Love After Marriage (Part 28)

Bus stops at a small dabba.. Aishu gets down with Madhu to buy snacks. A guy gets down from boys bus, he see’s aishu and fall in love at first sight. He then see Madhu with her and think she might be Madhu’s friend, then in village ill make her my friend then love then wife ?. Arvi gets down and goes near Madhu to tell her Surya wants her tab, that guy comes to them. Arvi introduce him to Madhu,he is Ankith our classmate in 12 Th class. She greets him and goes to get tab, arvi see aishu and text her hey beautiful what you wanted to say through that song? She replies I wanted to tell about us to parents ? he replies you really want to tell? Shall make conference call? She replies no after 16 days ill tell them, but now im missing you badly. He replies same here ???. Madhu comes and gives him tab ,both Ankith and Arvi go inside bus. Madhu comes to aishu and ask you don’t want to meet him huh? She replies if I meet now then his punishment will be lowered. Both go inside bus. Ankith ask Arvi who was other girl with Madhu? He replies she is Aishwarya, i didn’t say you right she is my girlfriend and would be. Ankith ask when did this happen? Arvi replies before 1.5 month she became my would be and from 1 month she is my girlfriend. Ankith tells congrats da, we need a party dude but thinks she might be your would be or girlfriend but she will become mine at least for one day.
In girls bus,everyone sleep off.. Aishu goes and seat in single seat and thinks why im missing arvi so much I wish he could be next to me. Then start hearing songs with headphones ?. Arvi see’s her and think im also you so much but don’t have other option to come with you. Ankith see her and think you look so hot ill make you mine see that. Arvi texts Aishu
Arvi: What happened?
Aishu: I wanna be with you please…
Arvi: What you are saying?
Aishu: I’m feeling some what da.. I wanna hug you once da please..
Arvi: How can it happen now?
Aishu: Do something please…
Arvi: Ok ill do something wait ..
Aishu: Ok….
Arvi goes to driver and ask him to stop vehicle front of that bus.. Driver asks him what happened? Only 5km .. He replies aishu is not well she is getting vomit so. Driver nods ok and stops bus by overtaking.. Arvi gets down and goes asks aishu to come come.. Aishu smiles and comes down,both buses go off. Surya see them and thinks it better if they spend time together..and texts arvi after 3hrs ill send car for you both. Aishu asks him why am I feeling so lonely? He hugs her and tell her you’re bestie is getting married so you might be feeling it don’t worry,ill be with you first as your best friend then lover ok. Aishu smiles and say him I also want to get married.. Arvi tells her marriage ok then no need of MCA, we will plan for a baby and get busy with that baby ok. Aishu laugh and tell him I don’t need kids I wanna marry bcz ill be my best friend till I complete MCA then ill be with my hubby.. He asks what till 3yrs I should be bachelor? She replies yes? He hugs and say her I want to get erased from bachelor titles now itself.. She pushes him and tell you won’t till 3 yrs ok. He says then marriage will happen only after 3yrs ok. She asks what we will do till that time? He replies love each other and be best friends.. She says ok done…my best friend..till we are in village we will be friends ok… He replies her you can’t be friends with them whom you love… Both roam in village..spend quality time..
Precap: Bindhu asks aishu who is arvi?…

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  1. $hÌfÅ(ShÅKíRà)

    m silent reader here.superb story upadte soon

  2. Oh god ankit is villian? Super dr…

  3. Omg …really romantic yaar …ankith is the villain ah….arvi and aishu rockxzzz…really lovable pair yaar ?

  4. Lovely and cute love story, n our lovebirds arvi n aishu. Why this ankit n bindhu came to ruin our happiness. Lets see what happens.

  5. I dnt lyk dat frnd of arvi. , how cheap he is to thnk abt aishu lyk dat. . .

  6. Pooja dear, it’s superb episode, loved it very much, aishu n arvi very romantic. ..hate those ankith n bindhu…eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

  7. urs ff is really good.this Ankith is such a jerk and stupid…

  8. M silent reader.awsum ff pooja.plsss next update soon.

  9. Nice..epi….nw wot is going 2 hppn???

  10. Pooja nic episode. Arvi and aishu moments were soooo cute… Now our villain have arrived.. Its getting interesting day by day…. Update soon nxt update… Will be waiting…. Take care..☺☺

  11. In this beautiful love story……..a villain has came..ankit???

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