Love After Marriage (Part 4)


Recap: Amma thinking about arvi’s promise.
Ash is sleeping in her room. Arvi comes to her room,he asks her to wake up. She wakes up with shocked and asks him why did he come here? If amma comes what will she think? He keeps his index finger on her lips asking her to be quiet. He takes out chocolate from his pocket and gifts her a teddy bear with heart on it. He hugs her and wishes her happy first love anniversary my jaan. Both have chocolate.
Suddenly Ash wakes up from the dream and think seating “what as happened to me? Why such a dream? By the way what did he say? How could I allow him hug me? I’m I gone mad? After this marriage matter came into my life. She search’s for mobile and see its morning 4:50. She gets good morning message from Arvi without replying she tells herself why im thinking so much about him. She switch off her cell and try to sleep. Again she into thinking that amma used to tell whatever dreams you get in early morning becomes true. Then tell to herself no never I’ll fall in love. She sleeps hugging her teddy. It’s the same teddy which Arvi had gifted her in her dream I mean before her accident.
At Arvi’s home…
He is wake up and think jogging but he asks himself shall I call her for jogging? He calls Ash but he gets switched off message. He thinks whether any problem happened she never switch off cell but then think himself that yesterday she might have not put for charging. His mother come inside his room. She asks him whether really his plan will work out? Does aishu will get her memory back? He asks her to cool down maa , if she won’t get her memory back ill make her fall for me and we will get married. He assures her within date which was fixed earlier their marriage will happen.

Precap: Arvi asking Ash to come for movie. She tells him I want to talk with you first

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