Love After Marriage (Part 41)


Aishu is seeing dresses which bought today,thinks why im getting thoughts of him why im feeling he knows me what I don’t know about me..he takes care of me everytime everywhere..why does he care for me soo much.. She sleeps off..He is thinking when will she remember things which happened between us.. Then sleep off..

Aishu and arvi are moving out..she is driving and he see’s her.. She asks what happened? He replies nothing… Both get down from car go inside a room.. Both seat waiting for waiter .. Suddenly rose petals starts falling on them..she see towards roof and smiles.. He comes front of her asks her shall we dance? She nods yes… Both dance on Tera Hone Laga Hoo song ..they are lost in each other eyes.. After dance both go and seat but their eyes tells they are not in this world..fully lost in their love.. Suddenly waiter comes there and ask for order.. He gives order..then see aishu who is arrange her hair.. She see him observing her and smiles.. Both get into another eye lock… Suddenly lights go off.. Background music is playing.. Candles lights are glowing… She see’s back of him a sign broad is displayed using led lights asking her will you be mine?? She smiles.. Then lights are switched on..waiter serves them food and start going from there.. Then again only candle light are shown.. She smiles and starts having dinner.. Both are looking at each other then speaking… After finishing she goes to wash hands,he also comes there.. She gives him space.. He hugs her behind she gets shocked…

Suddenly Aishu wakes up from sleep..thinks of everything that happened in dream and smile.. Then she hugs her teddy bear and sleep.. Morning at 7 she wakes up and goes to take bath.. When she comes out finds her phone ringing and see it’s arvi.. Receive call..
Arvi: I have talked with mom about marriage but you shouldn’t talk anything regarding this at home
Aishu: Ok…
Arvi: What were you doing?
Aishu: Just now took bath and came out…
Arvi: Ok get ready.. I wanna make you meet someone special..
Aishu: Ok.. I’ll..
Arvi: Wear any good dress.. Traditional one..
Aishu: Ok…

Aishu goes to get ready… She wear half sari type dress.. She goes down..amma tells thank god you got up arvi called you na I forgot to tell you.. Aishu say her ya ma he called.. Aishu goes to drink water.. Amma think more three weeks you will be here then my princess will become Arvi’s wife.. Arvi comes and horns.. Aishu comes out ,he see her and gets into thinking ill should not show im lost in her.. She come’s and seats next to him.. He drive car and after 2hrs reach Madhu’s house.. Madhu and Surya see them coming inside.. Madhu comes and hugs aishu.. Aishu see her and ask how are you? Madhu replies im fine… She takes aishu with her.. Surya and Arvi gets busy talking with each other..

Madhu give aishu a child and ask her to hold.. Aishu asks whose baby? Madhu tells her it’s her baby moksha… Aishu asks her when did she get married? Madhu tells her before 3yrs da.. You also attended our marriage..wait ill show you pics.. Madhu gives her album and takes moksha.. Aishu seat seeing pics.. She see’s Sharath pic and gets shocked.. Ask Tapu who is this guy? Tapu replies her its Sharath,Surya’s friend.. Aishu comes running to Arvi and show him Sharath pic tell him I saw him on my accident day while I was closing my eyes I saw him and suddenly she faints… Madhu goes to get water,where as Arvi makes her sleep on sofa.. Madhu sprinkle water on her face..aishu wakes up…Madhu takes her to room .. Surya ask arvi shall we talk with police about this? Arvi tells we can’t because we don’t have proper evidence.. Surya ask take aishu to that spot maybe she gets her memory back.. Arvi tells she will undergo pain more..last time when I took to kulfi house her amma called and told aishu is fully disturbed..i don’t want her get into any pain da.. Surya tells ok but see that Sharath once.. Arvi tells tomorrow ill go and meet him. Surya tells I and Manu will be coming with you.. Surya calls manu and tells matter.. Manu tells ill also come with people..ask arvi to take care of aishu.

Arvi thinks I thought to make her day good but she faced that Sharath.. Surya and Arvi goes to room.. Both see aishu talking about chinu with Madhu.. She tells he made Arvi made mad you know.. She takes moksha in her lap and start playing with her.. Surya ask arvi let her be with moksha.. We will think about him now itself.. Ankith comes there.. Arvi and he meet each other.. Ankith ask him how is aishu now? Arvi replies she is ok..playing with moksha.. Madhu gets busy with preparing lunch so aishu makes moksha sleep and goes to help her..
At dinning table..

Aishu see Ankith and ask him I have seen you somewhere? Sorry im not remembering.. Ankith replies mostly in Madhu’s marriage.. She tells no before 5 months when I went to Bindhu’s house I saw your pic,I mean pics of you both.,I remembered now.. He asks her not to tell this to anyone please..she promise him and ask what happening b/w you both?when will you give this news to your friends? He replies let her complete studies then ill inform everyone.. She smiles.. Arvi and Surya come their…

Precap: Sharath speaking nonsense about aishu.. Getting badly hit by Manu and arvi..

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  1. Oh god how can he do like that yaar

  2. I’m just writing this fiction to show if a guy loves girl truly then what extent he can take care of her and keep her happy.. I know this is like fairly tale no one loves so much as arvi does.. Every girl wishes to get such a guy… It’s just imagination… Please if don’t like this sorry for writing

  3. I thought tat it may be sharath or ankith…how dare he…waiting fr arvi and aishu marriage ?…tis is my fav ff dr …tanq pooja fr such a ff ?

  4. Ankit changed n he is with bindu now. This is another story. Wow. Pooja i want to ask u that when will u show arjun’s n mano’s marriage. Arvi n aishu would hav attended their marriages. Sharath stupid fellow bcoz of u everything is happening. She lost her memory.

  5. Pooja ur story is going really good. Aishu started to remember things. I am soo happy. But I don’t trust that ankith also. Update nxt part so sooooon…

  6. Pooja I love your ff dont think to stop writing….I always read this and try to comment also….love u …keep updating….

  7. Awesome episode, keep it up buddyyy, eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads…i hope soon aishu get her memory back. ..

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