Love After Marriage (Part 38)


Arvi gets settled in hostel.. Aishu miss him and call both speak with each other… Whenever it’s holiday they make plans and meet out with parents permission and also without.. They celebrate each other birthday,love anniversary,first meeting day etc being together… Like this 2 years get over…

When Arvi is returning after completing mtech.. Aishu goes to meet him at airport… Suddenly a heavy vehicle come and hit her.. She is fallen in blood.. Someone who is going in road see her and come there. Her phone starts ringing,he pick up and tell a girl meet with accident we are taking here to hospital… Arvi who is hearing this gets shocked and leave from there..while coming he calls mom say this and then ask to bring amma and appa also.. He reach hospital,check at enquiry room and runs to see her.. She is in ICU.. Doctor come out.. He tells arvi if she survive it will be a miracle..mostly she will get into coma or lose her memory and after operation we will let you meet her.. Parents come there,…. They break down after hearing this.. Arvi tells nothing will happen to her..he acts strong but….

After operation.. Doctor tell she should regain conscious before 48 hrs..else coma stage is confirmed.. Amma and mom ask him to have anything but he tells no and go from there… He remembers everything that as happened between them… He see watch which she gifted as stopped working and goes to repair it.. While riding he remembers how she told till when my heart is connected with you this watch runs if I die this watch will also.. He repair it.. Start working without any problem… He smiles with relief..

At hospital aishu regain conscious.. Doctor check her and ask her parents to meet her. When Amma comes inside.. Aishu smiles and say her amma you saw my 6th sem results na so you are crying.. I had already said you I didn’t write it properly… Amma tells her you’re studying MCA and now holidays are going on… Aishu asks what?… Doctors come inside and tell amma to go out… She goes and tell mom about it.. Arvi who hears this and just goes from go to him .. He tells be happy mom atlst she is ok na… Mom thinks then she doesn’t remember him,what will he do now… Amma also thinking same… Mom tells her and say lets leave everything with god.. Amma tells don’t worry I know arvi will be with her and make it proper…

Aishu is sleeping… Arvi comes inside and see her… Thinks I didn’t get punishment for making you away from now you are… He goes from there.. He tells Amma ill go home and arrange her room.. He goes..amma see him and think I did best job choosing him for my Aishu.. Arvi arrives to her room and remember there first hug.. When she got fever.. He takes her phone and replace it with new phone.. He checks their photos and smiles..her childish talks..her naughtiness.. Her anger.. Everything related to her.. He smiles.. Then amma comes there.. She see him smiling and ask him remembering aishu.. He smiles..and promise her not to worry ill be with her …let her complete her studies then ill come till then don’t discuss anything about this please.. She tells yes ill do whatever you’re telling bcz you’re the only hope for her and bless him… Mom see them and smile.. She tell arvi go and keep this things in new house. Arvi goes,she and amma plan to make aishu’s favourite food… They go to kitchen…

Arvi comes to new house and arrange room with aishu’s things.. He thinks of completing this house according to her wish. Aishu comes home… She smiles and hugs her teddy tell I was missing you soo much.. Her friends come to meet her.. She see them..they introduce one by one.. She smiles.. They all say her get well fast.. Remember movies which have listed ok.. Amma comes there and smiles seeing her talking with her friends.. After 3weeks she goes to college… Gets busy with studies… Arvi keep guarding her.. He smiles seeing her and but keep himself far from her.. Like this 8months passes… Arvi is talking with amma and mom..
Amma: Engagement date is near..what shall we do..

Mom: Ya..
Arvi: Amma and mom let her results come.. Then we can plan about it na..
Amma: But think of promise which you made her
Arvi: Amma our engagement will happen on that only..
Mom: When you meet her before 3yrs which date you meet her is your engagement date..
Arvi: I know….
Fb ends……

Suji smiles and tells him you’re really unique ? person who takes care and love to infinity is really wonderful thing …hope she remembers everything… He smiles and tells if she remembers everything then ill be luckiest person… He asks her to go and sleep… Arjun might have slept.. She goes…
He see’s stars….. And tells I want her back.. She was so childish…naughtiness no one could tell she became so serious now… He gets remainder that shopping tomorrow.. Then goes to sleep…
Morning …

Aishu wakes up and tells today im going out with him…i don’t know why I feel so connected with him.. She goes to get ready.. Arvi is still sleeping .. Alarm rings… He wakes up and goes to take bath… Aishu is getting ready..she see arvi standing behind her and smiles..then when she turns she doesn’t see him..she smiles…goes down to have breakfast…. She haves and packs a tiffin box…thinks he might not have had anything… He comes and horn .. She says Amma arvi came ill go and come don’t take tension and rest for a while ok… Amma smiles and tells her ill but select good sari for function not half sari.. She tells please… And runs out.. Arvi see her and smiles…thinks everytime running… She asks can I drive? He tells ok… She seats and gives him tiffin box and ask him to have.. He asks what? She says breakfast…you didn’t have na have first… He smiles and starts eating…

Precap: She dresses… He doesn’t say ok for anything… She tells him you only go and bring one...

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  1. Arvi is an unique persoon suji was right

  2. Really he is unique n lovable. Aishu is so lucky. Like real prince charming from fairytale.

  3. loved this dear,,really Arvi is very unique nd different….

  4. Lovely episode, arvi is really very good. ..loving this story very much. …aishu is falling in love with arvi again. ..she is so lucky…keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

  5. Pooja nic story. Arvi is the best. He cares for aishu and loves her like mad. Aishu is so lucky to have him..
    Update nxt part soon..

  6. Oh arvi is so much loving and caring…hope she remembers everything early…pls update soon.

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