: Ok..
Sai: Don’t tell anyone about this..
Tapu: Promise.. bye
Tapu thinks what shock can make her remember everything.. Aishu many questions till she gets answer she wont be silent.. If she see Arvi and her pics she will get more questions …
3days passes…
It’s aishu mehandi to night… Everyone are busy preparing for it.. Before that they should leave to Tirupati temple.. So bags are packed..aishu is packing her things bcz of after marriage she will directly go to his home..
They ll leave for Tirupati at11am.. Aishu is with friends.. She thinks till marriage we both shouldn’t see or talk each other thank you granny else my fear would have been increasing..ya I know only 2more nights then I should be with him but also….. Then says herself ill be like a good wife and fulfil duties.. Adds but im afraid of … How can give herself to guy just bcz of word marriage is there between them…
By evening they reach temple.. Arvi is with his friends and family. He as got word from granny not to see Aishu till marriage starts.. She will be tensed about one or other thing for sure.. His mom and some relatives come to his room.. Ask him to wear dhoti and come fast.. He asks why? They say if you don’t do that then aishu cant become bride for you. He goes and comes out wearing it and white shirt.. Granny comes and starts function.. They all put turmeric paste on his face and legs.. Pandith comes and put some oil on his head.. He says some mantras.. Arvi gets irritated bcz of oil it’s coming inside his eyes.. Mom takes his photos and he says mom please don’t take.. Then after 10min he goes to take bath.. He thinks it would have been better if I married aishu at register office only..
Aishu is taking bath… Her grandmother give her white sari type to wear.. She comes out wearing it… She is made to sit at centre of room.. All ladies start applying her turmeric paste.. Her friends take selfies with her.. Tapu takes her single pic and send it to Arvi.. He replies thanks..for taking care of her and for this photo also. She send smiley.
Arvi mom and granny come to him and ask him not to go out till tomorrow evening.. He says ok.. But thinks of meeting aishu once. After granny goes ,mom comes inside and say I know you are planning to meet aishu but you won’t meet now ok.. He says please.. She says ill send her pic after mehandi don’t think of coming there. He says ok..i ll get her before you send from tapu leave mom.. She asks now also she sent you photo? He says yeah.. She takes his phone and see her pic..ask him shall I send your pic to her.. He says mom please it’s so funny.. She smiles and goes from there.. He uses Bluetooth ftp and transfer his pics from mom phone to his phone without her knowledge.. Thinks if aishu see she will laugh..
Aishu comes out after taking bath.. Her friends say you become miss yellow.. She goes and see in mirror and scream ammma.. Amma comes there and ask what happened? She says see my skin it became yellow colour ?? Amma say her go take bath again,ill bring other paste which will lessen yellow colour ok.. Her friends laugh seeing her.. Getting panicked just bcz of turmeric paste… She goes to take bath.. Amma come and help her.. After a while mom brings mehandi for her.. She bless aishu and say you’re looking this pink and green combination dress.. After 1hr mehandi function starts..
Aishu hands and legs are filled with mehandi.. Her friends ask mom why reception aunty? She replies Arvi wanted his marriage to be simple but you ll don’t leave..ask for party.. They all smile and say ok.. Tapu takes pics of aishu and her friends.. Then video grapher take video and his assistant takes pics of function going on.. Appu comes there.. She signs tapu… To send arvi aishu’s pics.. Tapu sends.. Mom see them and smiles.. Amma asks what happened to you? She replies arvi .. Amma asks where is he?you could have called him here na.. Mom tells let him see her in marriage hall..he asked us not to make marriage grand na so this is his punishment.. Amma laugh and goes to prepare things.. Mom seats with aishu.. She asks aishu why you are silent? Have you promised arvi I won’t talk with anyone? Aishu smiles and says mom please I cant be without speaking.. Mom say her to keep speaking it will be like ankle giggles sound.. Aishu hear her and start laughing.. Say mom…
Precap: Aishu and arvi marriage…

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