Love After Marriage (Part 5)


Recap: Arvi mom questioning him regarding his plan to make ash get her memory back.
Morning at 9
Amma coming to ash room, see door is still closed. She asks ash to open door, after 5-6 times of calling ash she open door but still she is very sleepy ?. Amma ask her to drink hot water which she as brought. While drinking amma asks her whether she really wants to do animation course? Ash nods. Amma asks her to think once again. She replies back I want to do but if you don’t like I’ll not amma. Amma tells her that pandith uncle had come,he had asked us to prepare faster for your and Arvi’s engagement because some astrology problem may arise after this June and marriage will be postponed for 4yrs. Ash asks does she don’t like her ,so you wanna send me out of this home so early. Amma tells her not to do this emotional blackmail, she knows her princess very well. She replies back that you’re doing blackmail not me. Amma asks her to this work for me,I’ll promise you ill never ask you to anything else please tell yes for this engagement. Ash asks her to give her time till tomorrow. Amma leave room.
Ash come to bed and hugs her teddy think whatever amma asked me to do I did till now but for this why im thinking so much. Let me do it without any complaints. Today ill decide it and finalize it forever. She goes to take shower.
At Arvi room…
He is sending mails to office manager that he wants to shift to Bangalore branch. He thinks his vacations are getting completed within one week what can I do so that ill fulfil my promise. He gets a text saying I wanna meet you please it’s urgent matter. He calls ash asking what happened? She tells I wanna talk with you. He asks can we go for a movie. She replies definitely but after talking.
At 11am Arvi comes to ash home. He greets amma and asks what happened? why ash called me? Amma tells I said her about pandit matter asked her to decide. Arvi replies Ayyo amma why did you tell her it might pressurize her. Ash comes down so amma asks him to be quite. Ash tells Amma ill go and come. Both ash and arvi leave.
Reach park which is twenty minutes from her home. Both come out. Conversation between them
Arvi: What happened? What you wanted to talk about?
Ash: Amma asked me to tell yes for this proposal.
Arvi: What you wanted to tell?
Ash: I have nothing in my mind.
Arvi: Then what you wanted to say me
Ash: I’ll tell whatever I have in my heart. See I had met with accident while I was doing my masters.i don’t remember a word what had happened with me in 2yrs. I don’t know about my past if my past comes now I can’t recognize it. Till now I haven’t opposed my parents decision. Today ill tell them I’m okay with this proposal.
Arvi: What I should do for you
Ash: Can you please give me time to accept my decision and take our relationship to next level
Arvi: I’ll promise you till you’re perfectly fine with relationship. I’ll not force you take our friendship to next level.
Ash: Thank you soo much ?
Arvi: You shouldn’t tell about this to your Amma or my mom. For them we will be husband and wife but for us we are just friends.
Ash: Okay ?
Both leave park. While riding car he thinks about changes in ash while she thinks how her life changed in 5days.

Precap: Ash tells her amma she is ready for marriage. Amma and appa bless her

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  1. So sweet..I liked Hero’s concern and love ❤ for Ash yaar..he is so sweet and understanding..It will be interesting if she fall for him…
    They said they will go for movie after talking but they went home yaar..Just said..Sorry if it hurts..Can’t wait for next part… update soon..Take care ? Pooja..

  2. Nice episode dr….grt ..tat too love aftr marriage is always a topic loved by everyone

  3. I like arvi so much dr… really so cute…

  4. Wait for 7 part AaLiyA you will come to know why home not movie ?

    1. Sure buddy..will wait for that..Eagerly waiting..update soon..

  5. Hey dear… u write awesome… just superb… your story is so touching… somethung different than all other ff… just keep going … loved it…

  6. Friends let me know if you didn’t like anything or want me to stop writing ?

    1. Pls Continue Writing..i am waiting for ur next part….pls update Pooja..update soon..

  7. Hey pooja dr what u r saying i like ur story it was different and ur narration also…. means alot drr…. plz dont try to stop it dr…. its my humble request

  8. Pls update pooja …..

  9. I have submitted 2 episodes but its not updated yet☹

  10. Please update the next episode

  11. your story is very different and awesome. from wr did you get this concept? I m just amazed. 🙂 😉

  12. Just my imagination dear?

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