Love After Marriage (Part 24)

Arvi comes home.. Mom ask him to get ready we are going to suji’s home. He asks why? Mom tells him stop questioning and go get ready. He goes. Mom thinks I want him to say on his own what he hiding. Arjun comes home,mom ask him to get ready we are going to aishu’s home for dinner don’t arvi ok. He goes to get ready. Mom thinks it will be fun if Arvi meets aishu. Mom also goes to get ready.
At aishu’s home…
Amma asks aishu to get ready some guest are coming for dinner and gives her half saree. Aishu looks questioning but Amma leaves room. Amma think aishu should meet arvi today bcz I want to her to think about this relationship. Aishu gets ready and thinks who are coming.. Amma preparing dinner,aishu is coming down. Amma asks her prepare fruit salad. Aishu goes to prepare, amma goes to get ready. Before that aishu asks where is appa? She replies he went to tour morning,I think I said you. Aishu say sorry I forgot. Amma goes.
Arjun comes to Arvi’s room, Arvi is chatting with Surya. Arjun pats on his back and ask him to get ready. Arvi say him I not in mood to go out. Arjun ask him what were you doing in kulfi house? Arvi replies I was with my friend. Arjun tells ok now get ready…. He thinks till when you will hide bro. Arvi and Arjun come down,mom asks them to pick dad from then we are moving. Arvi takes car keys but mom ask him to give keys to Arjun he knows address. Arvi goes and seat in front seat . Arjun and mom go, he start driving. Arvi takes headphones and start hearing songs. They reach dad office, pick dad and move towards aishu’s home. Dad asks Arjun what happened car is so silent today? He replies arvi wanted to sleep we pulled him and came so mood off. Dad signs mom, she smiles and replies everything will be ok. They reach aishu’s home.
Amma asks aishu to open door,aishu runs from kitchen to open. Arvi gets down and thinks why we come here now? Mom ask him come,arvi goes with them. Aishu open door and see Arjun standing gets shocked. She thinks arvi could have said na,idiot… Mom comes there and ask aishu where is your amma? Why you are shocked? Aishu replies no aunty come inside please… Amma comes and welcome them. Aishu goes to inside,thinks I should be in control no means today we will be caught. Arvi also think same. Arvi,Arjun and dad seat on sofa.. While mom asks where is appa? Amma replies he as gone for tour,you informed about this morning else I would have stopped him. Mom tells its ok, main people are here only na. Amma smiles. Arvi think mom is cooking something now that to with amma. Arvi texts Surya ” im at aishu’s home, I don’t know what is cooking b/w mom and Amma. They are planning something. ” Surya replies wait ill ask Madhu to call Aishu and ask. Arvi texts ok. Madhu calls aishu’s cell.. Amma see it and ask aishu to receive it. Aishu goes to her room,
Madhu: What happened Arvi asked to call you?
Aishu: Arvi and his family is here
Madhu: What? Did amma come to know about you both?
Aishu: I don’t know. They were planning to make me and arvi meet tomorrow.
Madhu: Why? Daily you both meet na.
Aishu: I said Amma and mom are planning…
Madhu: Ok. Tell of amma…
Aishu: Have you gone mad. If i say with your marriage mine also will take place.
Madhu: Congralation ??
Aishu: Shut up
Madhu: Ok ill inform what you said to Arvi wait.
Aishu: Ok. Being like strangers is too difficult ☹☹
Madhu: Ayyo go ya. Who will explain you
Aishu thinks ill over come it and then thinks I mixed papaya in fruit salad. She runs from her room and goes and removes papaya while mom and amma are busy. Amma ask aishu to keep dishes on dining table. Aishu does so. Mom comes and see fruit salad,ask aishu whether papaya is mixed ? She nods no. Amma asks what happened? Mom tells arvi have allergic with papaya. Amma say her aishu like it very much, might be added in salad. Aishu replies her Amma papaya got over yesterday. Mom thinks whether aishu know about Arvi? Amma calls everyone for dinner, they seat on dining table.
Dad: Aishu what you planned next?
Aishu: Uncle I want to complete MCA then while doing job ill take up MBA.
Dad: Great plans.
