Love After Marriage (Part 16)


Appu( suji’s sis) see arvi and smiles, congratulate him for getting job. He thanks her and they both leave to bring ice cream. She asks him how was yesterday’s feast? He tells her I saw Aishu in feast , she performed over there. She starts teasing him asking whether he is gone full or half mad in love? He tells her im gone fully mad? both start laughing. She asks what he gonna give her in first salary? He tells her I consider you as my sister so just a chocolate is enough ?. She says him better save money for you’re Aishu,I don’t need anything ? . He tells her I’m giving my best sister het favourite novel collection in my first salary, now she don’t need
S anything what shall I do. She says I need it. Both buy ice cream and come back. Arvi ask suji how many days are remaining for engagement ? She tells 15days more and ask him to show yesterday dance performance ? .Arvi signs her no,just then Surya call him.
Surya: Dude good news
Arvi: What da
Surya: I met aishu today
Arvi: Where
Surya: In coffee shop today morning,She is Madhu’s bestie
Arvi: Really? You didn’t say me only
Surya: I met her for first time. You know what she likes your favour only. I was surprised.
Arvi: Tomorrow we’ll talk about this. I’m with bro and suji.
Surya: Tomorrow we all need a party ok bye
Arvi: Bye
Arvi comes back. Suji asks him tomorrow are you free? Arvi nods no. Appu say mostly tomorrow will be party. Arvi stare’s at her and she becomes quite. Arjun gets mom call so he and arvi leave for home. Appu and suji also leave after taking cake for Bruno’s(their dog) birthday.
Arjun and arvi reach home, both go to their room and sleep.. Aishu is still wake up, she is doing her project. Amma comes ask her to sleep, she says Amma only 10days I have to complete it please maa.
After 9 days at Arvi’s home all are busy with preparing for engagement. While Arvi is thinking of aishu whether she have some guy in her life or not. Aishu as completed project and is going to bed. Before she go,amma asks her you will free after 5days right? She nods yes, amma tells her on Feb 7th my friend’s son engagement is there we should go there. Aishu says ok amma,please wake me up early tomorrow. Amma goes and calls mom telling her aishu is ready to come and now you have to make arvi ready for it. Mom tell her don’t worry.
At 4am aishu wakes up and gets ready for doing Zumba dance. Arvi is sleeping, he wakes up with alarm clock sound. He see’s that only 13days are there for deciding whether to join college or job. He goes for jogging and meet Surya there. He tells him aishu don’t have any guy in her life till now Madhu was telling,her Amma is searching for guy for her. Arvi gets shocked and asks how you got to know? Surya tells Madhu said me, amma had told her. Arvi tell him I’ll go home, Surya stops him but arvi leaves. He see’s aishu going in her car, he thinks life long I might see you but I might not get you as my life partner. Arvi comes to home, he is fully lost in aishu’s thoughts. Mom comes and see him ask what happened? Arvi say her mom you know aishu’s Amma is searching for guy for her. Mom tells so what? Arvi asks her will I miss her? Mom tell him pray god he’ll help you. Mom thinks that my son is really in love and ill make him succeed in his love at any cost.
Aishu comes to college and submits her project, lecturer tell her wait till 3 you’ll get to know whether your project is selected or not. Aishu comes to her friends, Madhu see’s her tensed and think whether I should inform her what her Amma told me or not. Madhu then gives her wedding card to friends , they all congratulate her. She takes aishu and goes to canteen, she asks what happened? Aishu says her I wanna go for MCA but if im selected in this project then ill be confused between job and studies da. She smiles and tells her do MCA, god will give you something special then this job. Aishu looks at her with questioning mind, Madhu hugs her and say babe you’re Amma is searching for some guy for you. Aishu gets shocked, ask her really? Madhu nods yes, so only im asking you to study da. Aishu decide to do MCA, so that she won’t be married for 3yrs. Madhu and aishu are waiting.Surya comes there to pick Madhu but she asks him to wait till 3 please. Surya asks her ill call my friend here then, he calls Arvi and ask him to come near aishu’s college. Before replying he switch off phone, he thinks of making Arvi and aishu meet once. Within 40min arvi comes to college, ask Surya why he called him here. Surya say him to make you meet Aishu once, Arvi stares at him. Madhu come there with aishu and greets arvi, then introduce aishu and Arvi to each other. Aishu smiles and greets him, just before Arvi say anything lecturer comes and congratulate aishu that her telling you’re project got selected. Aishu thanks lecturer, then Madhu hug her and congratulate her. Surya and arvi congratulate her, Surya asks her when we ll get party? Aishu replies him I won’t give you people, you both didn’t give me and my friends treat for you wedding. Surya tell her tomorrow, at coffee day we will meet and decide it ok? She asks for promise both Surya and Madhu tell promise together. Madhu asks arvi what about his job? He tell her got selected but im thinking to complete masters. Madhu see’s Aishu busy in mobile, tell her you’re with friends so mobile ok? Aishu smiles and nods yes. Surya gets his mummy’s call so he excuses and goes,Then he calls Madhu also. Aishu tells Arvi to forgive her for what happened in Mano function. Arvi tells it’s ok but why you were angry on that day?
Aishu: I was not angry,preeti asked me to give you angry look.
Arvi: Why so?
Aishu: Because you had said her that im looking beautiful to her
Arvi: Sorry I didn’t mean that, I said her you’re dress was beautiful.
Aishu: Then you mean im not beautiful,so bad.
Arvi: No no not like that sorry
Aishu: Hey don’t be sorry I was simply pulling your leg.
Arvi: Okay and smiles.
Aishu: Sorry if you felt bad ☹
Arvi: No need to say sorry.
Both smile and have fruit salad. Surya and Madhu also come there, all four enjoy . Madhu and Surya leave by bike,aishu and arvi say other bye and leave to home. Aishu thinks how arvi spoke with her and smile, reach home. Amma notice aishu is smiling on her own, then think mostly her project is selected. Amma asks her, she replies yes I got selected for job as well as my project is selected. Aishu goes to her room, keep on thinking of arvi and smiles. She goes to change dress , suddenly see Arvi’s image in mirror. She thinks she is really gone mad,but remember her promise to Amma and control her mind.
Arvi is also thinking how aishu spoke with him, then smiles thinking of her smile. He comes to his room and see’s aishu there goes near her and touch her hair then comes to know it’s just his imagination.Surya calls him and tell him to come to coffee shop morning and ask him to bring bike. Madhu calls aishu and tells her tomorrow come early to coffee shop and don’t bring your car there ok. Surya thanks Madhu and tell her arvi fell for aishu so I want them to become friends at least. Arvi think something is fishy and think its better to take car.
Morning, both aishu and arvi get ready leave to coffee shop. Madhu and Surya are already waiting there,aishu comes there first. Surya tells this guy will be always late, arvi comes there and say bcz of bike im late ok.

