Love After Marriage (Part 34)


Arvi is talking with his mom..
Mom: Did you propose her or not?
Arvi: No mom.. How can I in front of everyone..
Mom: Only your friends were there na then what’s your problem..
Arvi: If she doesn’t reply..
Mom: Every girl on earth wishes to get a hubby like you..
Arvi: Oh really.. But I need only aishu to be my wife..
Mom: Today you should propose her then..
Arvi: Mom…
Mom: It’s my order.. Bye plan something good..
Arvi think he is so lucky to get mom in his life..i wish everyone gets a mom like you ?? Aishu might be thinking Manu and Surya proposed her friends I didn’t propose her in front of I’ll but tonight..alone only you and me…
Aishu,tapu and Madhu come home.. Madhu’s mom tell her to enjoy more 2 days after that you will be jailed with new relationship.. All laugh.. Aishu ask her is marriage a jail aunty? Mom reply her it’s a jail where you would never think of coming out.. All three go to upstairs.. Surya call Madhu and ask her do they have any plans for night? She replies noo.. He ask her can we meet friends.. She replies yes..he asks her to be ready by 11.. She say ok..
Aishu search for arvi,she doesn’t find him.think of asking anyone but all will tease me if I ask.. She call him,he see it.. But thinks of texting her. He text her,don’t sleep early we will be going out at night I wanted to talk something important.. She replies ok..text me..where to meet. He replies we are going out,you be ready by 9.. She replies ok.. She thinks how to escape from bindhu??..
At evening 6 arvi see aishu busy with puja preparation.both doesn’t speak to each other but they have some eye locks whenever they come opposite to each other.. Then at 7 he goes out .. She see him and thinks we thought we’ll be together..but see what’s happening.. Madhu see her lost and take her from there,ask what happened? Aishu replies Arvi asked me come out with him at 9. Madhu tells ok you go don’t worry tapu will manage things.. Tapu comes and hug her ,ask her decide it fast dear im waiting to know what you’re Amma will say .. Aishu tell them amma is ok with it but I want to study MCA..granny comes to know she will make tell ok to marriage directly.. Tapu say her arvi is there to solve your problems..come ill make you that seeing you he’ll tell yes for everything.. Tapu asks her to wear sari but aishu say no..I can’t manage please.. Tapu gives her anarkalli. She goes to get ready.. Then comes out, Madhu comes inside and ask its just date don’t make her look like soo beautiful that it might end up with something ? both tapu and Madhu laugh,aishu give them a angry stare and then smiles.. Three have a group hug.. Both tell Aishu all the best..babe .. They have closed door so Madhu’s mom come and knocks door.. Madhu goes to open it.. Tapu is plating aishu’s hair..she curls and leave some front hair free., both take selfies..Madhu join them.. Aishu is lost in her thoughts but both cheer her up.. Tapu see time and tell its 8:50 check out arvi message.. Aishu see her cell but there is no msg. Aishu gets sad.. Tapu see her and tell her let your dream come true.. Aishu who have lost in thoughts suddenly takes pillow and hit her.. Madhu ask what happened to you both now.. Tapu wink’s at Madhu.. She thinks then tapu have said something..stop them.. Aishu see arvi msg and go out.. Tapu and Madhu say her all the best..
Aishu goes out and arvi waiting for her in car.. She gets in and seat next to him.. He see her and ask her shall we move? She nods yes.. Both don’t speak with each other she thinks how to say but he thinks she’s angry with me.. After 45min of travelling they reach beach..he comes out and open door for her.. When she keeps her feet on ground lights turn on.. She see’s it’s decorated with purple and white balloons,there are flowers laid down,, she asks what’s this? He says be silent till we reach our destination.. He picks her up in his hands.. Carry her to table which is 5 min far from car.. She keeps seeing his eyes..he see her’s.. He comes to table and make her seat… He says her I know you want to talk about something.,first ill say you something please., she blinks her eyes., he seats on knees and show her mirror around them.. She asks why so many mirror’s? He tells her I searched for beautiful things to place here but I didn’t get anything..bcz you’re so beautiful I wanted you be everywhere when I say you this words.., she tries speaking but he place his index finger on lips and stop her,, He continues.. Aishu when I saw you first time I fell in love with you but I didn’t have guts to tell you..we become friends then.. One day I