Love After Marriage (Part 17)


Surya takes arvi out and ask him why did you bring car? Arvi tells bcz my bike gave me hand at last moment. Surya tells him you’re really …. Arvi tells why should I bring bike? He says I wanted you to get close with Aishu, so that she will realize you’re love. Arvi tells him dude love should happen like magic,it shouldn’t be forced. Aishu and Madhu comes out, aishu what magic? Surya tells them we are going to Nandi hills, aishu say him I didn’t tell amma I can’t come. Madhu asks her to come please.., Aishu nods ok. Surya tells then you both seat in Arvi’s car ill leave bike in parking lot and come. Both girls seat back and boys front. Surya drive car,aishu gets tapu’s call asking whether she took MCA application? She replies no and adds if you’re going to take then take for me also. Surya ask who is tapu? Aishu replies she is my school bestie , now she is doing Bsc. Arvi gets his mom call, he asks Surya to stop car. Then he goes out to talk with her, aishu asks whether his girlfriend called? Surya and Madhu laughing out loud and say it’s his mom she keeps track of each and everything about him, more than that till now he was in love only with his books. Aishu smiles, arvi asks what happened? Surya tells him what happened? He to smiles. They continue their journey, aishu is hearing songs in her phone. Madhu ask arvi to sing any Telugu song and removes aishu’s head phones. Arvi sings”Neekosam”, aishu keeps thinking about incidents what as b/w her and arvi. Madhu see her looking out and ask her to sing any song na. Aishu nods no, Surya and Arvi ask her to sing, then also ask her again. Aishu sings Tum Se Hi from Jab We Met, arvi is thinking really she is awesome dance,singing and studies. Surya asks why didn’t you sing in feast that day? Madhu tells him amma doesn’t want her to dance and sing but she wants to do it,our hod once came into class when she was giving dance practice to juniors from that day she perform in college functions. Arvi is thinking aishu is something different from what we all know her and I want that Aishu to out. They reach Nandi hills and enjoy there,take many pics. Aishu gets amma call whether she will reach home by 4pm? She say this to Madhu and all seat in car, but Arvi goes to bring snacks bcz they didn’t have anything. He comes back and give snacks to Madhu, aishu starts getting messages from her cousin sister(ankitha) . Aishu tells this to Madhu, even adds mostly she is coming home this weekend. Madhu ask her to come to our home in reason of group studies, aishu say her ill think and say da. Aishu is lost thinking something, arvi and Surya observe her but doesn’t disturb her. Surya asks Madhu what happened? She signs him ill tell you latter. Arvi is driver’s seat, aishu is seating back of his seat so he can’t see. Surya gives Arvi’s phone to check pics, Madhu show it to aishu. She takes phone to check photos, she see her pics which were taken in mano’s engagement. She then gives phone back to Surya, arvi stares at Surya. He asks what happened? Arvi nods nothing and rides back fast. They drop aishu near her home , then Madhu and Surya. Arvi gets aishu’s message asking him to send pics , he sends. She than ask him to send her pics which he took in engagement. He sends them to and she replies thanks. He reach home, mom ask him to have lunch. While having lunch arvi texts aishu.
Arvi: Sorry for taking your pics without your permission.
Aishu: Its okay ?
Arvi: Thanks ? had lunch?
Aishu: Replies im drinking green tea, r u having lunch?
Arvi: Yeah im having.
Aishu: After lunch can you call me?
Arvi: Why not? I’ll call for sure.
After lunch….
Arvi: Hello aishu, why you asked me to call?
Aishu: Wait a minute, ill tell.
Arvi : Okay
Aishu: Why did you have my pics?
Arvi: I have a habit capturing beautiful creation of god so
Aishu: Laughing asks then why didn’t I get other beautiful things?
Arvi: I’ll transfer pics from mobile to computer once in a month.
Aishu: Really? Didn’t you find any beautiful after Mano engagement?
Arvi: You know what after seeing you I don’t think any other thing can be more beautiful than you.
Aishu: Don’t lie
Arvi: I’m not speaking about only physical but also inside beauty.
Aishu: Means?
Arvi: Respecting all, obeying elders etc…
Aishu: Enough dude
