Love After Marriage (Part 46)


Aishu suddenly start screaming.. Arvi leaves food and goes to see what happened.. She shows him monkey near window, and hugs him.. He brings her out and makes her seat and drink water.. He makes fun of her.. She starts chasing him,he goes upstairs..she is behind him.. Suddenly she slips and falls down.. He see her and asks what happened.. She smiles and replies nothing.. It was just a prank to make you running.. He smiles and make her stand.. But both slip and fall on bed.. Their lips are just inches away.. Both have eye lock.. Suddenly her phone starts ringing… Aishu feel awaked and move down to receive call.. He thinks why things are repeating like this..making me fall in love again with her but without her response..

She down thinks why did I leave him to touch me..i know there is something between us..what is that.. See arvi coming down and ask him will you finish food? He nods yes.. She see’s her bindhi marks on his shirt and tells him to clean it.. He goes to.. When he comes out..she see tattoo on his chest which is seen bcz of wetness.. He asks her what? She nods nothing.. Both have lunch.. He tells ill go now I have some work.. She nods ok.. He goes..

She is thinking what happened between them..she thinks to find out what is connection between them.. She search her and amma’s room to find any clue about them both.. She doesn’t find anything.. She gets tied and goes to sleep.. Arvi who is driving thinks what happened between them and smiles.. More 3weeks you will be mine..forever…aishu I love you…

Amma and mom reach home.. Amma call aishu.. She comes down.. They see her sleepy and ask what happened to you? Headache huh? Aishu replies nothing.. Mom tell her to try dress they brought for engagement. She see it’s only sari and tell them ill wear simple dress.. Its too heavy.. Mom tells I know you dear..sari na can’t manage .. Aishu smiles.. Amma tells her to practice from now onwards.. Mom tell don’t need dear ill make you ready on that day ok.. Amma tells same.. Aishu nods ok… Her friends come there,so aishu leaves with them.. Amma and mom talk really we were waiting for this day to celebrate but we can’t celebrate it properly also.. Mom tells don’t worry Arvi will take care of everything.. Amma smile and nods ok.. Then adds how much Arvi might be missing her..they were so close most of relatives who saw them together asked me to marry them early.. Mom smile and say her you know I thought ill get granddaughter within one year but now I should wait.. Amma and mom start laughing..

Aishu comes inside and see them.. Ask what happened? They both say nothing..and smile.. Aishu thinks im really going mad of these people..and goes out… Mom tell amma to make herself ready to be away from aishu.. Amma tells im ready for arvi sake..and asks her why you are shifting to Vijayawada? Mom tells if no one are with them they will fall in love fast na? amma smiles and tells you’re idea?? . They think of completing everything in two days so that they can free on their engagement..

Arvi is preparing gift for aishu..he thinks of gifting their memories to her after she falls in love with him.. A girl comes to his room and hugs him from back.. He smiles and tells its Vinaya.. She smiles and asks him does he really remember her? Or only Aishwarya? He replies she is my heart beats I don’t remember her bcz she is always with me… She says ok…don’t make me jealous saying about her.. He asks jealous? She replies guy who could be my hubby is marrying her? he replies our marriage? Joke of millennium ??? She thinks if aishu would have died in that accident you would be my hubby..i would have made you feel best and given you each and every thing… ( guess
who is she) … I’m here to make you away from her arvi.. You will be just mine… Mom comes there and ask arvi did he meet aishu? He replies yes mom… She asks him what gift you are giving her? He replies nothing yet decided.. She says I brought red and green combination sari for her and yours will be cream suit ok.. He replies ok.. She goes.. He thinks Aishu in sari what will I do? Whenever I see her in sari….ill go mad about her….

Aishu is sleeping.. Her amma come and think I know we are rushing you have many questions in your mind .. You will come to know everything..when you’re memory comes back..i wish it could happen before you’re marriage… So that we all can see how much happy my princess is when she gets her prince… She gives teddy bear to aishu and go from there..

Arvi is thinking about aishu.. She have a habit of saying what’s in her mind when she is sleepy na.. I ll go now to her home and ask her if she likes me… Or she is feeling like forced for this marriage. I’ll make it happen like a dream for her so that she say me everything.. He leave home…
After 30min.. He comes inside her room.. He see her sleeping like a kid hugging teddy bear.. He wakes her up slowly touching her cheeks.. She gets up with shock.. Asks him why are you here? What will Amma think? He cups her face and say don’t worry about it..come lets have cake.. She keeps seeing him without questioning him.. He hugs her and asks really you like me? Or you are forced to get into relationship.. She nods no… He asks then you’re forced? She tells not forced..but I have questions in my mind like why you care for me so much? Why you make me smile? How do you know everything about come you know my personal things also .. He smiles and tells you’re my life dear ill definitely know about you na.. She asks him from how many years you know me? He smiles and tells from my birth as a lover… Suddenly lights go off.. Arvi goes out.. Aishu thinks to herself im gone mad.. Just a imagination nothing gonna happen such.. She sleeps and Arvi see her sleeping… Goes from there… He thinks at least she is feeling ok with it na.. That’s enough for me… He comes back home… Vinaya see him and come to wards him.. Before that mom comes there and ask where you went at this time? He replies to aishu’s home.. She asks why? What happened ? He replies I wanted to know whether aishu is ok with this engagement .. She asks answer? He say her she is ok with engagement but her mind is full of questions.. Mom smiles and tells him you answer them after you’re marriage.. He smiles and goes to sleep..

Precap: Arvi and aishu engagement…

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