Love After Marriage (Part 18)

Appu signs nothing is working, Arvi tells it’s ok. Engagement gets over, mom and Amma think making aishu and arvi meet. They don’t have know what has been happening between Arvi and aishu. After lunch, amma calls aishu and mom arvi to make them meet. Both come to them, amma and mom introduce them to one another. Aishu say Amma I have seen him in Mano engagement and feast at college. Madhu comes there and takes aishu with her, Arvi also gets busy. Appu and Madhu with aishu move to terrace, suji is already present there. Appu introduce aishu to suji and say she is one whom arvi keep talking about. Aishu thinks it means this he as told about me to everyone, stupid fellow. Suji greets her and move from there, arvi call appu to ask where she is? She tells him im with you’re Jaan, he asks is her mood okay? She replies no. Aishu and her family leave..
At aishu’s home…
She is thinking what happened b/w her and arvi morning. Amma comes there and tell her I want to talk with you. She asks her to tell..
Amma: Aishu you know I was searching for a perfect guy for you today I found him.
Aishu: Amma?
Amma: You saw Arvi today morning na, he likes you very much and his family is also good.
Aishu: I want to do MCA, please amma
Amma: Don’t worry about it, your studies is first.
Aishu: Then why you are talking about marriage?
Amma: Because I wanted you to get everything in life. Till now you studied,now think of your life and studies together.
Aishu: Don’t you want your daughter to be with you
Amma: You will be in heart forever but I want you to get a good family also.
Aishu: I promised you whatever you decide I’ll be okay with it. But right now I wanna get good MCA college and then job.
Amma: Till you complete no need of marriage matter but you both can be friends na. See you’re friend Madhu she is getting married.
Aishu: Amma , her mom want to get married and more than that Surya and Madhu like each other. They were friends from childhood.
Amma: So only im asking you to be a friend with arvi, no need of marriage till mca complete.
Aishu: Amma…
Amma: However Surya and arvi are best friends, you and Madhu are bestie’s na. Try spending time, in that way you will come to know about him also.
Aishu: I’m feeling sleepy…
Amma: Think of what I said you.
Aishu: Ok Amma good night sweet dreams ?
Amma goes out and aishu closes door. Just then arvi call her,she receives.
Arvi: Sorry sorry sorry
Aishu: Why sorry?
Arvi: For what I said you morning…
Aishu: Is it was lie?
Arvi: No no no it can never be lie. I love you more than myself…
Aishu: Then why you’re asking sorry?
Arvi: Because you got angry and didn’t talk with me
Aishu: Because amma was there and if I had spoken with you then definitely our engagement would have happened today itself.
Arvi: What?
Aishu: Till now amma gave me lecture regarding this marriage matter only.
Arvi: What she told you?
Aishu: You’re perfect according to her and she wants me to marry you.
Arvi: What her daughter want?
Aishu: She don’t know till now.
Arvi: What she knows?
Aishu: Her mind is blank after guy proposing her that too such a funny way.
Arvi: How he propose her
Aishu: By calling himself a mad
Arvi: What does girl think about that boy?
Aishu: Mad???
Arvi: What?
Aishu: He called himself mad, then what should girl think about him more than that?
Arvi: You….????
Aishu: Stop laughing. I’m serious, you are really mad.
Arvi: Why?
Aishu: See you’re bro,Surya,Madhu,appu, suji,mom and Amma everyone know you like me. Before telling me that you like me, why you said all of them?
Arvi: I said only mom,Surya and appu. Others came to know what can I do?
Aishu: Go to hell…
Arvi: From morning without talking with you im feeling like im in hell.
Aishu: Ohhhh… go to heaven
Arvi: If you tell ok for what I said morning ill be in heaven
Aishu: Good night…
Arvi: Why good night? I need answer…
Aishu: I didn’t understand you’re question so I cant answer you ..
Arvi: Ok goodnight sweet dreams ?
Arvi think what she meant to tell… Is she ok with me or she doesn’t?… Aishu thinks till you propose me properly I won’t tell you I love you… Ya I don’t know when I feel in love with you.. I didn’t even had clarity that if I love you ill marry you or not but now ill definitely marry you. It’s amma’s wish so? noo noo its my wish. Arvi I love you ????
Arvi is sleeping, he gets a dream…
” aishu telling him I love someone else… Not you ?” he suddenly wakes up and think of proposing her in perfect manner…
Precap: Arvi planning for proposing aishu,he is searching in net for different ideas…

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  1. Superb epi..i like Arvi so much cute..Ash u r such a naughty ? girl..I can see everything in front of my eyes because of ur writings di..
    Can’t wait for next epi..pls post ASAP..pls..
    Pls post a Biiiiiggggggg epi for the Proposal..its a humble request to u di..
    Take care ? di..
    Seriously guys if it happened in Real what will u guys do?

  2. Searching in internet paavi…. ha ha ha do cool dr…

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  4. Pooja it is superb episode….. I just like it

  5. Super episode. I loved every single part of it. So cute moments of arvi and aishu… Plz update nxt part soon. Eagerly waiting…??

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  8. Awesome episode, keep it up buddyyy

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  10. Story is such dreamy, cheesy. Aaliya if it happens in real i’m gone literally have heart attack girl. Loving it to the core. Really regretting why didnt i read it earlier??

  11. Awesome story ……..loved very much……felt like everythng was happening really

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