Love After Marriage (Part 40)


Aishu comes to give him shirts… He is buying socks… She says him don’t buy black ones for office… He turns and see her,she give him shirts and ask him which ever you like in this take those…he tells ill take everything… She nods ok… He then ask her if she is free? She replies yes… He asks her can we keep my clothes at home then shall I drop you? She replies ok… They both go to Arvi’s new home.. She asks this house? Amma told its near to big bazaar.. He replies ya that’s for Arjun and this is for arvi..means after marriage mom and dad will shift to old house in Vijayawada we will stay here… She asks why? He replies bcz mom wants to be with granny.. She says ok … He sense she is not ok with matter what he spoke… They come to new home..
She gets down… She see’s it’s full of flowers and greenery.. She smiles.. They both go inside and he tells her ill go and keep it. She roams in house.. See it’s all like she wanted her home to be..then goes inside puja room and pray.. Then kitchen it’s full of purple and white combination things.. She thinks is it my dream all are according to my liking.. Mostly his thinking and my thinking matches.. He comes and see her lost .. Smiles and thinks..she is thinking about her house.. He asks her will you have chocolate? She nods yes.. He goes to bring. She asks him can I go upstairs? He replies yes… She goes….
She comes to balcony and see view out… She smiles thinking about arvi when she said about chinu.. Then see a room,goes to open it..when she opens arvi comes and gives her phone telling you’re Amma called.. She goes to talk with her.. Arvi locks room and think if she had seen room I would have fired with questions .. She comes and tell him Amma asked us to come back fast from shopping.. He says her then we’ll leave now only.. She replies yes… Both leave …
She asks him can I ask you one question?
He: Ya
She: Really you don’t have any gf?
He: No y?
She: You are so caring and good na.. Most girls like that
He: I studied in boys school and college. Then while doing graduation I was interested in studies then love.. Then while doing PG I was committed with job and studies..
She: Ok …
He smiles and thinks when anyone fall in love with you no one matters… She thinks of asking him regarding marriage matter.. Again ask him one more question. He smiles…
She: According to you ,your marriage should be big event?
He: Why you are asking this?
She: Please reply..
He: For me it doesn’t matter.. Bcz amma and mom are going to decide
She: I know but..,
He: Tell
She: I want it to be simple..
He: Ok..
She: It will be just waste of money., with that money we can help any NGOs na
He: Ok ill try talking about this…
She: Thank you ?
He smiles and thinks she haven’t changed now also helping others is important that her happiness.. They reach home.. Aishu goes in to keep bags,arvi is talking with amma .. Amma asks him to say about 2yrs before engagement.. He replies I could but she might.. Amma tells ok according to your wish.. Aishu comes down,amma asks them to have lunch. They both go to dinning table.. She serves him and both start having.. Amma comes and say within 1week you both will be engaged. Aishu thinks but I have so many things running in my mind then this amma.. Arvi leave’s home..
at evening..
Mom ask Arvi what happened? Arvi replies mom I thought my marriage will happen in temple but now.. Mom ask really? Then you could have said earlier na..wait ill talk with amma and let you know. Arvi thanks her.. Arvi think he will complete aishu wishes without thinking about it… For dinner both chat with each other…
Aishu: Had dinner?
Arvi: Ya you…
Aishu: Just now.,
Arvi: Sleep early ok..
Aishu: Good night sweet dreams ?
Arvi: Same to you ? thinks when my sweety is not remembering about our love how will I get sweet dreams.
Precap: Aishu and Arvi’s candle night dinner

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  1. I am going to mad about arvi yaar……

  2. Nice love story are fabulous pooja ..but plz update fast

  3. Hayathi me too. Really he is such a sweetheart. Pooja u really our hero that sweet n with lovely character. Any girl would fall for him. Superb love story.

  4. Wat was in dat room, der photos?

    1. Yes dear… Their photos ,everything related to their love ❤

  5. Please tell who made aishu’s accident?

  6. Awesome episode, loved it very much, arvi is the best person for any girl, he is very caring and loving…it hope aishu soon get her memory back….keep it up buddyyy, eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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