Love After Marriage (Part 33)


Aishu is sleeping.. She is alone in room. At 11:45 arvi comes there,,,he wakes her up..she say im tied and sleep again.. He tells her I wanted speak something please jaan wake up.. She wakes up,asks what.. He asks her to come out,she say if anyone see? He say no one please.. Both go out…
Aishu: What you wanted to talk with me
Arvi: I wanted to spend time with you
Aishu: Tomorrow da.. I’ll go
Arvi: Please…

She gets up,her sari pallu get stuck in wooden bench.. It gets misplaced. She covers herself with her hands,he gets up fix her pallu..she keeps seeing his eyes… He cups her face and tells don’t worry it was just accident.. She blinks her eyes saying yes. He comes closer to her slowly keep his lips on her lips.. She close her eyes..he kiss her for 10 min.. She suddenly opens eyes and push him far.. Then try moving from place,collide with stone and fell down.. Arvi comes near her and pick her up in his hands and bring her to her room. She keep seeing his eyes. He make her seat on bed.. See her foot bleeding and goes to bring first aid box. He comes back..he place her leg on bed she signs no.. He say her be silent .. He does first aid.. He removes bangles from her hands.. Tell her to sleep.. Then goes from there…aishu keeps seeing him …
Aishu who was sleeping till now wake up,fully shocked.. Check her dress.. She I night dress and there is bindhu sleeping next to her.. She thinks my thoughts became dirty for falling in love and sleeps…
Morning @ 8 Madhu come to aishu’s room to wake her.. Madhu see her sleeping hugging her pillow and smiles.. Bindhu wake up and see aishu she also smiles..akka it seems but see she is sleeping like a kid?? both wink ? at each other and start tickling aishu she wakes up tells them im not in mood to wake good night.. Tapu comes there and tell them to go she will wake her up. Bindhu and Madhu go to get ready.. Tapu asks aishu what happened? Aishu nods nothing and sleep.. Tapu pulls blanket ,aishu wakes up..
Tapu: What happened?
Aishu: I’m feeling somewhat..
Tapu: What??
Aishu: I got some bad dream,.
Tapu: What ??
Aishu: About Arvi
Tapu: Smiles.. What happened in dream?
Aishu: Blushes.. Please da
Tapu: Did he kiss you?
Aishu: Ya da..
Tapu: Wait ill call him let he do really ?
Aishu: I’ll call Manu wait..

Both start fighting with pillows and laugh loudly.. Tapu asks her go for bath else ill really call him.. Aishu hits her on head and runs to bath room..
Tapu keep her dress on bed ,tell her to call after getting im locking your room.. Aishu say ok Tapu… After 30min aishu comes out and see sari on bed think it’s same sari which I wore in dream. She takes half sari and gets ready.. She calls tapu, she comes to open door. Ask aishu why didn’t she wear sari? Aishu replies if I had known to do it I would have.. Tapu smiles and tells Ayyo then arvi should have learnt it? Aishu gets irritated and start chasing her.. All boys see them and think both have kiddo’s.. Madhu mom stop them and ask what happened? Aishu replies she started irritating me.. Madhu mom tells you both should get punished for this.. Surya tells her aunty everytime only punishment comes into mind na? All start laughing..

Madhu comes out after getting ready and her mom ask aishu and tapu to go with her for temple.. Aishu nods ok.. All three leave.. All boys come into Arvi’s room they see him studying and start irritating him.. He tells I have exam on Monday dude please return it.. Surya tells it on Thursday na? He replies no im writing another one exam.. Surya nods ok..

Aishu,tapu and Madhu are going to temple ,tapu signs aishu ill tell to Madhu about dream.. Aishu nods noo ..ill get you chocolate please.. Tapu nods ok..then.. Madhu see them and ask what happened? Aishu replies we were thinking how to take money tomorrow from your stupid friend.. Madhu see her mehandi and tell Tapu see arvi loves her so much.. Tapu tells even she not only him.. Aishu asks Madhu to show her mehandi,tapu see and tell Surya also.. But not more than arvi.. Both see tapu mehandi and Madhu tells ya not like arvi .. Both start teasing aishu.. They reach temple.. All pray for each other, aishu prays let Madhu and tapu be happy like this forever.. Tapu ask her pray for arvi also..that he should be lost while seeing you everytime.. Aishu smiles… Tapu tells them I have sent party video to everyone check out. Aishu your alone dance video is this and show her.. Aishu thinks if amma see this im dead..
Aishu gets amma’s call she to talk with her

Amma: Aishu what’s this?
Aishu: What Amma?
Amma: Yesterday’s night Arvi dance..
Aishu: That.. I also don’t know.
Amma: Did he tell you anything..
Aishu: Amma if anything such that happened means I would have called you next minute..
Amma: Ok then.. Enjoy marriage function.. If you get time study,, bye take care..
Aishu: Bye amma.. Love you ? ? ? ? ?
Aishu comes and tell amma came to know about arvi yesterday dance she asked me.. Madhu ask her tell her truth da.. Tapu also say same.. Aishu think of talking with arvi and deciding it… All leave to home..

Precap: Aishu showing her dance video to Arvi...

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  1. Thank god dat dere is no devils (bindhu n arvi’s find)scene today. . . Aishu is realy going out of hand. . . I thnk her dream wil come true aftr arvi seeing her dance video. . .ha ha 😀 😉

    1. pooja ( Arvi -Aishu ???)

      ??? it will be good na

  2. Arvi studious. But our aishu is really very naughty. Her dream, really it would be true one day. Don’t worry aishu. Tapu, madhun aishu thesr 3 r really very gud frnds. Making fun of their hubbies. So aishu gonna show her dance video to him. What will he do now? This story is so lovely. Iam again n again falling in love with each episode.

    1. pooja ( Arvi -Aishu ???)

      Yaa it will be true but not in past.. In present after their marriage

  3. Bad dream…LoL 😀
    today’s epi’s really awesome dear….luved their pillow fight …..Wow at last arvi gonna see aishu’s Dance. am so excited to c his reaction….

    1. pooja ( Arvi -Aishu ???)

      Ya bad bcz it didn’t true na??

  4. Nice yr…

    1. pooja ( Arvi -Aishu ???)

      Thanks ??

  5. Oho aishu mom cares her too much na

  6. shifa(shakira)

    nice yar,day to day intersting

  7. Hi, Very Nice Episode. Loved it…eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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