Love After Marriage (Part 21)


Surya call arvi and tell that aishu is having fever,but you were thinking she might be angry bcz you didn’t receive her call na. Arvi thinks of going and meeting her, but thinks what will amma think if I go there… Amma wake up Aishu and feed her oatmeal and tablets. Aishu thinks of telling Arvi not to call, she asks amma please get my phone im feeling bored. Amma gives her and ask her rest after sometime. Aishu texts arvi that “im not well,I can’t call you today take care and love you” arvi texts her ill come to meet you ,she replies please don’t come. He doesn’t reply her, she sleep off ..
Amma call mom,
Amma: Aishu is not well. I’m worried for her.
Mom: What happened?
Amma: She is having fever, her legs are so cold
Mom: Rub Vicks and let her have nice rest.
Amma: She is sleeping now.. I’ll go and rub Vicks…
Mom thinks if arvi know about aishu is not well. Arvi is riding bike,he arrives at Sai baba temple he prays for aishu’s health. He leaves to home back, when he arrives. Mom tell him that she is going to aishu’s home as she not well. He nods ok, she thinks of asking him to accompany her but she leaves. He thinks mom you go now ill go and check her at night.
At aishu’s home..
Mom arrive and ask about aishu? Amma tells she have fever. Mom ask temperature? She tells 103 degree. Mom goes to see aishu,see’s her sleeping like kid and give her teddy bear to hug. She thinks aishu is small kid,when will she become my DIL then also will remain like this only. She will be princess of my prince. She kiss her on forehead and bless her. Both amma and mom leave, place heater near bed before living. Mom tells amma im waiting for my princess,take care of her don’t worry she will ok. Suji call mom, so mom leave to meet suji.
At night amma feeds aishu soup and gives her tablets. Arvi is having dinner,but he is thinking of aishu. Mom come home, tells dad that aishu is having high fever, she was sleeping when I went there. Dad understand what she wants to say and tells her don’t remember cry thinking of it. Mom tell ill not cry, but after seeing sleeping I felt Vishu would be of same age, I said Amma that if aishu will be like a princess in our home and came. Dad tells her plz forget about vishu and focus only on Arjun and arvi, I have no right to say forget your daughter but pls think of sons. Mom tells him I can’t forget her, but aishu comes this home ill promise you ill not remember her. Dad nods ok. Mom adds if Arvi and aishu’s daughter name will be vishu ok. Dad tell her let they marry first. Mom tell him only more 3yrs,then ill get aishu and after one yr of their marriage ill ask them to get back my Vishu. Dad smiles and asks her to check whether her sons slept and sleep early. Mom and dad sleep off…
Arvi see it’s 11, think it is right time to go there. He takes some package and move towards aishu’s home . He comes inside her room and see she is sleeping. He wakes her up, she gets shocked and asks why did you at this time? If Amma comes? He asks her to be quite and keep holy sindhur don’t on her forehead. He tells Sai baba will make you fine early don’t worry. She smiles,then start shivering. He asks her what happened? She replies im feeling cold.. He hugs her tightly and both sleep off.. After a while amma think of seeing aishu once but then think she might have slept why to disturb her.
At morning 4:30 aishu wakes up and see arvi whether. She gets shocked… She wakes him up… But he is sleeping peacefully.. She then wake up by putting cold water on his face. He wakes up with shock and ask her what happened? She asks him why didn’t he go? He tells I felt sleepy and slept off. She asks him to go and he replies after taking bath ill go. She tells its not inlaws house yet,please go amma wake at 5:30 before that you leave. He tells ok ill leave on one condition you should say I love you once. She tells ok I love you get lost now. He asks her to say with love. She comes near his ears and slowly say I loveee youuu. He smiles and kiss her on forehead. Then he leaves,,, aishu hear amma footsteps and thinks today I got saved ill give him nicely afterwards.
Precap: Aishu gettin angry with arvi…

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  1. Wow ,….pooja tis is just amazing
    ….keep rocking ?

  2. Fabulous. I am totally in love with this story. Loved it. Rock on.

  3. Wah…Amazing and Awesome epi di..Arvi is such a understanding and wonderful person..i like him…he took so much care of her..Aww..
    I am waiting for next part to know how they got angry and who will say sorry..Addicted to ur Story..
    Waiting eagerly..update soon..Take care ?..

  4. How much caring our arvi

  5. So cute n romantic. . :-*

  6. Thank you ? for liking my fan fiction ? love you all???

  7. Awwww pooja, it was awesome episode…so arvi hugged aishu tightly as I was wishing for…it was really very sweet of him…he is such a sweetheart and aishu tooo. Precap sounds interesting, eagerly waiting for the next episode. Love you loads and very tight hug

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