Amma comes and knock out door, aishu tells him ill call you back. Arvi think did I speak anything extra? Leave its ok I said her only na. Aishu after talking with Amma close door and near mirror to pick dryer. She sees arvi smiling and standing behind her, turns back and finds none. She thinks im completely gone mad in his talks.
At night…
Aishu takes bath and comes out in towel, see’s her phone is ringing it’s Arvi’s call. She sleeps on stomach with towel and talks with Arvi till 1am. For one or other reason both keep talking day and night…
After few days…
Arvi is getting ready,mom comes and tell him to wear white shirt with jeans. He asks her why? She tells him at least today listen to her, he smiles. He calls Aishu, she doesn’t receive call. After 30 min she calls back, ask him why he called her .
Arvi: I wanted to talk with you.
Aishu: Da im going out with Amma for some function.
Arvi: I asked you to come to my bro’s engagement you didn’t come now you’re going someone’s.
Aishu: Sorry da, you know I can’t say amma no
Arvi: Ok bye . Call me after coming back home.
Aishu: I’ll call you.
Aishu then gets ready in pink and white combination dress, thinks to plate hair, but Amma comes ask her to fast. She curls her hair and leaves it open. She goes down and leave to engagement with her parents. They reach Arvi’s home, comes inside their home. Mom and dad come there welcome them, aishu takes there blessings. Mom and Amma signs and asks Aishu to take blessings from granny. Arvi is in granny’s room asking her to come fast no means Arjun marriage ceremony will start. His granny pulls his ears ,just then mom and amma come with aishu. Arjun comes there and pull Arvi to his room,so doesn’t see aishu. Arvi feel her presence but thinks im really gone mad in her thinking. Arjun tells him not to play any frank on suji for today, mom and dad will be at there please. Arvi promises, mom comes there asking them to meet her friend family. Arjun and Arvi leave with her, aishu see Madhu and Surya there and ask you both here? Madhu angrily tells her it’s Arjun engagement, so we came. Aishu asks who is Arjun? I came here with amma. Madhu tells her it’s Arvi’s bro engagement,aishu gets shocked. Surya tells her we thought you came here for Arvi and ask you didn’t say him right? She says him no I didn’t. Surya plan with them let play a frank with him, everytime he plays with everyone. Madhu and aishu tells him no, Arjun come there and ask them to say yes. Aishu see him, he tells her I’m Arjun Arvi’s bro. Surya tells aishu to and stay in Arvi’s room. Aishu goes with Arjun, he thanks her. She smiles and stay back in room. Arjun ask arvi to bring his phone which he left in Arvi’s room,he goes.
Arvi comes inside and see aishu thinks it’s his imagination and goes near her ,tell her please don’t irritate me so much I know im gone mad in your love but please leave me for today. Aishu doesn’t react,then suddenly he puts his hand on her belly button. Both gets shocked, he tells you here? How did you come? Why did you come? She gets angry and goes from there. He thinks today im gonna die in her hands, Surya comes inside and laughs. Arvi asks him to shut up,you could have said me she is here na. Surya tells him we thought to play frank it turned out to be dangerous to you. Arvi tells him she won’t speak with me now.. He tells nothing like that she will speak. Both go down and search for aishu.
Aishu is with her Amma and Madhu,amma goes out when mom calls. Arvi comes there with Surya and try to talk with aishu, she doesn’t speak with him. She goes out Madhu runs behind her, ask her what happened? Aishu tells what happened in room, Madhu congratulate her. Aishu tells her be quite amma will come know, Madhu tell her to say yes to Arvi. Function begins so everyone gather in hall, appu come and ask arvi what happened? Arvi tells her, she laughs. Aishu see him and goes from there, appu goes near tells her not to be angry with Arvi. Madhu introduce her to aishu,appu and Madhu tease her.

Precap: Aishu and arvi are talking with each other..

Please reply should I continue in this way or change something. I asked about pic change, but couldn’t decide which pic to put. As I imagine myself and my guy, you also imagine any couple whom you like while reading…

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