Love After Marriage (Part 43)


Arvi tell her just more 1yr I’ll come here then ill be with you each and every second.. No means one idea we will get married with Arjun and suji next year. Aishu asks him I wanna marry you in register office… He asks what? She replies we will run and get married da? He says our parents will are ok with our marriage ok . She replies so what? At least some difference should be na… He says you have gone mad… She hugs and say being with mental I also became mad? both start laughing… He tells ok we will get married in temple at least ok. She smiles and tells ok after MCA na… He tells no no now only ? shall we go? She hugs and say ya it will be good…but Amma and mom should be here… He smiles and tells lets plan honeymoon now… She hit him,he runs from there..she runs behind him… She skips and falls.. He comes near her asks what happened? She shows her leg… He lifts her and makes her seat in car… She smiles and pulls his shirt..tell don’t plan for honeymoon ok just study well and score good marks..get a good job… Then we will marry ok.. He smiles and tells ok shall we go home… She smiles.. They both go back… A guy is shown observing them… He calls Sharath and tells what happened..
In car aishu keeps her head on his shoulder and sleep… He smiles and thinks when she will leave acting like Kiddu..but I don’t want her to be serious also bcz her smiles make me forget everything and fall in love with her every time.. They reach home and he wakes her up… She gets up and kiss him on cheeks,go inside.. He thinks she keeps telling don’t think of anything and make sure she gives hint to think about it at end.. He goes back his home..
3days after…
Both are getting ready… Aishu calls him and tells im wearing your favourite dress which you gifted me… He asks who will make your wear saree now.. She replies you’re mom .. He asks what? She replies mom said me to wear saree when I said her I don’t know to wear it she smiled and told ill make you wear ok.. Bye now…she came.. Mom makes Aishu wear cream colour sari in northern style… As aishu tell mom everyone will tease me if i wear sari.. Mom tell after you’re marriage don’t wear sari and all ,only if any puja or functions are there you wear ok.. Aishu smiles..thinks arvi wants me to wear sari you’re saying opposite to it.. Mom makes her hair.. She then tell her you’re really my princess dear..if Arvi was here he would have got shocked seeing you like this.. Aishu smiles and hug her..thanks her.. Amma comes inside and smiles seeing aishu and mom bound..feels happy bcz she gets mothers love after marriage also.. Amma tells her to come with arvi we will go there now only.. Aishu nods ok.. Amma and mom leave her..and go to function hall..
After 15min Arvi comes and horns… Aishu calls him and tell him to come inside. He goes inside and gets mesmerized seeing her.. She smiles…and ask him to take gifts.. He goes to keep those in car,she locks door and comes towards car.. She seats in driver seat and ask him seat next to her.. He asks why? She says so that you can see me without getting disturbed ?? He says ya that’s true dear? she smiles. He tells I want to drive you seat this side.. She gets down and come to other side.. He start driving… Its 2hrs journey… After 1hr he stops near a hilly area.. He gets down..start walking.. She comes behind him and ask what happened? He replies you know ill go mad seeing you in sari na, she nods.. He seats on a bench.. She is standing front of him… He slowly pulls her near to him..his breath is disturbing her pallu… She see him…with pleasing look.. He suddenly remove pallu from her bellybutton area…he slowly start kissing her belly button…she close her eyes and puts her hand in hair… He keeps kissing her…. After a while his phone starts to vibrate,both gets disturbed.. She goes inside car to make her pallu correct… He receives call and say mom got stuck in traffic.. He also goes inside car…she keeps looking at him..he slowly pulls her him and tell hey please till our marriage is fixed don’t wear sari.. She nods yes..

Precap: Arvi and his friends meeting Sharath…

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  1. What a love yaar

  2. Everytime i think who is lucky . Arvi to hav aishu or aishu to hav arvi. But in end im lucky to read such a wonderful love story.thank u pooja.

  3. Lovely updt yr..

  4. Arsh romanc was so cute 🙂

  5. Awesome episode dear, arvi n aishu mad for each other yet they are determined to keep their promise of being professionally stable then marrym…it’s very difficult for both of them…very unique story n I love this couple, their bonding, this romance and you pooja for giving us this outstanding story. …eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads and very tight hug

  6. Love this story and arvi-aishu pair… Update soon.

  7. Thank you all for liking this story ? love you all??

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