Love After Marriage (Part 51)


Aishu thinks of going to Arvi’s home..calls tapu and say her come here fast I have to reach Arvi’s home in 30min.. Tapu says coming..

At Arvi’s home..
Vinaya arrives with her parents.. They ask what happened? Dad show them phone calls,msgs,recording etc to her parent’s.. They look with shock.. She doesn’t say anything.. Mom comes near her and ask why did she do it? She doesn’t reply.. Amma comes to her and ask did aishu do any mistake? Why did you hurt her so much? She replies ya aishu did a mistake.. Amma asks what? She says she was in love with arvi..from childhood my grandmother used to say he’ll be your hubby but suddenly everything changed..he is in love with her..she was also.. I called her and said everything but she said I don’t about your love from first if you had told me earlier I would not have said yes for him but now I cant do it im in love with him.. Aishu could have understood na but no she wanted him and he started calling me mad when I said about it..he said I was and im considering you as my sister nothing more than that..

Arvi keep seeing her with full of anger.. She see him and continue saying there were many guys behind her but she didn’t say ok for anyone ,she said yes for arvi why? She wanted everything best.. Mom slaps her and say she said yes only bcz her parents were ok with him.. She say so what? She could have got any guy..bcz of her character and beauty… There was a guy named Sharath who was back of her she slapped him speaking nonsense but he loves her..still now he didn’t marry just bcz of her.. Amma say her Aishu can’t like other people bcz she was love with Arvi from first day they met but both had hidden this matter but atlast aishu said me everything.. Even mom knows it..

Vinaya parents see her arguing with elders and say her to shut her mouth..don’t speak nonsense.. She goes to say something but before that arvi asks her did i ever say you anything regarding i liking you? I used to consider you as my sister if you want ask my friends i introduced you to them as sister,we even found a match for you just before i felt you were involved in this matter..i didn’t talk about it to you but your parents know i even shown them guy and that guy family is ok with you also.. She replies him i love you i don’t wanna marry anyone else.. Arvi slaps her and say her to be in limits.. Aishu comes there with tapu..she is standing near door.. Vinaya says if aishu die will you marry me? He slaps her hard repeatedly.. Aishu comes there and stop him.. They all get shocked..

Aishu says no don’t slap her..then adds please forgive her.she don’t know what she did but she is not bad just her feelings made her do it na.. Mom say her Aishu you don’t know what she as done what we will undergone because of it.. Aishu comes to her and say her mom I wanna punish her .. You all don’t get involved please.. Arvi tries saying something but aishu nods no.. Aishu say Vinaya I don’t want you be in my life now onwards as yourself but you should change.. I won’t punish you but from now onwards we will never talk with might not look like big punishment but you will definitely know the change..bye dear take care ? please leave this place and go… Vinaya goes out.. Her parents ask aishu to forgive them.. Aishu smiles and tells them im also like your daughter you should not ask sorry but should order me.. Don’t punish her aunty uncle please help out to get out of this.. They bless her and from there.. Aishu see amma crying and goes to her and say shall we go home feeling hungry…

Amma and mom smile tell her together wait for 5min we will get you food.. Dad smiles and bless her to be happy like this forever..and goes… Tapu signs Manu and Surya to leave them alone.. They three say we have some work and leave.. Arvi see her and say if anything had happened to you? Aishu say him you’re there na nothing gonna happen with will make everything perfect for me.. You said we are best friends but now you’re even understanding me.. He hugs her..and tell I love you so much if anyone try to hurt you I’ll kill them.. She says him if you kill them who will be jealous of your loved for me.. He hear footsteps and stand far from her.. She smile and say him are you scared of your mom? He hugs her back and say no im not if you want ill kiss you in front and her.. She nods no and say im not love with you we are just friends.. He asks really? She blushes and say yes only friends who crossing limits like lover’s.. He asks when will you fall in love with me? She says after knowing everything about you..

He says what you know about me.. She says just you’re my Amma’s don’t know about you anything leaving two things that you love me soo much and you’ll get angry ? he smiles and say her you’re really drama queen ? both are laughing… Amma and mom come there see them and feel happy.. They both come to them.. Aishu keeps laughing..amma says really you are drama queen only ?? aishu hugs feels bad..aishu see her and hug her too.. She see arvi while hugging them..he signs me? She smiles and winks at him… Amma and mom feed aishu and arvi food.. Arvi says after you came here mom forgot me completely… Mom hits him and say you’re the reason she is here.. Aishu and amma laugh..

Precap: Aishu thinking about arvi,mom,dad,Arjun,suji..thinks they are my new family members will whom I should adjust bcz I don’t there taste and nature..

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  1. Pooja…by day by its just rocking how cute arvi is ………he is so caring and protective ….towards aishu

  2. Actaully this is the plm yaar for girls we dont know about any other family numbers in gents side but we have to adjust na so sad….

  3. Aswell as superb…

  4. So she didn’t hear anything or just act as not hear their convo

    1. She doesn’t not hear them.. Aishu and tapu reach there just a minute before arvi slapping her.. Arvi’s home is full of relatives na so they were at terrace while talking with Vinaya..

  5. Awesome yaar continue posting the the ff regularly. Today’s part mind blowing and awesome keep it up Pooja dear

  6. So sweet. Arvi u r really superb. Aishu u r too kindhearted girl. Whr will we find this jodi? I loved it. Superb.

  7. Awesome.Lovved it

  8. Very very nice episode. Loved aishu nature to forgive vinaya…arvi n aishu rocks, loved their cute convo…keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

  9. waiting for next episode

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