Love After Marriage (Part 39)


At mall…

Arvi ask her to select dress’s and goes to bring his phone… She see’s his wallet in fell down..takes it and see’s her pic…thinks why my pic ? He comes back and she gives him back his wallet… He bring her to trail selection and ask her to try this dress… She goes in and wear … When she comes out,she asks how is it? He replies no… Same happens with 20 dresses… She then comes out and tells him go select whatever you want ill wear it… He goes to bring… She thinks if he is choosing dresses only form 2hrs how come he say yes for relationship in first meeting… He comes back and gives her 5 dresses… She see’s it’s favourite designer dress and thinks how much he knows about me??? She asks which one should I wear…and come.. He replies try everything if size is proper then buy all… She asks what?? He repeats… She smiles and goes to try… She comes out after trying… She says him everything is proper… He then tell next mom and dad gift right? She replies no you’re dress… He tells at last… Both leave to buy gifts.. She select sari for mom and ask him will mom like this? He replies don’t know you call her and ask.. She calls mom ,,

Mom: Hello aishu what happened?
Aishu: Aunty I took a sari for you,but don’t know whether you like it or not..
Mom: Whatever you purchase ill like it.. You’re my daughter ok so from now onwards call me mom…
Aishu: Ok aunty..sorry I mean mom…
Mom: Smiles and say don’t worry you will get practiced with time…
Aishu: Bye mom…

She tells what mom said her.. Then after buying gifts they go to buy Arvi clothes… She see’s some but doesn’t like it..he keeps observing her…thinks if she remembers everything then this shopping would have been good… She see him and ask select pants ill bring shirts selected there… He goes… Then she thinks I forgot to ask size?? She goes to him and texts him to tell shirt size which he wears… He replies… She select 10 shirts… But suddenly she gets doubt how come he selected my dresses without knowing my size..

Precap: Aishu and Arvi’s romantic dinner

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  1. l’d been eagerly waiting for it since evening..thnx 4 d upd…
    really fabulous epi…take care

  2. Arvi aishu u r awesome

  3. Little update

  4. What a love story???
    Like it vry much…deep love of aishu and arvi

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  6. Nice story, i cant wait to read full story…. curious whats gonna happen next???

  7. Cute, lovely, awesome love story. Arvi n aishu oh my adorable couple. Love u. Really if aishu selects shirt of arvi’s choice. Then this shopping is really gud.romantic dinner. Waiting.

  8. Awesome episode, but very short one. Still I enjoyed it. Eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

  9. Pooja loved it….really very simple and cute love story….

  10. Pooja ur story is really different. Love arvi- aishu couple very much. Update nxt part soon may be a longer one…

  11. Pooja ….please upload next episode soon.

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