Love After Marriage (Part 45)


Early morning…

Arvi wake up and feel hungry.. Goes takes bath and goes down.. Mom is not wake up yet.. He goes to kitchen and prepares breakfast.. Then have juice and toast. Mom comes there and see him drinking juice,thinks be hungry all night now drink juice.. Then see all breakfast is prepared and coffee is kept in flasks. She thinks what happened to him? Goes check whether he got fever.. He asks what happened? She replies you did so much of work morning morning na.. He smiles and say her I was feeling hungry so.. Mom replies I think this all is for something else.. He asks for what? Mom smiles and goes from there to call amma…

Amma: Hello what happened? You called morning itself..
Mom: I asked you decide about a matter remember..
Amma: Yeah.. Marriage is at temple only decided.. Whatever arvi decide that will happen for sure
Mom: Ok then we have to do shopping for puja ill come at 11.
Amma: Ok.. Then
Mom: Aishu?
Amma: She didn’t wake up yet…
Mom: Let her sleep well..bye

Mom comes to Arvi and tells you’re marriage gonna happen at temple. He thanks her..and goes from there.. Mom thinks you’re happiness is important to me than anything else. Arvi goes inside and thinks did aishu thinks of him once at least? He text her,asking her to meet him at kulfi house.. Aishu who just wake up see’s Arvi’s msg..and replies ok.. She goes to get ready..she see’s dress thinks which to wear..then finally select pink colour dress..( its same dress which she wore when she kissed arvi). She feels something different but doesn’t understand.. She gets ready and goes to meet him..

He is waiting for her in kulfi house..he see’s her coming and smiles… When he see her dress,he remembers what happened on that day and smile. She comes and seats in front of him. She asks what happened? He tells nothing.. She asks him why didn’t he call or text him yesterday? He replies simply.. She say him amma was remembering you so much.. He asks not you? She gets shocked..don’t reply anything.. He smiles and tells don’t take seriously I was just kidding.. She hit him her purse and tell please… He says okay.. Then asks are you ok if our marriage takes place in temple. She says okay but parents.. He smiles and tells whatever you want you say me.. She replies nothing you decide everything I’m ok with it.. She thinks I don’t know what you are why you so caring towards me..i know I asked about simple marriage for that you said ok..without any questions.. He see her thinking and ask hey where are you lost? She replies nothing.. He smiles..asks can we go a walk? she smiles..

Both are walking in park.. She observes kids playing there and smile.. They all ask her to play with them..she goes to play with them. They are playing cricket and challenge each other.. Guys take arvi in there team and girls aishu.. They start playing.. Arvi is balling and aishu is bating.. After some time Arvi is bating and aishu is balling..girls ask her to do something and make Arvi out.. She says ok..while throwing ball she winks at him.. He doesn’t play and gets out.. Girls thank aishu for making them win.. Aishu smiles and tells bye to them.. Arvi and aishu are seating.. Aishu say sorry to him,. He asks why? She tells bcz of me you lost game na.. He replies it’s ok.. She says those girls wanted to play and win so I did cheating.. He says I know you don’t worry.. Children who were playing come there and ask are you lovers? Arvi replies no we are getting married in next month..

One girl in group ask him do you love each other? Arvi replies ourz is arranged marriage.. She says but you can’t fall in love with her? She is so cute.. Arvi smiles and tells you’re friend doesn’t love me.. She asks aishu why you don’t love him? He is not good? Aishu see’s arvi and say her I want some more time to fall in love with him..he is very good boy but I don’t like his one habit.. Arvi see her..that girl asks what you don’t like? Aishu replies smoking.. Arvi gets shocked and asks her how does she know? Aishu tells yesterday tapu and I came to you’re area..there we saw.. That girl comes to aishu and tell you don’t like it na..give him one gift he’ll forget it my mummy gives me chocolate so that I don’t see tv more same way you give him something ok.. Aishu nods ok.. Those children go.. Arvi and Aishu’s hands touch..she says sorry..he asks can we have lunch out only? She nods no.. He asks why? She says we will go home… He replies ok..

They reach home…
She asks him to sit and goes to bring lunch for him.. He goes to fresh up..left his starts ringing.. Aishu comes out and see her pic as his screensaver that too with sari.. She thinks when did I wear this sari.. He comes down..sits’ to have lunch.. She asks him can I check photos in your cell. Before he could reply he gets official Call.. He goes out to talk before coming in he hides folder with their personal pics.. He comes and gives her cell .. She sits seeing photos.. She see’s he have attended Mano marriage and thinks might be there amma fixed our match.. She gives back his phone.. She goes to bring salad for him..

Precap: Arvi and aishu engagement preparation ???

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