Love After Marriage (Part 36)


Aishu thinks of Arvi.. What tapu said her..that if he didn’t come we will go there and smiles.. Just two years ill make him pay for this.. Now ill go get ready..
She gets ready in white anarkali .. She is looking like angel.. Tapu comes there and tells someone is looking cute like a doll in this dress.. Both go out.. Manu comes near them and say what happened to you both? White and blue devils ? both start chasing him.. Tapu goes… Behind to end but in middle arvi pulls aishu inside a room..he locks it… She see’s him.. He asks her why she is wearing white dress? She says you’re mom selection.. He asks what? She say you’re mom only selected all dresses for this marriage function… He say her so only you’re looking like angle… She says I should goo.. He asks her tomorrow can you wear sari? She says ok ill try but no sure… He sense anger in her words…and tell ok… She leaves… He keeps seeing her …and smile…
She thinks im rude towards you so that you can understand me.. All relatives start coming.. Aishu keep herself busy.. Make madhu get ready… She asks aishu you also get ready.. Puja starts aishu and tapu are wearing sari.. Tapu tells you wear waist chain also.. It’s looks good on you.. She then helps her wear sari.. Fix chain..on waistline and tells today arvi will become mad seeing you… Both come to reception… All guys keep looking at them.. Bindhu see them feel jealous.. They both come near Madhu and Surya.. Madhu tells is it my day yours?you both are looking so cute… Surya tells mostly they both ready for their guys.. Aishu replies sorry we don’t have time to get ready for them…we got ready for someone special person.. Tapu gets a call and tell aishu he receive him else.. Aishu runs out…to receive him.. It’s her mami’s son Sai .. Arvi friends see them both and think who is this guy… Aishu see them.. They both come inside.. Madhu see him and smiles.. He greets Surya and tells him why you are marrying one of my gf?? Surya ask what?? Aishu hits him and say Surya he speaks like this only.. Madhu asks him to shut his mouth.. Aishu and he go to get gift from his car.. Aishu thanks him for coming..he tells who is that guy who is leaving this hottie and going out show me.. Aishu say him please let concentrate on marriage…then.. Manu comes there and see them to together.. He asks aishu who is he? Sai introduce himself and say she is my girlfriend… Manu gets shocked and goes from there.. Sai and aishu laugh… Sai tell really if you were my girlfriend then I would have celebrated daily.. Aishu tells next life ok? both take gifts and go..
Tapu see them and makes an announcement that in this marriage we didn’t see engagement happening na? So today with reception we will have engagement also.. Aishu and Sai give them exchange.. Arvi and his friends are standing far from stage..manu comes and tells dude he is Sai Aishu’s boyfriend it seems. Arvi asks what you are saying? Manu repeats it… They all observe them closely.. All think might be but what about arvi then.. After engagement aishu comes down with Sai and introduce him to Manu and his friends.. He is my cousin Sai my best friend..and my brother.. Manu asks then he said you’re boyfriend?? Sai replies I could’ve but what to do she tied rakhi to me..? but brother’s girls first boy friend na..under stood??? All start smiling.. Sai talks with them and while moving from there ask aishu to wear good dress see it’s looking bad on you…. Aishu doesn’t even consider like Arvi is present there..and goes with Sai.. Aishu asks him really am I looking bad? Sai replies idiot you are looking hot in sari just to irritate your guy I said it…don’t change ok? She smiles..
After 10 pm.. Tapu say aishu Arvi was so disturbed da.. Aishu say let him go through it I won’t see him till marriage complete…let him know what he said.. Sai brings ice cream for them.. Arvi see aishu opening it and come & throws it.. She asks what’s this?? He replies you have only 4days for if you get fever again you can’t write exam.. She replies im in mood to write it also.. Sai takes her from there and leave… He asks are you not in mood to study?.. She smiles and say who said I wanna do MCA.. He asks then.. She tells im becoming independent.. I have right to do whatever I like.. Both smile.. Then say goodnight and leave..
While going to sleep…
Arvi see her alone and pulls her to a corner..
Arvi: What are you thinking?
She: I’m becoming independent…
He: What independent.. I don’t want you do whatever you are doing now..
She: You only asked me to be independent…
He: Is your independence ignoring me?
She: Ya..
He: Oh really.. Now ill see how you ll ignore me… He suddenly places his lips on her lips and start kissing her…she keeps pushing him but fails… After 10-15 min ..he leave her…
She: Slaps him hard… And tell who are you to kiss me..
He: I’m your husband…
She: I didn’t get married to you…
He: We are getting married in 3yrs..
She: No im not … Ill get married when I find a person who loves me like mad.. Not the person who forces himself on me..
He: Did I force myself ever? But today you’re attitude towards me changes everything..
She: What did i do? You asked me to be independent…im being that’s all
He: Ok now be independent.. I just wanted to be far from you so that you ll study..
She: Oh really?? Did I say you ill not study if you be here…
He: No but you will be distributed…
She: Oh ok?? After meeting you only i wrote my bca last sem exams right..whats my percentage..
He: 93%
She: Then did i get disturbed..
He: I don’t know…
She: You decide something do something..then tell its for my good..
He: Sorry
She: What sorry?
He: I love you… Please forgive me..
She: I don’t love you… Last time when you proposed me you said something remember?
He: I do.. But I could not sorry…
She: Go to hell..i don’t care about you.. Do whatever you want.. Even if I get married to you only my body will be you not my heart..after what you did today..
He: What I did? You kissed me before once remember??
She: I did it with love but you with lust….
He: I’m asking sorry na please… Should I have to hold your legs for it…
She: No.. Bye im sleepy..
He thinks I did mistake really aishu sorry.. He goes to her room..see her crying… He comes inside and close door… She see him..but doesn’t talk.. He comes near her and tell really sorry da..i did a mistake please forgive me…give me punishment but don’t cry I can’t see you sad..
She says ok ill forgive you but one punishment is there.. He asks what? She replies tomorrow in front of everyone you should propose me remember your parents my parents your friends and mine ok? He tells what? She replies simple task propose me in front of everyone… Ya appa and dad aren’t coming…tomorrow.. He asks but I have na.. She tells ill tell what you done to you’re mom and amma then.. He replies no please… She adds make it memorable one ok…ya if you do so I have not have any problem with you going from me..

Precap: Arvi proposing aishu in front of everyone one.. Then he comes to know why she asked to propose in front of everyone and gets angry on….

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  1. pooja ( Arvi -Aishu ???)

    Main villain entry in tomorrow’s part… In present part ill provide info about change of character of Ankith and Bindhu… Think who is villain… He is friend of Arvi…

  2. Aishu u r killing our poor boy with ur looks n ignoring him. How many proposals our prince has to do? Villian entry. Waiting for next part.

  3. Today’s episode as usual was nic. But what is the reason behind proposal… And who is angry on whom???
    Who is the villain… So confused… Update soon Pooja. So many doubts in mind.
    Update soon….. Plz….

  4. I cant wait..plz update next part soon

  5. Nice…post nxt update plz

  6. Oh she did that intentionally why…..pls update next part soon…

  7. shifa(shakira)


  8. O aishu it’s tooo much, poor arvi…eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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