Love After Marriage (Part 31)


All go inside temple, aishu see arvi and think till he come and talk with me I won’t talk. They all pray.. Arvi think how to talk with her,from morning im dying without talking with her. Pandith call Surya and Madhu,all others get busy seeing temple. Aishu gets tapu’s call
Aishu: Hi da when are you coming?
Tapu: Today before afternoon da.
Aishu: Come before party ok
Tapu: Yeah ill be there
Aishu: Bring some western simple dresses da
Tapu: Ok I have packed everything. I’ll be there.
Aishu: Ok bye. Safe journey ?

Arvi comes near her and pull her to corner of temple. She asks what? He replies what what? Can’t you speak with me? She nods no. He asks why? She says him bcz my friends will tease me. He tells ok you are so cute feeling like returning your gift. She says shut up . He asks where you girl partying? She says at top floor da,gets msg from friend asking where r u? Aishu goes. Arvi goes to his friends and say they are partying at terrace hall. They all plan to fix a camera to know what gonna happen there. Surya comes and tell mom called we should go back home. They’ll leave.
After reaching Manu and Kiran go to fix camera in hall. Then they all lunch, Madhu’s mom tell them tonight girl will party na boys can go out if they want. Boys tell no aunty we are busy. Girl go to their rooms,start planning what to wear. Tapu arrives just then,aishu hugs her and tell I was missing you soo much. She asks show me Arvi first then talk with me anything else. Aishu takes her to Arvi room and show him .
Tapu: Hi im tapu
Arvi: I’m arvi
Tapu: She said me, congrats bro.
Arvi: Thank you ?

Just then Manu comes there and see tapu gets shocked. He asks how come you are here? She replies it’s my friend wedding and goes from there. Arvi asks you know her Manu? He tells she is same girl bcz of whom I can’t join hostel. Arvi asks she is your girlfriend? He replies yes,but we are speaking from 4months. Arvi and he go out.
Tapu show aishu dress and ask her which will wear? She replies select na. Tapu select and give her, aishu goes to get ready. Tapu thinks I should face this Manu here,I’ll make him jealous and admit that he loves me for sure. Aishu comes out after wearing dress, its upto her knees so she asks Tapu shall I wear shocks? Tapu replies no babe only girls party ok, you look hot ? she asks her to shut up.

At 7pm.. All girls gather at hall. Boys are having dinner and think after 15min party will start. Tapu welcomes Madhu and tells she is first girl in our gang getting married let clap for her.. All girls clap. Boys come to room and start laptop then connect it to scree. They see girls clapping and think did they miss anything.

Tapu ask them what shall we do know? Girl say lets start party then play games… Tapu say ok then let begin with Madhu and ask her to pick a chit and do whatever it’s written. Madhu comes does so. Then others.. Then comes aishu she picks chit and say I can’t do this. Tapu read it and tells she should dance that’ll ? all ask her to bur she keeps saying I can’t. Madhu ask her at least for me.. Aishu says ok but tapu will join me. Tapu say ok ill . They both go and change to mini skirt and transparent whit shirt.. They start with “Crazy Kiya Re” then “Zara Zara Touch Me” all boys are shell shocked after seeing them dancing so se… Girls clap for them.,,.. Then go to change.. After 5 min they come in common western wear,Madhu hugs both of them thanks everyone. Aishu and tapu think if any guy had seen like this that’ll…Madhu tells aishu don’t worry only we have video and it won’t be shared, then slowly say in her ears” if Arvi had seen you like this then he would have told we will get married now only. Aishu hits her with book which were kept on table.

Arvi comes to boys room,he see’s screen playing girls party video and ask them to shut it off. What you people can’t give them there privacy? Boys ask him to join but he says them if don’t disconnect ill say this to them. They say no we will switch off. They think if Arvi had seen aishu and tapu dance it would be good he missed and now asking us to switch off. Arvi goes,boys think when he said why simply to hurt him. Surya also goes be with Arvi, he thinks of telling him about aishu but doesn’t say him. After a while everyone start going to their rooms. Aishu texts arvi..
Aishu: Hi had dinner?
Arvi: Ya before you people start your party.
Aishu: Angry with me?
Arvi: How can I be angry with my jaan
Aishu: You didn’t talk with me from morning
Arvi: Bcz you’re busy with friends…
Aishu: Ok. In party I and tapu danced .
Arvi: Which songs?
Aishu:Crazy Kiya Re & Zara Zara Touch Me
Arvi: What?
Aishu:what?? What?
Arvi: Bcz our boy did some research on your party..
Aishu: What???
Arvi: They had kept camera in hall.
Aishu: What I had wearing transparent white shirt and mini skirt.
Arvi: What?
Aishu: It was girls party na..
Arvi: Ok leave..
Aishu: You saw us? Like that?
Arvi: I had gone out for some work.
Aishu: Really… Promise???
Arvi: Promise jaan..
Aishu: Ok .. But all have seen us like that?
Arvi: Ya what can be done?
Aishu: Don’t know..
Arvi: Was your dresses so transparent?
Aishu: Wait ill send you pic..
Arvi: Ok
Aishu: Sends pic..
Arvi: What you were wearing this dress?
Aishu: Its bad dress na?
Arvi: No not that you are looking…
Aishu: Shut up.. Ill tell my friends wait
Arvi: Don’t tell darling please
Aishu: Why?
Arvi: Bcz I have scolded them..
Aishu: You???
Arvi: Why?
Aishu: You don’t know 5 Sanskrit words what you will scold.
Arvi: Ok.. Now don’t say this party matter to friends or elders please..they won’t do it again.. Please darling..meri jaan..
Aishu: Ok I won’t say but they won’t do it again ok.
Arvi: They wont ill see through that please.
Aishu: Ok bye …
Aishu thinks all have seen me like that, what will they think.. Arvi was not there but all have seen us. Aishu hugs pillow and sleeps..
Precap: Manu trying to talk with aishu, she angry stare and goes from there…

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