Love After Marriage (Part 19)

Arvi wake up and search for his phone, he thinks how to propose aishu. Then he see phone and get idea to search for proposing ways.. He seats searching,but he doesn’t like any ideas. He plans of asking aishu in some way that he comes to know how to propose he. Aishu wakes up and see phone, send arvi what’s happening?
Arvi: I wanted to know what you like more
Aishu: Me rain,ice cream, chocolate cake, amma’s scolding etc…
Arvi: How to make amma scold aishu..
Aishu: Just she should get wet in rain..amma will scold her
Arvi: How to make aishu smile..
Aishu: Yesterday one fellow proposed her by calling himself mad, after that she didn’t stop laughing till now. So no need to replace smile with laughing ?
Arvi: He is mad itself in her love
Aishu: When he gets cured?
Arvi: After aishu telling him ok
Aishu: Then it’s not gonna happen without …
Arvi: So what to do?
Aishu: Think… Bye now I wanna get bath and go to meet someone.
Arvi: Hey hey who is that someone?
Aishu: You will get to know…
Aishu goes to get bath. Arvi is thinking who is that someone, then goes to get ready fast. After bath without having breakfast he goes to meet aishu, she is getting ready thinking of Arvi. She tells amma she is going to college and leaves home. She is walking on road,suddenly arvi bike comes and stop front of her. She smiles, he tells don’t smile and seat . She seats and he rides fast. She asks him to slow down, he asks her to tell who is that someone?where you are going to meet? She replies im with that someone only, I don’t know where he is taking me. He puts sudden brake and ask her to get down. After she gets down, he tells her bcz of someone I didn’t have breakfast . She tells him I brought breakfast for you don’t worry, first we shall move from this place and go to some other place. He takes her to park behind his school, he tells her he studied in this school. She asks him doesn’t he had girl friend in school? He tells its just boys school that time now its combined. She gives him breakfast, he have it,then tell her she could have brought little more na. She tells him I will have only so much,he asks then you didn’t have? She nods no. He asks why did you have me your box? She replies because you’re are hungry. He asks if you fall off hungriness? She replies you are there na. He asks her what did she say? She tells as a friend you can’t take me to house. He asks shall I take you to your house? She replies nooo. Both start laughing….
Then after some spending time they both go to hotel. He order for her, she tells him I can’t so much. He asks her to have much she wants to have,rest he’ll have. She say him I don’t like anyone having my left over food, one idea lets have together. He thinks I know you like me but I want you to love me. She thinks did say anything that he is thinking so much, she signs him to have. Both start having together,he keeps looking into her eyes . She thinks bhudhu when you will understand , please ask properly I’m not able to hide anything from you. Waiter come and ask them if they want anything else? She thanks and tells bhai we don’t want anything. Arvi and aishu thank him and move to city out cards. She asks him why we are this way? He tells be quite till we reach. She tells him its 3pm I want to go home, he replies don’t worry before 7 you ll reach home.
Precap: Arvi proposing aishu

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  1. Pooja story is going great. U narrated their feeling well. Eagerly waiting for nxt part… Keep up good work…☺☺☺☺?

  2. Cool episode. ..keep it up, ,,eagerly waiting for the next episode, take care

  3. Pooja one day i will definetly mad about arvi such a cute guy yaar…..

  4. Finaly the day of proposal arivd. . . Dey r such a luvly coupl. 🙂

  5. Oh lovely story and ur narration makes it more lovely. I am already mad for arvi. U made hero the best. He is just like a prince in fairy tales. Just waiting for next. Donno how mant times i hav checked it yesterday but no sign. Plz plz update it daily with big updates. Loveee u. Waiting for the proposal.

  6. Oh Aishu naughty girl. She knew he would come for her. Oh the most adorable couple. No words to praise u pooja. U r just fab.

  7. So sweet…

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