Love After Marriage (Part 20)


Both reach city outcards. He ask her to get down, she does so. Both are walking , he stands still. She gives him questioning look? He tell her to see sky, she see and gets surprised. In sky with help fire crackers it is written I LOVE YOU AISHU WILL YOU BECOME MINE? She smiles… Arvi gets on knees and ask her will you? She nods no. He asks again with pleasing look.. She says yes. He asks her to repeat.. She tells him I love you get up… He gets up and hug’s her. She also hugs him back…

After a while,she tells him please let go home.. He asks her to spend sometime with him. She tells after 3yrs ill be yours forever.. He asks till then what I should do? She replies do mtech for 2yrs and 1yr job… He tells ok.. Both leave to home..

While riding back
Arvi: Shall I ask you something?
Aishu: Yes
Arvi: Why you didn’t reply me earlier
Aishu: I didn’t understand you’re question
Arvi: Tell truth
Aishu: Because I wanted you to propose me properly..
Arvi: Is this a proper way?
Aishu: No
Arvi: Then
Aishu: When you asked me will you? I said yes. But I wanted you you to ask me front all family members…

Arvi: Shall I ask now in front of family members?
Aishu: Not now when time comes you will ask na?
Arvi: Definitely ill
Aishu: Thank you
Arvi: Can I ask you other one thing please
Aishu: Yea…
Arvi: When did you started loving me
Aishu: I really don’t know… Whenever I see you’re eyes I felt something,but I didn’t understand what that. You know after our meeting in canteen I saw you in my mirror also. I thought im gone mad, then when you said im really gone mad in your love I also felt im gone mad because I love you. I know you sang those songs for me, but I remembered only your moments with me whenever I heard you singing.
Arvi: So much was there but you didn’t say a word to me.
Aishu: Because I wanted you to ask me..
Arvi: Okay.. But its a mistake na..
Aishu: Ok sorry…

Arvi: I need something else from this sorry…
Aishu: Hugs him from back and ask whether this is enough?
Arvi: Ya. I know I can’t get more than this now.
Aishu: Hits him and hugs him..

They reach near coffee shop.. She tells him ill go from here bye.. He tells her ill drop till home. She nods no. After walking for a while she turns back and see him, then comes to him ask him are you in heaven now? He smiles and replies yes, then she say him bye and move to home. While going home arvi thinks of what aishu had said him and smiles.. He reach’s home, Surya call him and ask what happened? He tells she said yes… Same talks are going on b/w Madhu and aishu. Surya congratulate him and Madhu does same with aishu. Aishu cuts call because Amma comes there, she asks why she came late from college? Aishu tells amma I went out with friends. Amma asks her did she meet Arvi? Aishu tells amma please.. I need little more time. Amma tells ok and wait ill get snacks. Aishu thinks I want tell about arvi and me but I want to enjoy the feeling of be in love without parents well. Then she hugs her teddy and think of hugging arvi ,blushes. Arvi call her, she receives and say him Amma is gonna come ill call you back. Arvi think of saying about aishu to mom,but then Aishu should know it.
After a while…

Aishu call Arvi’s cell… He doesn’t receive it… She thinks he might be out.. Arjun see’s arvi cell ringing,he receives it. Then he checks call history,see only aishu’s name. He thinks did that frank made her angry, she did receive a call of his. He thinks of talking with arvi regarding this matter. Arvi is having dinner.. Arjun comes there, he asks him is everything ok? Arvi think did he know about what happened evening. Mom ask them to have dinner without talking.. Arvi after dinner goes to room,check there are 10 miss calls from aishu. Aishu is talking bath, she listen to phone ringtone. Aishu without seeing turns on cold water tap, she gets shocked with cold water. She runs out and on’s heater in room. She is shivering bcz of cold water bath and temperature also.. Changes and text arvi im sleeping ill talk tomorrow. She keeps shivering all night..

Amma comes to wake up aishu, see she have high fever. Amma goes to call doctor, appa also comes to know aishu have fever. Doctor comes and check aishu. Tell Amma she should take rest and tablets at correct time. Amma thank doctor, aishu is shivering.. Amma think of informing mom about it, before she call Madhu comes there. Amma tells Madhu aishu is having fever, Madhu goes to meet aishu. Madhu check her fever,see’s she is shivering. Madhu text Arvi,aishu is having fever and she is shivering. Arvi doesn’t see message,he is busy. Madhu call Surya and tell him about aishu. Amma comes there,ask Madhu go home bcz fever might spread. Madhu insist but Amma send her home.

Precap: Arvi coming to meet aishu at night

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    1. Typo…aishu

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