Precap: Arvi and aishu are laughing in car.

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  1. Pooja i like ur story very much dr….. i thought if smy girl in aishu place it will awesome na

  2. Arvi _Aishu ???(pooja)

    Suggest any actor and actress whom you want see in Arvi and aishu place,so that I can change pic

    1. In Bollywood- Ritesh and Genelia as they look cute..
      Shahid and Mira too..
      In Tamil – Surya and they too look cute together ..

    2. Sidharth malhotra.-najariya nazim (bangalore days heroine)

    3. And frankly present pic was so nice drplz dont change that……

  3. Superb epi di..Mom helping her son in his Love ❤ cute..Sweet ? convo between Ash and Arvi..Surya is a nice guy helping his friend..
    Wow..Coffee ? date..I am waiting eagerly for next part…update soon…thank u and take care ?..

  4. Aishu is lucky to have arvi , it feels so good to hv someone madly in love with u….very nice story pooja…loved it…

  5. Sury and jyothika look good for this story !!!!!and pooja i am reading ur story frm first episode. I really love this☺☺☺☺

  6. Arvi _Aishu ???(pooja)

    If you wish to change the pic plz reply. Love story look real when you imagine any pair while reading it. So I’m asking. Personally I imagine myself and my guy.

  7. Ohhh..pooja imagining urself!!☺☺great

    1. Arvi _Aishu ???(pooja)

      Thanks you ? imagine yourself bcz after some episodes you will definitely fell , I wish I could be in aishu ‘s place. I think most of them who are reading might think about now only??

      1. Arvi _Aishu ???(pooja)

        Definitely feel*

      2. Pooja seriously dr i am feeling like this only if i am in aishu place…. oh god kitna acha hoga na

      3. Mee too yaar ??? . Now I came to know why you’re imagination is good. In love na sis? ? ? ??

  8. Not after some episodes ….now only I am feeling “if I would be ash ,how good it will be”☺☺

  9. Awesome episode, eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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