Love After Marriage (Part 29)


Arvi keep holding aishu hand while roaming.. Aishu thinks he is soo sweet wish every girl get like this guy who understands heart.. A car comes to pick them, arvi greets driver (anna)and ask how is he? He replies im fine arvi,how are you? Arvi replies im fine Anna, she is Aishwarya my would be. Anna greets her, she also greets him. All reach marriage home. Aishu goes inside,Bindhu see her asks her where she was amma was called her. Aishu goes to call amma, Ankith see her thinks till when you will be with arvi ill see.. Bindhu see Ankith and think he is full of attitude,can’t he see me he looks so cute but doesn’t have eyes… Arvi comes in and see Bindhu looking at Ankith.. He thinks aishu should know this and goes towards Surya’s room. But Ankith stops and asks where you’re girlfriend?Enjoying out huh? He replies she was not well so we both went to hospital. He asks arvi what happened? He replies she didn’t travel so much distance till now that too in bus. Anki say ok, take care of her.. Arvi goes to Surya’s room, bindhu keep seeing Anki thinks im falling for him.. Aishu who is standing in corridor see Bindhu and smiles.. Arvi comes there and hugs her asking see you’re sis..

Aishu shows granny I coming da please leave.. Arvi asks her to wear any Indian wear.. She replies amma packed bag. Arvi asks her if she needs help to wear sari tell him? she tells my friends will help me now bye..ill text you. He goes.. Anki see them and thinks they are going to far I want her before you get her arvi . Friends see arvi and ask him where were you? He smiles. All start teasing him don’t become her fan soo much ? arvi tells them she wasn’t feeling good so I took her out nothing else.

Ankith talks to his friend, tells him I saw a hottie here she is soo hot but she is Arvi’s girlfriend. His friend say him you went there for marriage do it don’t think about revenge and all. He replies Arvi made me fail my target now he won’t get aishu. He smiles.. And see bindhu seeing him thinks who is she from that time she is seeing me..ill see you babe now im busy aishu.
Aishu comes down with Madhu and tell her see Bindhu fully lost.. All there friends join them and they all go to Madhu’s mom to ask about pyjama party.. Aishu asks her about it? Madhu mom nods yes.. Aishu and her friends plan for going out but Madhu’s mom tell no outing. Then they move to plan something. Surya friend see them moving together and think something gonna happen for sure. Girls discuss plans and think this should be known by guys,aishu asks Madhu please don’t inform this to your hubby ok? Madhu start chasing behind aishu, arvi who was talking with mom come there .

Aishu collide with him and start running again, Madhu come and complain Arvi see her keep irritating me. Arvi say I won’t come between you both ,im going from here. Aishu goes down, arvi is speaking with mom and come down. All his friends think he became busy with aishu, but when he comes there they understand. Madhu come down and search for aishu ,she see her. But ankit come between them, aishu hides behind him and say him bro pls don’t tell her im here pls.. He gets shocked when she call him bro … Madhu goes out searching her, aishu thanks him and goes from there.

At aishu’s home..
Mom and amma are discussing..
Mom: Don’t worry within 15days aishu will say ok for marriage.
Amma: How do you know?
Mom: Bcz Surya asked arvi to propose aishu and arvi was also thinking about it
Amma: Then she will call me for sure
Mom: Why?
Amma: Till now she didn’t take decision without my opinion.
Mom: Oh ok. Love makes this rules go upside down don’t worry
Amma: Challenge if she call me telling about this proposal then you should be prepared to do anything. Else I ll do whatever you ask me to

Mom: Ok lets see..
Amma goes to bring tea and snacks for them. Think if aishu didn’t call me than.. But my daughter will call me.. I know her.. Mom thinks aishu will ask her I know her but I want her to be happy because she is giving me my daughter also,..
Aishu calls Amma ..
Aishu: Amma we are going for party , we won’t go out in home in we will arrange everything.
Amma: Ok take care ? if you are going out let me know ok
Aishu: Ok Amma ?? take care ? love you amma?
Aishu cuts call and go to terrace thinking of seeing view. Arvi is there with his friends, they call her. She goes to them. Manu ask her planned for party? She says no bro we got permission but we can’t go out. They say ok. She goes but Arvi comes near her and ask no plans really? She nods no. Bindhu see them talking, aishu also see her and signs arvi ill text you. Bindhu asks who was that guy? Aishu replies my friend he is helping me with maths. Bindhu asks amma know? She replies Amma know,she only asked me to take his help. Bindhu thinks something else from friend I know and ill tell this to Amma. Aishu goes down with her and gets busy..

Precap: Ankit thinking aishu called me bro,I can’t think about her badly but ill take revenge for arvi in other ways for sure

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  1. How can someone harm her sis yaar idiot ankit

  2. I hate revng drama. . . Bt y is ankit angry at arvi. , i thnk ankit wil use bindu to cmplt his revng. . . Bt pls dr, i realy dnt lyk revng n sort of things. . .

  3. Chala chala chala really faln lv with this stry..Tq pooja

  4. Very Gud yr nice going I have read each nd every episode of your ff but when will this fb end

    1. Only 50% is remaining dear.. After that fb ends .

  5. nice job dear…..don’t want revng as well…..

  6. Pooja ur story is soo nice. I am addicted to it. Arvi and aishu’s pair is the best.
    I will be waiting eagerly for stories….

  7. Superb one. Loved it. So plans for party. Girls rocks. Ankit dont think too much dude. May be he has some bad experience with arvi. Anyway i am happy with my love birds.

  8. $hÌfÅ(ShÅKíRà)

    pooja ur story superb.

  9. Wowwww awesome episode pooja, day by day it’s getting more interesting, keep it up buddyyy. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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