Love After Marriage (Part 49)


Chinu with his parents coming to meet aishu and arvi.. He see arvi with his friends … He runs to aishu’s room with bindhu.. Arvi see’s him going and goes meet his parents.. He comes to aishu’s room.. He comes and close her eyes and ask to say who am I? Aishu replies I don’t I forgot.. He gets angry and pinches her on hand.. She acts like crying so he kiss her and say sorry .. She smiles and hugs him.. He asks where is your friend? She asks who? He says I taught him to say sorry did he say. She asks who? He shows her ring and says you’re hubby.. She says no he didn’t say.. He takes aishu’s phone and calls his mom number and ask her to tell arvi come fast to aishu’s room.. She informs him.. He goes to aishu’s room.. Chinu say him to ask sorry for aishu.. Arvi asks why? Chinu says you means ill say everyone you beating me? Arvi asks aishu sorry.. Chinu hits his head and say you’re stupid..come ill say.. Chinu kiss aishu on her cheeks and say sorry.. Aishu hugs him..

Chinu says see I got a hug from aishu you won’t get go.. Arvi say if ill also get hug from her ill say sorry like that chinu,she won’t hug me so I won’t say sorry like that.. She blushes.. Arvi thinks slowly she is becoming my jaan.. Chinu ask him to say jokes.. Arvi asks him am I a joker? He says no you’re mad.. Arvi playfully comes to hit him,he goes and hides behind aishu.. Arvi comes near to her..she see’s his eyes..both get into a eyelock.. Chinu see them and say statue. Tapu see them like that and smile..takes their pic.. She goes from there.. Chinu shouts hhhhaaaaaa and I didn’t see anything .. Arvi catch would of him and say you’re… She signs no.. He leaves him..chinu hugs aishu and say Tapu took your photo like that she is good girl na? Aishu says ya she is good girl.. Amma call aishu to come down.. Chinu say Arvi my legs are paining..lift me and take me down.. Arvi and aishu start laughing…

Chinu asks Aishu aren’t your legs paining? She says no.. Arvi says in her ears if you’re say ill lift you also.. She blushes and say not ?.. They go down.. Mom and amma see them coming.. Tapu says aunty after 2yrs you will see your grandchild in chinu’s place don’t worry.. They all smile.. Aishu comes and ask what happened? Tapu say nothing dear.. Chinu should write his homework it seems so his mom asked us to call you.. Arvi see’s his friends signing him to come here.. He goes there.. They say him we are leaving dude.. Arvi goes out to drop them.. Tapu show aishu,pic which she took and say really their is so much love in this pic na? aishu smiles and understand she is teasing her and say ya I know not more than you’re love for manu? Tapu thinks we all who were in love like mad with each other. She say her to go with arvi he might be waiting… Aishu asks her take Manu to your home today only da..I want to enjoy in your marriage..i don’t remember what happened in Madhu’s marriage..

Tapu smiles and say her you were enjoying in her my marriage also you will be enjoying don’t worry ? aishu asks really? Tell na what all happened? Tapu say her now go when time comes ill say each and every word promise ?.. Aishu smiles and goes to dinner with arvi.. Tapu thinks aishu I wanna say you everything dear..but I know you will start feeling guilty and cry for making Arvi go through this.. But if time comes ill definitely say you everything da..bcz I don’t want your and Arvi’s relationship get into any problem.. Manu see her and say shall we move?.. She says ok.. They leave on bike to their home.. Tapu say him to behave properly in front of mom,don’t hug me in front of her like you always do without seeing who are around ok.. He says ok madam.. As you say.. She hugs him from back,he asks what’s this? She says compo sensation for your hugs.. Both start laughing..

Aishu and Arvi are in car.. He is driving.. She is watching outside window.. Her phone starts ringing,she is lost in her he receives call.. Its Vinaya’s call.. She says her(thinking aishu) are you mad to marry a guy who was in love with other girl? Dont you have shame? She uses like this words.. Atlast arvi asks who is this? She gets shocked and keeps call.. Aishu hear arvi asking who is this and see him.. She asks what happened? He says some wrong number.. She smiles and nods ok.. She asks can I drive? Amma won’t allow me to drive after accident.. He smiles and say ya you can but no rash driving ok.. She says ok.. They exchange seat.. She is driving and he keeps seeing her.. She asks what happened? He says im searching for something.. She says ok.. He thinks im searching for my jaan in you dear.. I want her back..please I can’t leave without her naughtiness..

Precap: After dinner arvi and aishu are talking.. Tapu texts aishu mom said yes for our marriage.. Aishu tells this to arvi..then suddenly hugs him….

For few days please adjust with small episodes.. Ill start post longer one’s if im free… Thank you all for liking my you all???

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  1. Awwwww, awesome, lovely episode, arvi is totally desperate to get his old aishu back…so heart touching. ..aishu again falling in love with arvi…I hope she get her memory back soooooooon….loved it very much. …precap very exciting. …keep it up buddyyy. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

  2. Made for each other.. Arvi and aishu. Best couples.. Love this story yar…

  3. Im addicted to ur story yr..every part so sweet

  4. Wowwwww arvi aishu so cute yaar

  5. Awesome story pooja

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