Love After Marriage (Part 44)


Aishu and Arvi reach function.. Tapu takes aishu with her.. Aishu keeps seeing Arvi…her friends see her and think there love is unlimited… They ask her whether she as sometime for them.. She smiles.. He gives gift to amma and tells I have some work tell mom ill reach home late. She thinks what happened to him now.. He leaves… Aishu is lost in thoughts.. Her friends see her and think mostly they fought… Tapu jokes aishu doesn’t laugh… Tapu pulls Aishu to corner and ask what happened? He fought with you? Aishu nods yes.. Tapu asks shall I talk.. She replies no dear he will talk later leave it… Mano and sahana marriage start.. They get busy with it..
After marriage.. Aishu is talking with her friends.. They ask her whether she is coming tomorrow? Aishu replies yeah im coming.. They all leave.. Amma see her alone and think they might have fought.. She thinks talking with mom but then decide let they solve on their own.. Both speaking with each other..aishu tells him all are thinking we fought so we are not speaking.. They start laughing…

At present… Arvi mom comes and ask him to sleep early…don’t worry aishu will be ok by your love.. He smiles and goes to sleep… She thinks Arvi and Aishu were lovers before god now at least make them besties… Arvi think of meeting Sharath first then taking aishu to hospital… He sleeps…

Arvi wakes up and goes to meet Sharath with Manu,Surya and ankith. Sharath is shown arguing with his parents.. Manu goes inside and asks his parents can we go out.. His parents tell ok. Sharath comes out with him. They all reach park.. Manu asks him are you involved in Aishu’s accident? Sharath denies and tells Ankith might have taken revenge from arvi.. Ankith slaps him hard and tells him I was angry with him but I will never think of harming aishu,she is more than my sister. Arvi asks him again. He replies am I only one who had attracted to your aishu there are many who have fallen for her.. She used to act like not knowing anything about love and all .. Kept on rejecting guys who proposed her..i just asked her directly to enjoy time with me ok I left her for she slapping me,then you proposed her so I thought why to disturb you. Arvi asks him to answer his question not tell stories.. Sharath replies im not telling stories your girl was just a…. She was making guys fall for her but then slap them insult them.. Surya asks him who she made fall in love? She keeps calling others bro/anna.. Sharath replies for that reason only we fall for her,girls never consider all guys as brothers but she does it.then we think she is pure like ganga and fall for her without knowing. Ankith ask him just reply to Arvi question.. Sharath replies yeah I made her meet accident but not only me..there was someone else also with me..she knows that person..only she can tell you people..

I thought what beauty i didn’t get should not be there in this world so i made her meet accident..she survived na..then what’s your problem guys.. Arvi lasts his patience and hits him on his stomach..Manu and ankith start beating him.. Sharath smiles and tells arvi you might get married to her but you won’t get her love.. Manu replies him aishu will remember things then you will be dead in our hands remember it. Sharath smiles and replies ill kill her don’t worry… They leave him and go from there.. Manu drops Surya and ankith then goes with Arvi.. Arvi is standing alone near terrace..manu gives him cigarette.. Both start using it.. Manu ask him if aishu comes to know about cigarette then what will you do? Arvi replies she knows i don’t have any other bad habit na..i can manage.. Manu tells she will not talk with you then.. Arvi say ill tell what made me get into this habit.. Ya after so many im tensed so much so please leave me alone with this.. Manu say be careful your mom,suji Bhabhi are there at home..and leaves.. Arvi doesn’t go to meet aishu also… Thinking she might get angry bcz of his habit..

At night… Aishu is preparing dinner. Amma asks her did arvi call you? She nods no.. Aishu thinks what happened to him not even a text message or call today.. She then have dinner with parents and goes to sleep.. Arvi is sleeping..ya he didn’t have dinner thinking if cigarette smell might be sensed by mom.. He sleeps thinking about aishu…

Precap: Just 5 days for aishu and arvi engagement…

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  1. Awesome yaar

  2. Pooja thank you I eagerly wait for your update.

  3. l think another villain is manu….not sure

  4. Intrsting epi.I think other 1 was bindu she hates aishu
    All di best for next part

  5. Who is that another person yaar…. no aishu is not like that yaar

  6. fantastic. another person? this is getting more interesting.

  7. Awesome episode, keep it up buddyyy. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

  8. Pooja its getting very interesting. Who is the other person?? Update nxt part so soon.

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