Love After Marriage (Part 52)


Arvi drops aishu and Amma at home.. Amma gets down and go inside.. Leaving them alone.. Aishu thanks him dropping them and tries to get down.. He asks can we meet once before marriage I wanna take you somewhere.. She says ill ask amma and reply you.. He says ok..her friends come there.. They say after 6days you both will be together.. Arvi smile and say bye.. Im have work I can’t get into your talks.. Aishu and her friends go inside.. Aishu see Amma is busy with phone with mom and smile.. Her friends with her sister’s start teasing her before marriage only you went his house.. She smiles.. Amma comes there and see them enjoying.. She gets emotional that aishu will be with her for more 6days.. Aishu see her and goes to her.. She hugs her and shall we chancel marriage? Amma gets angry and say I can’t afford to live with more.. Then says you’re my princess but ill miss you na… Preeti comes there with her daughter(achu).. Achu comes and ask aishu why you’re Amma is crying? Aishu say her she will be missing me na.. Achu say my mom tells me everytime you be far from me see you’re Amma is amma leaves me in school itself if gets chance.. Everyone start Laughing.. Preeti say aishu you take devil with you ill be happy.. Achu says im devil then what you’re? Amma Devi na? Preeti chase her to beat her..but she runs far from her.. Aishu goes to save her… Acchu hugs aishu and ask why you are not my mom? Aishu replies bcz I want to be your best friend.. Acchu asks if you get baby then you will forget me? Aishu smiles and say you’re my cutie pie can I forget you. She asks make cake for me .. Aishu take her and goes to prepare cake.. Preeti comes there and asks her don’t use papaya in cake so that we can send it to arvi for tasting.. Aishu asks why? Preeti say her he have allergy with it.. Aishu say ok.. She thinks I don’t know anything about him or his family members how can I adjust with them.. Preeti see her lost and say her Arvi will help you out in every time don’t worry.. Aishu smiles and say ok… She keeps cake for baking and goes to her room.. She thinks of calling arvi but before that she gets his call
He: Missing me?
He: Why you sounding sad?
She: I don’t know what you like,what you’re family likes how can I adjust
He: Don’t worry ill give you every information so that you will be able to adjust..
She: Ok..
He: Now what?
She : Nothing…
He: Shall I come there?
She: No my friends are there.. They will tease me..
He: Smiles and says after 6days there teasing will be reduced don’t worry..
She: No never..
He: Understands what she is thinking about and say don’t worry ill be with you..
She: Ok.
He: What were you doing?
She: Baking cake for Acchu..
He: For me?
She: I have added papaya
He: Then don’t need.. Ya but who said you I have allergy
She: Preeti..
He:(I thought you got back your memory) ok dear take care ?. Don’t worry till im with you no problem will come to you directly without passing me…
She: Thanks him..bye..
She thinking about him.. Arvi you said there won’t be any problem but you will be my problem after 6days..i can be as a friend with you but being wife is really difficult (thinking about night).. I don’t know how you will react but according to my thinking you are not such a person who fall for anyone in such matters but also i have fear of it da.. Acchu comes there and hugs her..ask why you are sad? Missing me? Aishu smiles and hugs her.. Her friends come there and see them..think such cute bond gonna break after she goes to Arvi’s home.. They ask Acchu what you will do if aishu doesn’t meet you? She replies ill go to her house and meet her.. Aishu smiles and says ill come to meet you and you come to meet me also if you forget me then..ill cry.. Ok.. Acchu console her and ask her to say if anyone trouble you there ill go and complain to police.. All start seeing her talking like that.., aishu says ok..

Precap: Marriage preparations start…

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  1. Hi guys.. Sorry I was busy with exams..
    Tomorrow ill post aishu and arvi marriage episode.. Please give me some ideas for continuing story.. Bcz of exam in not able to get any idea..

  2. Every girl need to face this plm na… pooja u r awesome dr

  3. Hi Pooja could you please tell from which date you have started posting this story it was good to read I want to read from part 1?

  4. Hey pooja so nice episode. All girls will have to go through these situations in her life..
    Update ur nxt part soon. Waiting for their marriage…

  5. Friends please reply how the story should go on I’m confused.. Bcz there is other one villain entry. If you want or not please tell

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