Love After Marriage (Part 3)


Arvi after dropping ash home. He thinks of going home but before that he tells himself he have important work.
At ash home…
She tells Amma what all happened b/w her and Arvi. Ask permission for visiting mall with her friends tomorrow. Amma give her permission but tell her to go by car. She nods. Ash go to her room and amma feel things are going in right direction.
Arvi reaches home. Goes inside a room which is full of his and ash pics. He seats in front of laptop and type
” jaan im missing you soo much ☹ if everything was proper then we would have engaged by now. But now im again falling in your love. Yeah I know you don’t remember anything but today while you laughed I felt my jaan is back. I wish you fall for me like how I keep falling for you each and every second whenever I see you ???” he smiles and remember ash.
He thinks of calling ash but control himself to see whether she call or text him. After 5min he gets a text asking him whether he reached home. He smiles and replies yea jaan reached home. She replies okay. He asks her if she had coffee? She replies no I didn’t feel to. You? He replies her I should have. She sends ??.
Amma at kitchen thinking about Arvi’s promise.

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  1. Nice Pooja..i like ? it..i want to know how Ash had Memory loss and how Arvi met her?..i am curious to know about this things..waiting for next part..thank u and take care ?

  2. Ahhh kitna pyaar hain yaar… how cute….. ur story was fabolous dr…

  3. Really nice dr…arvi and ash souunds good ?

  4. Hey pooja, plz updt lil mor long updts dr. . . I realy luv dis kind f luv stories. . . Pls dr:-)

  5. What serial’s fanfiction is it?plz anyone tell me

  6. Hey pooja very nice yr…loved it…

  7. Very short episode, but I liked it, please post long updates, want to know more about their past and accident. Eagerly waiting for the next episode. .love you loads

  8. After internals ill update long episode’s. Its not any serial fiction. It’s my own imagination.

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