Love After Marriage (Part 37)

Aishu thinks what happened when she went to call Sai yesterday night.. Flashback…
She calls Sai and tell about what Arvi said her about 2 years …. He asks her not to worry ill come there we can speak with him… She say ok then good night.. She feels someone’s hand on her waist..turn back suddenly..she gets shocked.. It’s Arvi’s friend Sharath..
She: What are you doing?? Have you gone mad..
He: It’s all common darling why you are acting like this
She: Shut up it’s not common with me..
He: You will be alone for 2yrs when arvi goes na.. You can be with me ill treat you like him only..

She: What nonsense?
He: You will miss him ill just fulfil your needs..
She :slaps him.. Mind Your words…
He: You both are not engaged officially also… Think and say I never mind… More than that he don’t have guts to propose you…
She: Better stop this else ill complain to Arvi and elders…
He: I’m giving you opinion to enjoy but you.. Think about this..
He goes.. She starts crying and run to her room.. She keeps crying.. When she thinks about arvi she smiles again remember Sharath words and cry.. She thinks ill make Arvi propose in front of everyone and close this dog’s mouth.. Fb ends..
Amma and mom are sitting in train .. They talk for sometime and then sleep.. Arvi is not sleeping but thinks what happened b/w be behaved with her and start crying thinking she is my life how could I… Then goes to prepare for his punishment… Thinking there is some reason… She is seeing stars thinks arvi sorry for hurting you…i could have said you but friendship… She then sleeps.. He comes inside her room..bcz she as not slept properly..she is sleeping… He decorates full room with her favourite roses..balloons and arranges everything perfect.. He thinks when amma and mom come ill propose her..
Morning.. Manu ask his friends to get ready fastly…we should go there… Amma and mom as been arrived.. They go to aishu’s room..get surprised.. Arvi and aishu friends come there.. Arvi comes he see mom,she tells all the best ? amma wake up aishu,she wakes up and hugs her.. She is still sleepy.. Open her eyes.. See arvi. . . He comes forward and ask her will she marry him? Aishu see all standing..amma see her and smile.. Aishu tells him yes… Mom and amma hug aishu.. Friends congratulate them.. Sharath see them and goes from there.. Aishu see him going and smile heart fully.. All go out..amma and mom ask her to get ready and go.. Arvi is still there.. He switch on fan..petals start falling on her..she smiles and see him..then hug him and say sorry… He asks why?

She: Bcz I hurt you yesterday..made you get angry..
He: Tell me one answer please..
She: I’ll
He: What’s reason behind this punishment…
She: You should get angry..promise..
He: Ok promise..
She: Tells what happened with her when she went to call…
He: You could have said me na..don’t worry im not going anywhere.,you are important to me..
She: No da.. You are going for that university.. But I have one complaint with you..
He: What now?
She: You made a mistake yesterday remember??
He: Ya.. Sorry da..

She: I wanted my first kiss happen in a special way but you made it bad..
He: Smiles and tells her don’t worry..i make others things happen in special way..
She: Start hitting him with pillows…
Then both start fighting with pillows..end up laughing.. He says go get ready.. He leaves.. She smiles and thanks him.. Goes to take bath and think he is very special person..he can make everything perfect… She comes out.. She gets ready…
Arvi tells Surya and Manu what happened between Sharath and aishu.. He gets angry but Manu tell him wait ill make everything perfect..take care of aishu..first .. Surya tell him wait after going to city we will see to solve this problem..
Marriage.. Madhu and Surya marriage is taking place.. Aishu friends keep teasing her.. She smiles.. Boys also tease her ..manu ask them to stop her amma is here..
After marriage everyone start leaving… Amma,aishu,mom and arvi say bye and leave..friends also start leaving.. Aishu texts Madhu take care and all the best ?…
They reach Home…

Amma ask aishu to take rest and then start studying.. Aishu goes to fresh up and then sleeps.. Mom ask arvi really you want to write this exam? You will be far from her for two years.. He tells mom please I ll build my life before getting into anything.. Mom tells ok.. He goes to study…

1 months passes.. Arvi is going for hostel.. Aishu calls him and tell I can’t come there but remember you should call me everyday.. He tells ok jaan take care.. He leaves to hostel..

Precap: Present… Aishu smiles seeing Arvi and both are shopping for their engagement

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  1. Awww but accident kaisa hua

  2. pooja ( Arvi -Aishu ???)

    Friends… Accident part will be specified when aishu regain memory… Please let me know should I continue this track or not.. If yes tell me if changes as to be made

  3. Hi pooja
    I read the complete story from beginning & its truly good…..n…..different…..
    I ‘ll continue reading your upcoming episode also
    Keep writing……..
    Tc n bye

    1. pooja ( Arvi -Aishu ???)

      Thank you ??

  4. Nice da pls continue

  5. After regaining memory, that means arvi don’t know how the accident i right. U r too gud pooja. Whatever u r writing is amazing.

  6. Pooja ur story is really good. So villian is sharath.. How cheap he is..
    Continue story as its going. Update soon…

  7. Pooja loved it darling u r awesome…..hope she gains her memory earliest so that cheapo sharath could be punished….

  8. Awesome episode, please continue dear, eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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