said you,, but you kept on teasing me that you didn’t understand what I day I was not prepared.,but I said you bcz of fear that I may lose you.. You said yes.,but I know, I didn’t ask you properly that time also., then we became close I never thought I would say you but yesterday my friends asked me to propose you in front of everyone.. I thought to but I couldn’t say it .. But tried to say with sand art then words,,… But now im asking you in front of God’s beautiful creation for my life would you like to spend your life with me.. Ya ill promise ill never lie to you.. You will remain everything to me,,,nothing else matters more than you for are my first priority,… At last but least I wanted to say you I LOVE YOU Aishwarya… She smiles at him and YES I LOVE YOU TOO ARVI… You made me understand you’re question today ? he hugs her and she also… After 5min she tells him arvi im feeling hungry da., he breaks hugs and kisses her forehead..say you are kidoo only Aishu..god only knows how you’re children will be.. She says him first take care of me… Then think about children after 5 yrs,, he gives her golgappa.. Then jamun.. Asks which you like to have? She asks him to feed her my hands have mehandi color., he feeds her.. She stops him and say my stomach filled,, he goes to keep things back ..then come back and see a small piece of golgappa is near her lips.. He slowly put his finger on her lips and take golgappa piece and taste it.. Forgot to say both have eye lock when this is going on., aishu asks him can I talk now? He nods yes..
Aishu: Arvi I wanted to say that Amma called and asked for about yesterday’s dance?
Arvi : Yesterday?
Aishu: Yours… She asked did he propose you?
Arvi: You said I didn’t na
Aishu: Ya.. Amma and mom waiting to hear it from me
Arvi: Ok…tomorrow morning you call amma and tell I proposed you…then everything will be ok..
Aishu: Morning itself?
Arvi: Like 10am…
Aishu: If they ask me get married?
Arvi: They won’t ask you.. I’m there na…
Aishu: Ok… Then…
Arvi and aishu go for a walk in beach… They are holding hands…
Aishu: Yesterday you said so much really da.. Then today..
Arvi: But you didn’t reply anything…
Aishu: Bcz friends with me… They won’t leave single chance…
Arvi: Smiles.. Why you didn’t talk with me at night?
Aishu: Bcz of Madhu and Surya fought…
Arvi: Ok…. Then….
Aishu: Wait I wanna show you something…
Arvi : What??
Aishu: Party pics…girls party,,
Arvi: No need it’s your personal
Aishu: You’re my life then there is no personal things that should be hidden from you…
Arvi: Ok…
Aishu shows him pics…and selfies which they took… Then suddenly while surfing her video start playing… She tries to change it… But then think all have it,the person who have right to see hasn’t seen.. She says this one of the dance which I did over there… He see it… She keeps looking other side.. Before video finish he see her and cup her face and say you look beautiful in whatever you wear but you look so **** in this.. She blushes.., he holds her hand and tell her you’re my life to but please don’t do this again…check out before you’re performing bcz if you feel bad for anything I can’t see sad for a while…more than that everyone will try to see you differently,,.,,I don’t want that to happen… You should be mine.,,I can’t bear if others think bad about you… She nods ok… And ask really I wasn’t not knowing this if I had known I wouldn’t have… He nods it’s ok… She thinks he is not like other guy’s who think girls just piece of meat to really get You in my life…
She tells him yesterday I got a dream da I got scared and woke up so im feeling sleepy… He asks what dream? She tells him that you kissed me… He says everytime on forehead na… She replies no on… He asks what?? She says in his ears on lips… He smiles and says you’re thought have become dirty… She replies I also scolded myself… He says don’t worry till our marriage nothing such will happen bcz after that I can’t limit myself being away from you…

Precap: Aishu calling amma and telling about Arvi…

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  1. Oh god, so sweet couple. These two really cute and adorable. Arvi u always steal my heart with ur character. Really hope meeting a person like u in real.

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  6. pooja ( Arvi -Aishu ???)

    More 4 parts then present gonna start please let me if I should change anything…

  7. it’s absolutely fine dear no need to change 🙂

  8. Awesome episode pooja, arvi n aishu were awesome. ..eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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