Love After Marriage (Part 25)

Aishu is preparing for exam… She thinks who invented this maths yappa ill go mad while solving this problems. She texts Arvi’s if you wake up at 4 please call me. Arvi send ok. Aishu is reading other subjects… At 2 am she sleeps….

Arvi wake up at 5 and thinks to wake up aishu. He calls her.. She asks him why did you call? He tells you only asked me. She says ya sorry da but now ill sleep bye. Arvi think mostly she might be reading all night. He seats to solve problems..
At 8am aishu wakes up and goes to get ready.. After 40 min arvi calls her and asks her to meet him it’s urgent matter. She says ok ill come, think to wear pink dress. She asks amma whether can she go to city library? Amma think it’s far from here na, then tell her Arvi might come here go with him. Aishu who was drinking water,gets shocked and spit’s it. Amma doesn’t see her, but ask her to wait. Mom comes to Arvi and ask him to take her city library,help her in maths ok. He thinks mom you are superb ? and tells ok. Mom tell him to spend some time with her,so she can decide. He tells ill teach her but its not matter of marriage ok. He leaves.. Mom thinks you love her and she will fall for your nature without even you trying I know it. Arvi comes to aishu’s home, both leave to city library.

Arvi: See our mothers plan
Aishu: I’m thinking to say yes for proposal. So that we can at least be like friends in front of them.
Arvi: Wait for 10 days. I thinking after madhu’s marriage we will tell. Because these 10days and again in marriage function we will get time to spend. They will think our love happened in this days .
Aishu: Ok its good idea.
Arvi: Ok till exam no need of thinking this ok.
Aishu: Ok. I’m feeling sleepy da.
Arvi: Completed computer fundamentals?
Aishu: Yeah only maths is there.
Arvi: We will study from today don’t worry.
Aishu: What don’t worry,material which you send as more than 10k sums da.
Arvi: Daily we will solve don’t worry ok.
Aishu: Ok my jadoogar will solve my problems na.
Arvi: Jaan please..
Aishu: Ok..

Both reach city library. Seat for studying, arvi helps her and they stay back till 6 pm. Amma calls Arvi, asks did you leave? Its already 6pm? Had lunch na? He replies sorry aunty we are leaving, we didn’t have lunch while coming we will drink juice and come by 7:30 don’t worry. Amma tells ok take care ok. This repeats for 10 days..
On 11th day…

Amma asks aishu how is preparation going on? Aishu replies her amma you know he taught me simple tricks to solve problems and one chapter is remaining. Amma tells ok and complete it today. Aishu replies ok Amma , arvi comes there and horns. Aishu goes and seat on his bike ,both move. Amma think she speaking about him ,mostly she started liking him. Mom call her

Mom: How is our plan working?
Amma: It’s working. She started speaking about Arvi.
Mom: What she told?
Amma: She said he teaches maths in easy way. He gave nice tricks to get answer fastly and he doesn’t speak unwanted things like others guys .
Mom: She as good opinion about Arvi then, see however in Surya’s marriage they will be together na. They’ll fall in love don’t worry.
Amma: Ok no worries. I just want them to be happy.
Mom: Now go and pack her bag for marriage. Keep dresses which I brought for her. She looks like princess in those.
Amma: Ok ma. I’ll keep best dresses. Ok bye.
At city library…

Aishu is solving problems.. Arvi asks her completed na. She tells ya thank god. Arvi asks her shall we go somewhere out? She tells him yes I wanna fresh my mind,lets go. Both go for long drive, she hugs him tightly. He tells her I was missing this from 12days , I was my jaan.. She says him but I wasn’t missing you bcz you’re boring now and then ?. He stops bike as it starts raining. Both go and start near tree, he hugs her and she hugs him back. He kiss her on forehead. She gets angry and push him ,runs to other tree shade.

He comes near her and ask her what happened? She nods no and turns other side. He turns her, she suddenly kiss him on his lips. He gets shocked. He asks her what happened to you? She tells him its for teaching me maths. He tells her I don’t want it, bcz it was my duty. She tells him then return it back. He tells ill return but not now when time comes ?. She tells him rain stopped. Both move from that place. While riding he thinks what happened and smiles. She keeps avoiding his eyes and thinks what he might be thinking? Both don’t speak till they reach Aishu’s home. She just say him bye and goes inside. He also doesn’t talk anything.. He turns and rides his bike, thinks what happened was like a dream. He reach’s home, no one are there so he thinks to call her. She see’s his call and thinks I have done mistake by proceeding towards him,everytime I used avoid him talking about this. But now what i did because its first love anniversary ( yeah month). She calls him back,and ask him why did he call? He tells sorry by mistake.. Ok then had lunch? She tells ok,you had? He replies no. She asks why? He replies her im blank. She tells ok, get ready for moving to village we will meet there. He asks tomorrow? She tells I wanted to go somewhere with friends. He tells ok have lunch now bye.

Precap: Arvi see calendar and think one month got over in our relationship. Then think about aishu and smiles.

Credit to: pooja


  1. Awesome yaar…Honestly Maths is so irritating to me too. I hate Maths and that according to me I have seen boys r much intelligent in Maths when compared to Girls.. Here Arvi is intelligent in Maths …waiting for Village Romance and Next epi eagerly ..thank u and take care ?..

  2. Manha

    Oh cute love birds. And these small small things make this story awesome. Waiting for the village n marriage part.

  3. Kirti

    Superb love the feeling of love….drenching in rain….miss those days…and thanks u made me remember one of the best days of my life….love u…

  4. Roma

    Hi pooja, it’s really interesting, awesome episode, cute and lovely romantic things making it too good…arvi and aishu rocks..and you’re the rockstar…love you loads, eagerly waiting for the next episode

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Your comment will now be reviewed first before it's published. Read more here..