Love After Marriage (Part 27)


Aishu comes out to take gifts which she purchased, mom is there she see’s her and comes near aishu and touches her Shoulder. Aishu turns and greets her, mom tells her am I talking to any princess? Aishu says aunty please..,she tells you looking like princess beautiful,got ready for anyone ? aishu smiles and say her I don’t have anyone so special aunty ? Arvi comes there calling mom, aishu see him and Arvi wink’s at her. Mom doesn’t see it,Arvi asks aishu you didn’t move to Madhu’s home, they’ll leave by 4 it seems.Aishu asks really? All my friends are getting ready, bye bye then ill move aunty. Mom asks if she needs any help, she nods no and goes from there. Mom asks him if really they are moving at 4, arvi say her Surya asked me to say it. Mom laughs,they both move to home. Aishu and her friends also leave..

Aishu comes home,amma asks her bank balance got over? Aishu replies her Amma I didn’t take anything for me, just gifts for Madhu and beauty parlour bill 3k. Amma smiles, Bindhu comes and close Aishu’s eyes , amma asks to say who is that? Aishu thinks is it preeti but then reply Bindhu? She turns aishu her side and tell her you’re looking so hot today? Got any guy? And runs from there. Aishu chases her and tell im not like you to be back of guy’s ok, if I like anyone it will be my amma chosen guy ok. Amma hears there laughs and thinks these girls ??. After 10 min amma comes and tells aishu it’s 3:30, go get ready to leave. Then adds Bindhu will accompany you. Aishu goes to her room,thinks why the hell she is coming? I’ll go mad bcz of her and can’t enjoy friends. She gets annoyed… Amma comes to her room and give her a bag asking her to give to Madhu ok. She see’s her annoyed and tells her think of your life no need to be annoyed bcz of past … Aishu hugs her and say Amma please I wanna enjoy with friends and please tell her not to disturb me more there. Amma tells her ok but you should be smiling so that you will look beautiful no means you will look like stupid ok . Aishu replies same to you Amma ?. Aishu and bindhu leave to Madhu’s home, Madhu see them and think aishu you will be divided into 2 in my marriage bcz of bindhu??,she comes near aishu and asks her when is your marriage? Aishu asks what? She replies I should get ready and look my best but you took off all best look?. Aishu tells her shut up, come ill make you get ready and both go inside. Bindhu gets busy with Aishu’s friends.
Madhu: Why did you bring Bindhu?

Aishu: Your mom invited her
Madhu: Now you won’t be able to spend time with arvi
Aishu: I don’t want to spend bcz all his friends will be there and my friends too.
Madhu: Really?? Lets see…
Aishu: Shut up and go get ready.
Madhu: I’m going…

Aishu thinks whatever she said is truth I cant get time to be with him , he said stupid na let this be his punishment ? but it will be more for me than him?. Arvi goes to Surya’s home and they leave for village.Madhu comes out and aishu does her makeup.. Madhu asks what gift did arvi give you for 1st love anniversary? Aishu nods nothing. She asks really? You also didn’t give anything? Aishu replies after you’re marriage we decided to tell about love to our parents. Madhu asks really? She say yes but in there style ?, Madhu hugs her and tell you both are really lucky ? aishu replies save hugs and kisses for your Surya no means he will get angry ? Madhu replies you should save more than me,bcz those will be robbed from you in my marriage by your arvi????? Both start laughing..

Then someone call them it’s already 4:15 they run out so that they won’t miss opportunity to be with friends. In bus while going to village, girls are enjoying with playing,singing, dancing or teasing one another. In boys bus, they are also enjoying playing, making jokes, teasing and singing. Boys and girls bus are overtaking one another but they don’t see it. Girls ask aishu to sing song ,when she sings boys identity and ask Arvi to sing same song.. Both remember each other and sing ” Yekkada Yekkada from Telugu movie” then aishu sings”Cheppamma Cheppamma” song .. All enjoy it. Madhu starts teasing her.. All girls enjoy it…
Precap: Bindhu seeing Arvi and aishu together, ask aishu about him

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  1. Who is this bindhu yaar love story mrin villian kaha se aya

  2. I hop dey get tym to spend 2gthr away frm der frnds n bindhu . . .

  3. Oh God…wots happng…i thnk knw dis bindhu wll fall 4 arvi…plzz don’t make it happn….i luv arvi n aishu’s pair…!! Waitng 4 nxt

  4. Superb one. Songs superb. Why bindu in between them? Poor arvi, nw no plans r gng to work. Lets see what they will do.

  5. Hi pooja, it’s awesome epi, liked the way aishu and arvi acting in front of family…it’s really good, this bindhu seems so irritating…why is she coming between lovey doveys…eagerly waiting for the next episode, keep it up buddyyy. Love you loads

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