Love After Marriage (Part 26)


Arvi thinking about aishu… He goes near window and see outside. He says to himself what happened to aishu and calendar in falls. He goes to keep it,see’s date and thinks it’s the date when he proposed aishu. How can I forget this day? She remembered,oh lord.. He calls her,she receives…

He: Aishu sorry jaan
She: Why?
He: Bcz I forgot what today sorry jaan..
She: What’s today…
He: Don’t tease me now.
She : Last month you proposed me on this day
He: Why you didn’t remember me
She: Bcz you were already tensed. And I don’t wanted you..
He: After you kissed me,atlst you could have..
She: Please da..
He: What please…
She: Don’t remember me about it
He: Why? Tell me na
She: Bcz I don’t know how it happened suddenly .
He: How can you?
She: Shut up ?
He: Ok. Jaan … I wanna see u now…
She : Now? Y?
He: I want to give you a gift so
She: Tomorrow you give na.
He: I’ll come there. Bye…

He goes to shop and buys a saree for her. He takes chocolate and cake for her. Within 30min he comes to her room. She closes room door and switch on sound vibrated. He gives her gift,she see’s it. She makes sad face. He asks what happened? She says him I don’t know to wear sari… He tells ill make you wear it. She nods no. He tells I wanna see you please.. She says ok but you should close your eyes.. I’ll tie cloth ok. He tells ok. She goes inside and comes outside wearing long shirt on skirt . She ties cloth on his eyes and thinks you have right to see me but not now. He makes her wear, but touches her waist she smiles and he also feels her. She starts laughing,he asks what happened? She replies you’re tickling me.. He say her ok be silent now. She goes to fix it ,before coming out ask him open your eyes. He smiles seeing her and tell her you look beautiful in this saree. She say him bcz my would be done it so ill look beautiful.. He smiles and tells really your would be huh? She says ya.. where my gift? He tells this is your gift. She replies I gave you but you can’t even give me small gift? He tells I can gift like your gift, she blushes. He says see who is blushing..really I should take a pic of yours now. She says him you’ll but I need something different.

He promises her whatever you ask ill get, now lets celebrate with your favourite cake. Both cut cake and take selfies, he asks for one pic of hers in sari. She nods no, if anyone see’s they’ll come to know you were here at this time. He says please… She says him only one ok without background ok. He nods ok and takes her pic. She says him ill change and come after that please leave da.. He nods ok and see’s watch it’s 1:30am. She comes and pack sari,asks what happened? He says ill leave now and text me at what time you’ll leave to Madhu’s home. She smiles. He goes and reach home by 2:15am,mom see him coming at that time and ask him to sleep,you’re dad will talk with you morning. He goes and texts Surya ” if mom call you tomorrow tell her I was with you, I had been out with fb friends so” .

Early morning… At 5:30

Amma comes to wake up aishu and knocks on door . Aishu wakes up, say im going to take bath amma. She goes but aishu sleep again keeps alarm 6am. Amma think to make breakfast and goes to kitchen. Mom wakes up and thinks Arvi was in Surya home yesterday so ill ask him to shop for them today. Arvi is still sleeping,mom comes to wake him up but then thinks he slept late na leave off. She prepares breakfast thinking about aishu,when she will say ok for proposal. After this marriage ill only ask her off, she should say what’s in her mind. Arvi wake up and thinks after this marriage everything will be perfect. He goes to get ready, mom comes to see whether he is wake up? She see’s his cell, check messages of aishu then finds only message related to studies and greetings. She smiles and thinks really making her yes for this proposal is difficult and goes. Arvi comes out and see cell,thinks mom im your son I have hidden her chats. Aishu texts him im going out with friends with friends for shopping,please don’t call me they’ll tease me. He replies ok jaan..
Aishu and friends are in beauty parlour..

Tanu ask leave your phone no one will touch it don’t worry ?. Aishu smiles… She makes curl’s, pedicure and manicure. Take a selfie and sends Arvi. He see’s and text her looking like stupid ?? bye im with mom. She replies when you’re stupid ill also be stupid na ok bye?. Both get busy…
A taxi arrives at aishu’s home, Bindhu ( aishu’s cousin sis) gets down. She thinks I have reached our princess home,let me check where is she now. She comes in and hugs amma,she bless her and ask how was you and your journey? Bindhu says im fit and fine,journey was awesome mami? Amma serves her snacks and tells her aishu as gone out with her friends. She say her princess will always be out when I come ? Amma smiles and tell her she will be here by 6pm. She nods ok. She goes to Aishu’s room,checks wardrobe and think she have a good collection..

Precap: Aishu getting annoyed bcz of Bindhu.

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