Love After Marriage (Part 47)


Arvi goes to sleep… Early morning… Aishu calls Arvi and ask him did you come here at night? He replies no I slept at 9:30 just now I got up.. She says ok then .. Arvi asks what happened? She replies nothing.. Arvi smiles and ask her to get ready you should go for parlour for mehandi.. She says ok bye.. Mom comes there and ask what happened? He replies Aishu called she asked whether I went to meet her.. Mom smiles and tells you are becoming liar… He says mom… She asks him to accompany her where she goes bcz she is your responsibility now onwards. He says ok.. Vinaya is hearing this,calls and inform someone same parlour make her life hell ok..

Aishu is standing outside the gate.. Arvi and tapu comes there.. Tapu hugs her and ask her get in fast you’re driver is waiting for you ? Arvi smiles and asks shall I call your driver tapu? She says know him na … Aishu keeps looking at their bond and thinks my doubt is getting stronger day by day all are hiding something from me.. Arvi see her lost and ask her don’t think so much I don’t have time I should go for bringing rings.. Tapu asks him what rings now? You didn’t collect it before.. After engagement you collect na.. He says ill definitely call him now..pulling my leg … They all get in .. Arvi is driving car.. Tapu and aishu are sitting back. Aishu is lost in thoughts.. Arvi msgs tapu makes her busy else she will get again tensed and faint.. Tapu replies ok.. She asks aishu what happened to you?

aishu replies nothing… Aishu see a heavy vehicle coming towards car and asks arvi to drive fast to left side… He takes left… She gets down and shows him it same type of vehicle which hit me… Tapu hugs her and console her.. Arvi think how come they get to know she is coming to this parlour.. Only mom,amma and tapu knows it.. At home we discussed it na.. There is camera na ill go and check.. He asks Tapu to take care of her ill drop and pick,I have some work to be completed please.. Aishu keeps looking at him while crying,she observe he is more sad then her.. Aishu asks him can I go home please.. Tapu say ill make her ready at home only da. He drops them at aishu’s home.. He drives faster after that..she see him riding like that and thinks something is there for sure..which he knows about this accident..

Arvi comes home and check camera recording.. He see Vinaya hearing them while they are discussing.. He thinks what’s benefit for her if anything happens aishu.. At aishu’s home Amma ask what happened? Why you both came back? So early.. Tapu tells what happened… Amma gets shocked and thinks if anything happens with aishu means.. Aishu hugs her and say don’t worry amma nothing bad gonna happen.. Amma asks them to get ready at home ill call mom and come back to you.. Amma call mom..

Mom: What happened? Why are you feeling sad?
Amma: Tell what happened with aishu,Tapu and Arvi..
Mom: Gets shocked and asks how are they..
Amma: Aishu and tapu are here and they are fine..

Mom: Arvi is here busy checking recordings ill talk with him now and call you back..
Mom goes to Arvi and ask him why didn’t he say what happened with you people morning? He tells you will be tensed mom so.. Mom asks him did he get any clue.. He say mom I saw Vinaya hearing our talk I think she is related to aishu’s.. Mom tell him get confirmed before talking about her.. Arvi think about it… He calls Surya and tell him I have some work please can you help me out.. Ya its after engagement..

Vinaya in her room thinking about aishu.. Her face will be good to see in tomorrow’s function..she thinks herself as a princess na today you’re beautiful face will be damaged forever..then arvi will ask me to get marry him..then ill get him… She gets call saying that aishu didn’t come to parlour today and then she calls Sharath asking him did you make anything happen to her.. He replies they escaped.. Tapu and Arvi were also with her today.. She thank him and say Arvi shouldn’t get hurt only she should be ruined.. He replies ya she will be…before marriage ok.. On marriage anything happen means you will directly get married to him with or without his wish.. She smiles and replies yes ill get married to him..who is she to snatch him from me.. Arvi comes there so she cuts call.. He asks what ma speaking with boyfriend? She says I don’t have any .. He say ill make you get married to good guy..

She replies no I don’t want to get married so early.. Arvi slowly keeps microphone in her room and goes out..she says herself ill marry you at any cost… He goes to his room and on microphone recorder and connects with his laptop.. He thinks I don’t know whether it is wrong or right but aishu is my life I cant take chance…

Tapu is making face pack for aishu.. Aishu keeps looking outside hugging her teddy bear.. Tapu say her it’s time to hug arvi not your teddy bear dear.. Aishu doesn’t respond anything.. Tapu goes brings mehandi for her and call Madhu and friends on conference call and ask them to come to Aishu’s home by 1hr.. They ok reply ok.. Before they keep call they plan to present their love story in engagement function… Tapu say them ill ask Manu and Arvi once.. They say ok… She calls manu.. Manu ask what happened? She replies we want aishu to remember everything so we thought to present their love story before them tomorrow da.. He says ok ill let you know.. She says ok…and cuts call.. She thinks im far from you da but my heart beats for come home and ask once na.. She goes to get mehandi..

