Love After Marriage (Part 48)


Mom asks aishu to change if she is not comfortable with dress.. Aishu goes to change. Arvi see her going and text her come to left side 3rd room I have to say something… She runs to that room.. She asks him why are you making my life so special? He smiles seeing her and say you’re my life dear.. She see him and say what you know about me? Why you keep saying you’re my life? He says about you? I don’t know anything but about my life I know everything..

You like purple like to have ice-cream in rain and chilled like to hug your teddy bear when you’re happy or know you’re secrets more than like to dance and play pranks on others.. You can make anyone smile with your childish also if you get lolly pop you enjoy like a with don’t like to wear sari but you look so beautiful in sari.. You don’t like wear lipstick..but you’re friends keep teasing that you wear it.. Once in BCA your one teased you so much about your waist that from next day you started wearing only long keep calling guys bro’s..
She gets shocked with his talk..then ask when did you see me..

He says I met you in BCA last sem college feast.. She asks do you love me? He smiles.. Tapu comes there and ask them to talk afterwards.. Tapu takes aishu with her.. Arvi keep seeing her and smile..atleast some of her questions got less na.. Manu comes there and say we have planned to present your love story before everyone.. He says no need da.. I know within few days she will fall in love with me..i wanna enjoy that again da.. Manu smiles and tells you’re falling for her again.. He smiles.. Manu goes to inform others no need to perform.. They ask why? He says let them enjoy feeling of love again.. They smile and say ok.. Then what shall we plan for them now… Tapu and Madhu come there.. They ask what happened.. Manu say what they planned.. They smile and say ok.. Madhu ask what surprise shall we plan.. Tapu say jokingly give them a honeymoon trip before marriage ?? all see her and say it’s good idea but we will implement for your engagement ok.. She replies I ll marry directly no need of engagement ok.. Manu shut her and say them lets give a romantic dinner.. They all like the idea.. All go out.. Manu pulls tapu and ask her shall we go for honeymoon now only ? she say him I would have come if you had spoken with my mom.. He says her shall we go now and speak with her.. She replies tomorrow first plan for arvi and aishu romantic dinner.. Think of like yours and plan ok.. He replies I would have fixed that dinner at my room.. So that…. She close his mouth with her hand..

He pulls her near and say her use your lips than hands.. She hugs him tightly.. He breaks hug and start kissing her roughly.. They keep exploring each other for 15 min .. He tries to proceed further she stamps his leg with her heals and say don’t think off… He says ill bcz I can’t afford to be far from you… He pulls her near again start kissing her.. He keeps moving his hands on her open back.. He opens her blouse knot…they both fall on bed.. He keeps rubbing her back.. She also start feeling him.. She suddenly gets up and ties knot .. He keeps seeing her.. She says it’s just for your energy I allowed you kiss me.. after marriage is fixed ill allow you to do anything… He smiles and goes out to arrange dinner for aishu and arvi.. She thinks I have said about this to my mom but I want you to say once ya she is ok? with you…

Aishu is with her friends…they all playing truth and dare.. After Arvi’s friends come and start talking with her.. They make her smile.. Ankith is there.. She asks them if they about Ankith? All ask what? She says them about his and Bindhu love story.. They all start teasing him.. Bindhu comes there.. She see aishu laughing and come to know what as happened… She calls her out.. Aishu goes out.. Suji is also with her .. Bindhu start scolding her,aishu says ill tell about this to your mom from there.. Bindhu start running behind her but couldn’t catch here.. Arvi is standing there,aishu stands behind him.. Arvi ask what happened? Bindhu asks her not to say.. Aishu says him Ankith and… He understand it and ask bindhu about it..signs aishu to go.. Aishu runs.. Shows? to her.. Bindhu starts running behind her again.. Aishu keeps smiling…. She collides with Vinaya.. She says sorry and runs from there.. Vinaya gives her worst expression.. Arvi is observing this..

Aishu reach Bindhu parents.. Bindhu comes there and signs no please.. Aishu smiles and goes from there.. Bindhu says you’re elder to me na after you’re marriage ill tell them.. Aishu say her its ok we can married together ? she replies first you get married aishu then come ill get you ice cream and chocolate come for shutting your month till evening at least.. Arvi and his friends come there.. They all start teasing Bindhu.. She goes from there.. They ask aishu to stand with them for photos.. They take selfies.. After sometime time arvi goes out as he gets call.. His friends ask can you please come to terrace in night please please.. She says ok.. Aishu goes to as her amma call her.. Aishu’s friends see Arvi alone and goes to them.. They ask can you please come to terrace at night please.. He say ok.. They smile and thank him..
At 7pm.. Tapu comes to aishu room and make her get ready.. She asks her please don’t keep anything in your mind just enjoy time with Arvi dear…

Precap: Arvi and aishu laughing and enjoying time with chinu ?

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  10. Really superb ……… how caring arvi Is………and prf pic is too good pooja continue. …..

  11. Really superb ……… how caring arvi Is………and prf pic is too good pooja

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