Love After Marriage (Part 50)


Aishu and arvi reach the place.. They see it’s decorated with their pics,message of love,relationship and friendship.. Then when they both enter rose petals starts falling on them.. They both go and sit.. Suddenly lights go off..candles are lighted on it’s own one by one.. When all candle are lighted .. They both read congratulations for our sweet friends for their engagement.. They both smile.. Then a waiter comes and takes their order.. In background romantic tune are played.. Both keep looking into each other eyes.. She thinks why I feel incomplete without you? Am I falling in love with you? He smiles and ask what you are thinking? She smiles and says no nothing..they both together try to take menu card just to avoid talks.. But get into eye lock.. She smiles and leave it.. He thinks if I talk with her definitely ill be booked with her questions.. She thinks if I talk with you then definitely ill fall for you without knowing anything about you..i know amma will be knowing everything but I cant ask her… Tapu? Ya ill ask Tapu.. Food comes both are having it..keep avoiding eye contacts..

Finish their food… Waiter comes and says them please go to terrace.. They both say ok and go… There is a swing.. She smiles and goes and sit over there.. She calls him to sit … He sits next to her.. She say I like play with this.. She says about her childhood incident where she Madhu and Tapu were playing and suddenly it broke.. He tells mostly bcz you’ll friends it couldn’t bear.. She smiles and runs to beat him.. But he runs and keep himself far from her.. She falls suddenly..she starts crying like a kid.. He thinks she might be making fun..but he thinks if its real then… He goes to her.. She shows her leg twisted.. He lifts her and makes her seat on swing.. She starts laughing and say didn’t you’re backbone broke bcz of my weight… He comes near her and say I got chance to hold you in my hands na? so my backbone is not broken ?? she starts laughing… He also joins her.. Suddenly tapu call her and say aishu aishu mom said yes for my marriage with manu??? then say bye mom is coming ill call you back ? aishu jump from swing and hugs arvi… He gets shocked… She realizes what she is doing and broke’s hug.. He asks what happened? She says manu and tapu marriage is fixed.. He hugs her back. She smiles and hugs him.. He says himself I got her love definitely..this hug shows it?? She thinks why im so free with him? Why I feel I have hugged him before also…what’s this feeling..

After a while Arvi’s phone starts ringing… She breaks hug and moves back.. Arvi goes to attend call.. She is thinking what is this why am I getting into this love? He comes back and say shall we go it’s 9pm.. She nods ok… Both go down.. Suddenly their hands touch.. Both see each other..both catch each others hand smilingly.. After they reach car part there ways … Then both seat inside car.. She is feeling sleepy… He thinks she didn’t have tablets from morning she will be feeling weak..(after accident her blood levels are reduced..she should continue taking proper food and tablets) so he worries for her.. She keeps her head on his shoulder and sleeps.. He smiles and drive fast…to reach home.. In 25min they reach.. He see’s suji in compound so wakes up aishu .. She wakes up and say I wanna sleep.. He says not in car in room you go and sleep.. He stops car she gets down and goes to her room.. He keeps smiling.. Suji calls mom out .. He leaves with mom and suji.. He say them tapu and Manu marriage is fixed.. Mom says one by one everyone are becoming family.. Suji smiles ?.. He drop them at door and goes to park car.. He gets Manu’s call..he congratulate him and then say thanks for such a cute surprise.. Vinaya is hearing this.. She feels ignored ..thinks aishu is falling for him again.. She goes and calls Sharath.. They both talk for hours..she keeps crying while talking with him..

Arvi comes to aishu’s room.. She wakes up.. Arvi sits on bed.. She asks him what? He comes near her and hugs her.. She pushes him.. He cups her face and start kissing her .. She also responds him… She pulls pillow near her and start beating him with it.. They both get into pillow fight.. She runs behind him to beat him.. He keeps his leg while she I running she falls on bed.. She takes other pillow and hits him with it.. He smiles and keeps pillow aside and sleeps next to her.. He pulls her near and start kissing her near neck bone.. She loses herself to him… She catch his hairs tight… He bite’s her near her ears..she screams…. Arvi who sleeping in room gets up bcz of her scream .. And see’s it’s just dream.. And smile… Then sleeps..
After 2 weeks…

Arvi as got proof against Vinaya.. He gets angry with her and keeps ignoring her.. Mom and amma are busy making shopping list.. Arvi goes to meet Surya and Manu.. He thinks what all aishu as gone through.. He reach Surya’s home .. Surya see him and takes him to room.. Arvi tells what all happened and says just because I love her she went through this all.. Surya tells first you show this to you’re parents na.. Arvi says ok.. They both leave to his house.. Manu joins them.. They reach home.. They all go inside.. Amma and mom see them.. Arvi asks them to come inside please.. They go to terrace.. Surya and Manu show them proof that Vinaya and Sharath together plotted against aishu and made accident.. Mom and amma gets shocked.. Aishu who hearing this by mistake (arvi by mistake calls her,touch screen problem) she thinks who is Vinaya.. Dad and Arjun call to Vinaya parents..ask them to reach by 1hr.. With Vinaya..

Precap: Arvi slapping Vinaya.. Aishu comes there and see it…

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  1. pls could anyone tell me WHO S VINAYA????????

    1. She is Arvi’s far relative.. She as crush on him

  2. Wow..50th epi congrats pooja..nd tdy epi so Sweet specially dream scene superb…

  3. Wow 50th epi …congrats pooja..nd tdy epi so Sweet specially dream scene superb…

    1. Thank you dear ??

  4. Congratzzz..finally the truth is out….keep writing…

  5. Hi friends… Just think what punishment should be given to Vinaya? Please reply.. I’m waiting..

  6. Congo pooja for 50th epi 2days was SUPERB specially dream epi keep it up

  7. Just cant believe a half century is complete. Your extraordinary writing skills and gripping story has done it. Thank you for writing such a marvellous story. And please update soon and how were your exams?? Are they still going on ????

    1. Preparatory exams going on now.. Next month main exams are there..

  8. Ayyo aishu ne sun liya ab kya hoga

  9. when we reached 50. it is just like a dream with our dream couple n their sweeeeetest n cutest love story. thanks pooja for this. so party toh banti hi.

  10. really nice epi

  11. Pooja congrats on completing 50 episodes. This was a super episode… Loved it… Thanks for this beautiful fan fiction dear…

  12. Hi pooja dearrr, first of all congrats for golden jubilee of your stoty…loved today’s episode very much….arvi is very adorable n smart…aishu fell in love with him again, awwww she is dreaming about him…sooooo sweeeeeet. ..precap is very interesting…keep it up…eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

  13. I love ur ff… I never read it from starting but few days back I read one episode of your ff… Nfound it interesting n started reading from part 1 n completed all.. Became a fan of your story… Congrats bcuz u completed 50 parts… Up to my guess ur from vjd,right? N me too from vjd, studied in nalanda…

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