Love After Marriage (Part 30)


Bindhu calling amma
Amma: How are you? Got settled?
Bindhu : I’m fine, ya got settled
Amma: Ok thank god.
Bindhu: Amma who is arvi?
Amma: I didn’t tell you right,he is aishu’s would be
Bindhu: She said he is her friend
Amma: Ya im thinking of getting them married early as possible
Bindhu: Ok Amma.. Bye granny is calling me…

Bindhu thinks aishu gets everything she likes,she is princess of our one thinks of me . Everytime aishu will be asked what she wants if she say she will get more than that. I just hate you Aishu..from childhood I was never enjoying granny’s love or aunties care. Its belongs only to you na. Now also you are getting arvi without even thinking about it..
Aishu is sleeping,Bindhu comes there and see her,Then sleeps next to her on bed. Arvi comes to aishu’s room at midnight and wake her up,Bindhu see him and act like sleeping. Aishu and arvi go out, she asks why you waked me up? He replies I wanna talk with you…then slowly put his hand on her waist and pull her near him. She asks what? He replies will you come out with me she nods ok. Both go out to a farm,, she asks r u not sleepy? He tells im not, she says im sleepy da… All friends are waiting out,she asks what you all doing at this time? They all say ssshhh, aishu ask aunty permission to go out please.. Aishu tells them im sleepy now bye.. Bindhu comes out and see everyone planning something…she thinks there might be some special thing happening.. Aishu tries to go but Arvi catch her hand to stop her,she gives him an angry stare. He leaves. Friends ask her to plan something please.. Aishu say them I wanted to visit temple in morning. Arvi and Surya understand her and ask her to go and sleep.. Arvi and Surya tell tomorrow we all going to temple ok? All ask why dude? Surya tell in name of temple roaming dude… All say ok sleep early,should wake up early na. All go to sleep…

Ankit is standing alone on terrace.. Thinking aishu called me bro,I can’t think bad about her. I can’t hurt Arvi if aishu is not my target. What shall I do. He remembers how Arvi’s became reason and how lecturer caught him while he was copying in exam, how he was debarred for 1 year. Then how Arvi got job just because he didn’t Waste a year in his studies…then think about his love failure which happened just because he couldn’t complete education before his girl. How her parents said him you’re not capable of passing a exam then y u r expecting us to give our girl… Then he thinks I should harm aishu else arvi won’t be able to understand what I went through, but I can’t think of harming her also why? I’ll see some other way for it….
It’s morning..

Aishu comes out after bath in bathrobe,see her clothes and thinks how shall I carry these heavy dress ? she call amma,
Amma: What happened? Sounding sad
Aishu: How can I wear such dress
Amma: Its your bestie marriage you should look beautiful..
Aishu: My bestie not mine na
Amma: If it was your then your aunty would have selected more heavy dresses,so that you look like a princess.
Aishu: Which aunty?
Amma: Arvi’s mom
Aishu: Why she selected? You used to select my dresses na
Amma: After some years she will be your mom.
Aishu: Amma you are my amma forever no one take your place
Amma: Ok now don’t get angry. Just wear those you will look beautiful.
Aishu: Ok Amma bye take care? love you ?

Aishu gets ready in red and white gagara, she looks for Bindhu. She goes out of room, arvi see her and think I wanna be alive till marriage but this girl will kill me. She see him but act like she didn’t notice him and go from there.. Her friends are in a room,she comes there. All ask her whether its her or Madhu’s marriage? Why she get ready like this? Madhu tell them her would be here na so… Every one start pulling her leg..she smiles and tells them it’s his mom selection what I can do? Girls say ohhhh! ????

Arvi comes there calling Madhu,tells her come by 8 bcz we have to reach temple by 9. She nods ok,he leaves. Madhu ask aishu what happened? She tells im with friends..not with him.. Girls go out.. Boys are coming from other side. All go for temple. Girls keep pulling aishu’s leg, they all keep laughing while walking boys think what happened to them. Then Surya tells them mostly they planning for party.. Boys start thinking about party. Manu asks if we see how they gonna party? Surya tells ya it’s good idea but how.. They try to find..

Precap: Aishu and her one friend dancing on item song.. All guys are shocked to hell

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  1. Oh god ankit and bindhu na idiots…. how can a cousin try to harm his own cousin

  2. loved Arvi’s dialogue ” l wanna be alive but she’ll kill me”
    l’ve not got the precap. r those guys shocked because of her look??

    1. They haven’t seen her like that means dancing for item song. They all think she is kiddo and good girl who sings and dance

  3. Nice epi di..I request u pls send Ankit and Bindhu out..Can’t tolerate them yaar..So irritating.. Waiting for next part..take care ?…

  4. 1 more villain. . . Nw dese to devils wil join hands to rvng frm arvi n aishu. . . Feelng sad 4 dem πŸ™

  5. Superb update. Arvi dialogue uff. Girls start pulling aishu’s leg. Hey. This is just awazing love story. Nw they will hide n see girls dancing. Then arvi u will be definitely dead by seeing aishu. Eagerly waiting for it. Update it morning itself. Plz.

  6. Pooja u have killed it. This episode was awesome.. Liked arvi’s comments. I am in love with ur story and characters. Update really soon. I am dying to read nxt part. You are the best pooja…. Keep doing well…..

  7. Awesome episode, loved it very muchhhh, eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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