Love After Marriage (Part 32)

Arvi tells his friends Aishu got angry bcz of you people,she is not talking with me.. Manu tells him don’t worry ill talk with her you go and sleep now.
Early morning…
Aishu wakes up and think about party..then thinks ok ill see them. Aishu takes bath and get ready,then go to wake up others. She asks them to wake up its sangeet and mehandi today. Tapu comes wearing black knee length shirt,aishu tells her guys have seen us dancing… Tapu asks what? This will be definitely that manu’s plan. Aishu asks her get ready we should practice and challenge them ,if they don’t win then we will make them play on our tones don’t worry.. Girl get ready and then start practicing.. Aishu goes out to get breakfast for them,Manu comes there asking her had coffee? She stares and goes from there.. Smiles…
She gets busy with practice. Boys comes to know that aishu I not talking with Arvi bcz of them. They all decide to ask sorry. Manu calls on tapu phone,she receives..
Tapu: What?

Manu: Please come with aishu to terrace
Tapu: We are busy bye..
Manu: If you liked me at least once in your life ,please bring her at 10 am.
She: Ok..ill bring her..
He: Then you like me?
She: No.. Before..
He: Ok.. Bye..
She asks aishu to come,both go to terrace . Boys see them coming.. Aishu see them tell tapu why simply to talk with these people..come we’ll go down. Manu comes and say Aishu really sorry for what happened yesterday we all wanted to know what you people will do without parents or boys. Aishu say ok got to know na enough now bye. Manu says bcz of us why you not talking with arvi? Sorry for what we have done,forgive us please. Aishu say them ok ill forgive on one condition you should compete with us and win in today’s function else whatever we say you people should do it. Manu say ok thanks,but now you will talk with arvi na? She replies ill talk after completion bye..go practice we can ask you do anything. She goes with tapu. Boys think what gonna happen now,ankit comes there asks why people are sad? Manu tells him..ask for any idea. Ankit thinks and tell them don’t worry..
Ankit goes to bindhu and asks her for a help,she says ok tell..
He: Please can you know what your sister and her friends planned for today competition please..
She: I’ll try but can’t say fully ok?
He: This is number just text me’s matter of my friends..
She: Ok bye..i also have to practice bye..ill text you.
He: Thank you.

She goes,he thinks you will be my target dear. If I don’t get aishu as my target nothing happened but if you become target aishu will be target indirectly.. He goes to his friends and say bindhu gonna help us don’t worry. They ask how come? He tells them what all happened for first day,she seeing him ,trying to talk etc. All say ohhh then we will win for sure. Bindhu goes inside room and think aishu you wanted to win na,now ill make you lose and also get ankit friendship.. She starts practicing,then when she comes to know any one planning she texts him.
At 5…

Aishu asks tapu everything is going according to plan, but Arvi should not get into matter please see that.. Manu asks arvi be ready for proposing aishu . Arvi tells no chance,you ask Surya im going bye… Manu see Surya,he tell no dude I can’t my relatives will be..Manu say you’re officially engaged to her.. Surya tells ok ill try..but you can na,you didn’t propose her till now so she might be angry with you. Manu thinks and say ok then ill also try..but if Arvi do it ..will be good. Surya also says ya but she won’t reply back him . Manu and Surya go to convince arvi to propose aishu in front everyone.. He tells no da please she will get angry with me again..parents will also come to know.. Manu tells please da you can understand our suition also na please. Arvi tells ok but she won’t reply for sure..your plan might flop anyone of you both try it out please. Manu and Surya tell him we will but you should also do it ok.
At 6 program starts…

All elders announce that they will be here till mehandi after that we won’t be here,you can enjoy all night we dont have any problems.. Aishu and tapu come there for it they both are wearing purple,orange and pink colour designer dress. Boys think why haven’t girls worn good dresses today..something really gonna happen.. Mehandi starts ..

Madhu’s MIL comes and tells girls if colour of mehandi is dark then your hubby loves you the most,let see whose mehandi gonna be dark. Girls hands are filled with mehandi,aishu and tapu ask Madhu to see Surya name written very small in design itself. She nods ok,. Aishu asks parlour girl if we can remove it after 3hrs. She tells you can but don’t wash with water. Aishu thanks her.. Mehandi function gets over.. All elders asks them to enjoy and go out..

Manu comes on stage and says let begin function with girls.. Tapu tell him we are to win so we are giving you chance to be first atlst.. Manu tells her let see who will win.. Manu call Kiran to dance for govinda’s mast mast song. Tapu tell it wasn’t bad but our swathi will you counter back . Swati comes and dance for Dhak Dhak Karne Laga. Manu thanks her and say we have counter back by Surya Suno Na Suno Na. Surya dance then tapu tells our Madhu will you best than this… Madhu come and dance on Yehi Hai Pyar. Manu thanks her and say we have something for you please be here on stage.. Surya comes on stage and tell her being on knees.. Madhu I know we were stupid childhood friends who used to fight more than anyone,I used to irritate you..then you used to cry ya your mom used to punish us both for it she is a teacher na so i never thought we will be together. When my parents asked me whether I like you,I said them yes but wasn’t knowing it would lead to marriage. Till now I don’t know how come you said yes for marrying me bcz I m not your Mr perfect and we never spoke about this matter till now..