Arjun: Aishu where you’re thinking to join for MCA?
Aishu: After entrance exam ill come to know bro
Arjun: Ok. Ask arvi your college provides MCA?
Arvi: Yes. But lecturers are not so standard.
Arjun: Then aishu ill ask my friends and let you know which colleges are best.
Aishu: Thanks bro.
Amma: Arvi you completed BE now joining job? Or mtech.
Arvi: Aunty I haven’t decided. Still time is there but now im writing entrance if I get which college I want ill join mtech else job
Mom: Arvi you can give your maths material to aishu na,she is also preparing for exam it will be !x.
Arvi: Ok mom, ill give you and pass on ok.
Mom: You can only come and give na
Arvi: I’m going out with my friends tomorrow.
Mom: Tells amma now a days arvi is spending more time with his friends than family.
Amma: College got over, he be missing them and want to be with them. Don’t start your investigation work ok.
Arjun: What are telling aunty?
Amma: Your mom uses to do investigation work in college. She used to keep record of each and everything.
Arvi: Not only then, now also she keeps track of our works.
Dad: Ya that’s true she needs everything to be under her control.
Mom: Now you people stop pulling my leg and concentrate on dinner.
Aishu gets up and goes inside to wash plate. As she comes out amma asks her to have tablets. She nods ok. While she goes to have tablets,arvi complete his dinner. Mom ask him to have fruit salad he tells mom please I don’t want.. She tells him no papaya have it. He haves it and after finishing he leaves to clean plate. Aishu texts him..
Aishu: I wanna meet you
Arvi: Shut up and be in your room don’t come down till you’re Amma asks you to.
Aishu: I can’t be like a stranger with a person whom I like ok
Arvi: Only liking na you can ok. But im in love with you what I should do
Aishu: I didn’t mean like ok understand it..
Arvi: Ok jaan ?
Aishu: Ok bye I wanna change don’t call of ok.
Arvi: Ok…
Mom thinks if really arvi is in love with any other girl, he didn’t even see aishu. Amma asks her what happened? Mom tell ill call you tomorrow and let you know. Arvi family leave.. Aishu is standing at terrace and talking in phone. Mom see her and think if aishu have boyfriend then…
Arvi family reach there home. Mom ask them sleep early tomorrow is Saturday granny will come. Arvi greets them good night and goes to his room. Mom comes there and tells him I want to speak with you. He keeps his phone in silent mode.
Mom: Directly im asking.. You like aishu or not
Arvi: Ya mom I like her
Mom: Then why you didn’t even talk with her.
Arvi: How can I? She meet me once and there also Arjun played a frank on her.
Mom: Leave that Arjun. If I ask you to marry her will you?
Arvi: Till 3yrs I wont think about marriage. After that ill let you know.
Mom: Ok. You are not in love with any girl na?
Arvi: Till three years no place for love ok.
Mom: Ok then. Remember what you said for three years. Good night ?
Arvi: Ok mom. Good night ?
Arvi thinks im in love with aishu but I cant say it mom. When time comes ill say but mostly before that only you will fix my marriage with her.
Precap: Aishu is working out maths. She thinks ill go mad with maths,I cant solve a small problem in my life but this book is full of problems?

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  1. Nice epi..They acted good as they don’t know each other.. I think they should tell their family that they love ❤ each other and want to marry after 3 years then the family members will accept this full- heartedly..its just my view..Sorry if it hurts..
    Waiting for next part..Arvi is going to help Aishu in Maths..Update soon..Take care ?..

  2. Oh so cute. I am already addicted to it dear. And with ur simplen sweet writing n dialogues u r making me mad. Just loved it. Arvi poor boy every one is eyeing onhim now.

  3. Arvi is such a drama princ, he actd as if he is meetng aishu 4 1st tym in frnt of dere family. 😛 ;-)Luvd the chapee very much 🙂

  4. Seriously i hate maths….

  5. Nice episode pooja, going well, eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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