Love After Marriage (Part 2)

Arvi ask ash to sit in car. Without speaking a word she does it. He thinks what’s going on in her mind. While driving he asks what happened? She nods nothing. He ask her from when you’re going for animation course. She gets shocked and ask him how come to know? He smiles. She asks him whether he called amma. He tells yeah! Shall I tell you which is best animation course providing centre? She asks whether he don’t have any problem. He tells why will I have problem? She says amma told me that you’re sil(akka) is coming to pick me up so that we can go for engagement shopping. He laughs and tell her you’re amma was pulling your leg. Ash starts laughing ?. He tells her first time I came to know why make jokes. She asks why? He tells her to see real beauty of a girl. She tells okay! He stops car at a park and both inside.
At ash home…
Amma keep thinking what would happen to ash ,did arvi talk with her about marriage or he spoke her about what happened before accident..

Amma remember about accident and feel at least now my girl should be happy. She thinks while closing eyes how ash meet with accident and lost memory. How she asked her about her 6th sem BCA results , how she was surprised when she said you’re doing 2nd yr MCA. Suddenly amma eyes open because of door bell. Her neighbour have come.
At park…
Ash is sitting on bench,Arvi brings her favourite ice cream. Both start eating. Suddenly she ask how come you know this is my favourite ice cream. He tells her it’s friend’s duty to know about his or her friend. She smiles and tells him I don’t know anything about you. He tells wait for a while you will come to know. She nods okay. Amma call Arvi and ask him did he say her anything? He tells I’ll tell her when she is trust me and become my old jaan. She tells him okay and ask him to take care of her. Ash see with many questions in her mind. He tells it’s his friend call. She smiles and tells him can I go home. He tells ok and both leave. While going he asks her can he call her night after he reach home. She tells okay.

To be continued if you like?

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  1. Pls continue dr, i lik it so much:-)

  2. can u pls post d link 4 d 1st part of dis story …… its simple totlly not stresful and sweet ….. ;);)

  3. Its ” first time I came to know why boys makes joke” Arvi’s tells this to ash. Sorry for grammatical mistakes ☹

  4. If you want to change the main characters name please let me know and give suggestions ??

  5. Nice epi Pooja..oh So Sad she had a Memory loss..So sweet ? her husband taking care of her ..i like ? it..pls continue..pls add Precap too..
    Waiting for next epi eagerly..pls post soon..take care ?..

  6. Hey pooja,it is a very Gud nd awesome story.can u plz tell me what Amman see in fb as I m confuse 6th sem bca 2nd mca what’s this I can’t understand
    Nd I this is arvi loves ash nd trying to bring her memory back… he is her bf before accident
    I think that but nt sure anyways plz tell me about fb scene

  7. Hi pooja

  8. I am sure arvi was ash bf or hus…. nice story and different

  9. Ash will be studying masters when accident take place. In hospital amma comes inside 1st to see her,that time ash asks her to tell bca last sem results . That time amma tells her you’re studying MCA not BCA.

  10. nallaruk pooja liked it

  11. Nice one, please continue

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