Aishu is thinking what’s going on in my life im so confused with this..i wanna ask him everything but what can I ask I don’t know what to ask him.. She hugs her teddy and says why I feel somewhat whenever he see me.. What’s the connection between us.. Sometimes I feel that I was in love with him but I don’t whether it’s truth or not…. All her friends come and start acting as if they are angry with her.. She asks what happened? They reply you don’t have time for us from now only after marriage what you ll do then..forget us na… She says im always free for my best friends..I love you all more than myself.. All say ohhh … They all make her laugh and keep teasing her… Arvi gets call for mobile unknowingly..he receives and hears her laugh after so many days.. He makes mom hear it.. Vinaya see them and think ill kill her I cant bear her smile… Arvi see her and his doubt is becoming strong day by day… He gets call from Surya telling aishu got saved today in that parlour chemical mixed mehandhi and face pack were found.. I enquired about it and receptionist said some unknown person add come before aishu’s appointment time.. Arvi thinks thank god she is saved… He thanks Surya for information..

Surya ask him to be careful I’m thinking someone at your place is giving information to Sharath.. Arvi say ok ill be careful.. Aishu is getting ready.. Her friends are helping her.. Tapu comes signs her friends.. They go to ready for play.. Tapu makes mehandi design on aishu’s hand.. She says it’s already evening na keep it for night lets see How much your hubby loves you.. Aishu smiles and says ok… Amma comes there and feeds aishu.. Tapu signs her and goes to other room.. Aishu is sitting alone in her room.. She thinks I used to write diary na but why im not getting them..if it is with arvi or amma as hidden them.. She sleeps thinking about it…

Mom comes to wake up aishu.. She gets up and asks mom here? Mom says go get bath.. You should go for puja first then engagement.. Then is some surprise form your friends dear.. Aishu goes to get bath.. She comes wearing bathrobe… Mom gives her dress.. She gets ready.. Then mom and make her wear sari .. Tapu and friends come to function hall and see its filled with relatives.. Arvi and aishu’s family reach there.. Aishu comes there with suji and Madhu.. She is wearing green and red sari.. Puja starts.. Arvi comes there with Arjun,Surya and Manu..

After 30min engagement starts.. Aishu start getting sneeze bcz of dust.. Manu see this and goes to open windows.. He see tapu talking with friends..she also see him.. He signs her to come..she goes to talk with him.. He asks still angry with me? She says no.. He says planned everything? She nods yes.. He opens windows and suddenly kiss her on cheeks.. She hits him and say you won’t come out of this drama’s na.. He says you are looking so cute..dear.. She smiles and ask him to home and talk with my mom na..please she won’t say anything da.. He says after engagement ill definitely come dear I also cant be far from you.. Bindhu see them and smiles.. Then tapu and Bindhu comes to aishu’s .. Aishu hugs bindhu and say Ankith is coming within 10min don’t worry ? bindhu smiles and say Arvi wanna meet you after engagement it seems..

Arvi and aishu are standing.. Arvi puts ring to her.. Aishu keeps seeing him.. Aishu also put ring.. Then take blessings from everyone.. Papa and dad bless them.. Then they come to Arvi’s granny she smiles and say aishu be careful with arvi he is very naughty.. Arvi says im just naughty but if you see her naughtiness then you will go mad.. Aishu see him talking about her past.. So freely How come you so much.. Arvi realize it and stop talking.. They take blessings..

Precap: Aishu asking arvi please tell what you know about my life..

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  1. Please let me know How is this part.. Because I couldn’t read it once also before submitting it..

  2. too good

  3. Oh god because of her happiness how can they kill some obe yaar….

    1. Jealousy and lust can make anything happen..

  4. Arvi unable to control his emotions???
    Finallly they got engange…
    Hope aishu get her memory before marriage that will be the best gift for arvi???
    Eagerly waiting for next update

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  7. Very good thk god aishu is fine
    pooja dear pls let aishu remember everything before marriage n vinaya n sharath punished

  8. Oh pooja I really loved it. Thank you so much for this lovely and long update. Seriously any girl would die to have someone like Arvi in her life. And plz don’t change the cover. I really like it. Its a request. I hope you don’t mind it.

    1. For engagement I had put it.. If its good ill continue it..

  9. Very nice:-):-):-) are you?

    1. I’m fine dear? you?

  10. Lovely….arvi u r awsm…

  11. It was amazing. I think this what we say love is in the air. Everyone is happy with their love except some people. Engaged finally. The pic was superb.

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  13. So nice episode. Finally our love birds are engaged.. Update soon.

  14. Awesome episode dear, finally arvi n aishu engaged…wowww very interesting episode…arvi investigating about the accident n sharath n vinaya r real culprits, making more plans to hurt aishu…but arvi n his friends definitely will save our aishu from their bad plots…keep it up buddyyy. It’s really superbbbb. ..eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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