Love After Marriage (Part 23)

Aishu and arvi going in bike. He asks why did you get fever suddenly?
She: I took cold water bath.
He: What?
She: You were calling, I wanted to receive call and without see I turned on cold water shower.
He: You’re really intelligent.
She: Yeah I know. Now don’t scold me.
He: I’ll not scold you. But from today while going to take bath or out without phone text me ok.
She: Ok baba….

Both arrive at shop and order for pineapple juice. He tells without ice, she smiles and ask for cake? He tells no cake ok, it’s not eggless ok. She nods ok. He say her ill get you tomorrow ok? She smiles. He catches her hand and ask to give bike keys. Suji with her friends is seating in opposite direction, she see’s arvi but not aishu. She calls him and asks where are you ? He tells im in kulfi house with friend. She tells ok bye and thinks he is with gf. Aishu show him is hand and tells leave. He tells ill catch my whole life what you will do? She asks whole life huh if you’re dad or mom come than also? He catches her hand tightly and tells her no problem ill catch. She smiles.. And says Arjun you here? He leaves her hand and turns, she starts laughing and runs out. He also runs behind her and catch her by waist, she asks him to leave. He tells till Arjun come I wont leave ok. She turns and slowly put her hand in face while looking into his eyes. He pulls her close and tell be careful it may lead to anything ?. She says ok let it turn but after you marry me ok. He asks then shall I marry now itself? She says you can but Amma… He tells amma will be happy but not jaan,so ill wait for 3yrs. She replies soo cute my Jadoogar ?.
He gets call, so he leaves her. She smiles and goes to get juice. He talks with mom and say ill return by 6. She thinks what my hero will be doing till 6? Something is fishy? Mom replies okay. He thinks to talk with aishu about telling this matter to mom. Aishu comes there and gives juice.

Arvi: Shall I ask you one thing?
Aishu: What?
Arvi: Shall I say mom that we both are meeting each other.
Aishu: Why? If she fix marriage then
Arvi: No she won’t ill ask her not to and even say her ill marry you only after 3yrs
Aishu: If I want to marry me before 3 yrs you won’t marry huh.
Arvi: Be clear jaan
Aishu: Jadoogar I want time to think about this. After Madhu and Surya marriage ill tell you.
Arvi: Ok. When you will come to marriage function hall
Aishu: I’m going to Madhu’s home before 10days.
Arvi: Then you won’t meet me?
Aishu: Idiot you will be with me. In village there marriage will be conducted. So we all be there only.
Arvi: Really?
Aishu:yeah. Be with me only ok if you will be friends then..
Arvi: More than me. You will be with friends ok.
Aishu smiles and tells see watch… Its 5:30 da,I want to go home. He tells ok and after going home take bath in hot water ok. She hits him and tells you’re mom asked you reach by 6 ok. He tells ok ill leave you home first then ill go. Both leave park.

Precap: Arjun asking Arvi who was with you in kulfi house?

Credit to: pooja


  1. Amazing and Awesome epi…The way Arvi left her hand and turned is so funny..
    I am waiting for next part eagerly…Arj asking Arvi abt Kulfi will b fun to read..pls update next part soon..i am waiting eagerly..thank u di and take care ?..

  2. manha

    cute love story. it is really cute and lovely. arjun bhai now became investigation officer. huh.
    lets see what arvi will cook now.

  3. Roma

    Very cool episode pooja…loving every bit of it…keep it up. ..eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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