But today im asking you today I know you might feel im not perfect in this also bcz I should have asked this before. Madhu would you like to spend your precious 78 yrs with me? Madhu smiles and tells him yes.. Ur not Mr perfect but you’re the best person with whom I can share everything, laugh,cry etc..more than that you’re the person who tolerate me more than my parents… I would love to spend my life with you forever.. But one condition you should never change into perfect person bcz you’re best as you’re today… He hugs her and thanks… Manu tells we need a dance from you both not as friends but as … Surya and Madhu perform on Pehla Ye Pehla Pyaar Tera Mera Soni .. Then they both go down and seat together.. After 6 performances.. Manu ask tapu if I propose you will say yes? She replies never.. All lights go off.. A video start playing.. It contains Tapu different pics.. At last in video Manu ask her sorry I was valuing you from beginning bcz I know that you will be with me forever but now I came to know you’re the best part of my life.. Without whom I can’t be for a second whenever I saw you with anyone else then me I used to get angry on myself for letting you go..

But now im asking you for a chance to rectify my mistake and try to be your friend at least ya I know I love you but till you get ok with me I want talk about love bcz I need my whole life…i can’t imagine my life without you.. Tapu smiles..but she doesn’t reply.. All ask her to reply him by yes.. Aishu comes near her and ask her to tell yes no means you will lose a chance to be happy whole life… Tapu say yes.. Aishu asks them to dance on best song… They both smile and perform on song Tera Hone Laga Hoon… After dance tapu remained him again till challenge is on… He replies yes.. Ask Ankith and Pavan to dace. After that tapu asks bindhu to.. Then while Rekha is performing tapu and aishu to get ready.. Manu see Tapu is not there thinks now some bomb gonna blast for sure.. Aishu and tapu comes there.. They both are wearing saris… Arvi see her..he gets lost seeing her so that too in his favourite colour. She see him and wink’s at him,he thinks im surely gone today.. Madhu come on stage and say today a last counter back from girls will be from my best friends.. Check out.. Ghagra and Didi Tera Devar Deewana.. After there both performance aishu dance on Lo Chali Main.. Then. Tapu on Sajna O Sajna…

Manu thanks Aishu and tapu for proving they are the best… Aishu smiles and goes to change… Tapu asks boys they have a chance to win but it should be the best performance.. Manu tells we have arvi for performing on a song but till aishu come out it wont happen… Tapu goes to call aishu… Bindhu it’s something fishy and start recording.. Aishu comes and seats with tapu… Arvi goes on stage… All lights dim off.. Only Arvi’s shadow is shown.. On screen pic of aishu is shown without 10 min Arvi draws same pic with sand and show them.. Then he dance on song In duriyon ne nazdikiyon se sauda koi kar liyachupke nigahon ne dil se ishq ka waada koi kar liya Piya o re piya, piya re piya re piya .. Aishu smile and blushes.. Manu thanks him.. Arvi goes to wash his hands… Girls ask aishu to do something for him..he is soo sweet.. Aishu thinks I should so something for him.. Arvi comes and seats with everyone.. Manu and tapu come on stage and ask them to decide best performance? Boys say aishu and your’s.. Tapu asks best proposal? Girls say Surya’s.. Guys say no Arvi’s without saying a word he told everything. Arvi tells it wasn’t proposal and all.. Surya’s was best.. Manu says then Surya is winner.. Tapu asks who are winners boys say you girls are winners..

Tapu ask them confirmed na? Boys say yeah confirmed…but .. Manu come on stage and tell them yesterday when girls were partying we did a mistake.. That is we kept a camera is your hall and saw what you people did over there.. But we all ask sorry for that… Aishu tells him don’t worry bro we are angry after party we also thought it would be best if you all were there ,next time we all together will do such a party.. Madhu asks Surya really? He says yes but Arvi came and stopped as after aishu and tapu dance. She gets angry with him and go from there… He goes behind here,now guy’s think matter will go to elders.. Aishu tell them ill go there and don’t worry it won’t go to elders..

Precap: Amma asking aishu arvi performance… Then asks did he propose you?

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  1. About accident it won’t be revealed now,after marriage it would be revealed.. Is that ok with you all?

  2. Ha ha ha this bindhu ankit idiots yaar

  3. Too good

  4. So all r in party mode ,loved tapu and manu’s part they r sweet,, :”>

  5. sry i meant ‘party mood’ 🙂

  6. Really perfect marriage ceremony yaar…enjoyments at tat time are unforgettable yaar…arvi and aishu rokzz?

  7. Pooja the story is going well. Really loving each and every part of it. Love arvi and aishu…. Keep writing….

  8. Arvi comes with such cute n lovely ideas that it makes really special. He is really a sweetheart. Now everyone enjoying. It was very gud. I loved it very much. Especially when aishu winks at arvi he says im gonna dead to himself. Uff. Pooja it is a very nice idea. Go ahead with ur own plot. It is just superb.

  9. Wowwww pooja dear, awesome episode, loved it sooooo muchhhh, all the dances and arvi n aishu were awesome. …pooja write as you planned for the story. ..I’m enjoying it a lotttttttttt. ..keep it up buddyyy. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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