Love After Marriage (Part 15)

Aishu is sleeping in her room it’s 5am. Amma comes and wake her ,to ask her about what she likes to have for breakfast? She adds she is going to temple so take house keys before leaving home. Amma think about aishu’s childhood while cooking…. Aishu wakes up and goes to get ready. Madhu comes to aishu’s home, she asks Amma where is aishu? Amma asks her can she ask her something about aishu. Madhu nods yes, amma ask her does Aishu like any guy in college? Madhu gets shocked, coughs and says aishu liking any guy? It will be 9th wonder and laughs. Amma also laugh with her and say I just wanted to know bcz I wanted her to get to know about love. Madhu gets shocked, asks why aunty? Amma tells her im thinking about getting her engaged with a guy.Madhu asks who is that guy aunty? Amma tells her wait till 6th sem exams get over ill tell everyone. Madhu nods ok. Aishu comes running and ask amma where is hair clip? Madhu says her come its ok you’re looking like doll in this pink dress ? amma also ask her to go it’s okay for today. Madhu and aishu leave. Surya is waiting in coffee shop, Madhu ask aishu to come we’ll have coffee. Aishu tell her at home we could have.. Madhu tells her Surya is waiting please and you asked me to show him na. Aishu rides to coffee shop. Surya thinks shall I call Madhu, before he take his phone see towards door. Both Aishu and Madhu come inside. Madhu show her he is Surya, aishu tells her I met him twice da. Madhu introduce Surya to aishu and vice versa. All three have coffee and move to college. Surya thinks of saying about this to Arvi.
Amma and mom leave to temple…
Amma reach’s there first and prays god for good news. Mom reach there and call Amma to ask her where she is? Amma tells her location. Mom comes there. Both are shocked to see each other.
Mom: You’re aishu Amma?
Amma: Smiles and tells her yes (both hug each other)
Mom: I want your daughter for my son?
Amma: Yes ill give her to my best friend bcz she will keep my daughter as princess.
Mom: Really I missed you so much,from 16yrs I couldn’t see you once also.
Amma: Ya 16yrs but now onwards we will meet daily bcz of our kids.
Mom: Yes? I’m really happy ?
Amma: How you got to know about Aishu?
Mom: Arvi saw her in Mano engagement. He said for first time he liked a girl and she turned out to be aishu. I’m really happy today not only for my son, I met my friend after so many years.
Amma: Really Arvi said so? You know aishu didn’t tell me anything like this till now. She always keep herself busy,nothing related to marriage matter she asks me or she tells.
Mom: One idea we will make Arvi and aishu meet. I know my Arvi, aishu will fall in love with him.
Amma: No chance because she said me what ever I decide she will do it in marriage matter.
Mom: Then let us get them engaged and she will fall for him then ?
Amma : But she wants to do MCA
Mom: After engagement let she study.
Amma: Ok then. She asks her how about your elder son?
Mom: He is here only, he is getting engaged in this Feb month. Come there,let Arvi and aishu meet there.
Amma: Superb idea. Both go to temple and pray for aishu and Arvi’s happiness.
Amma and mom leave for home after chatting till 5pm. Aishu as already reached home,she is thinking about where amma went ?Amma reach home and she is very happy. Aishu see her think something is happened with amma today, goes ask her to why she is so happy today? Amma tells her to concentrate on making dinner.
At both houses,8 pm all are having dinner. Arvi comes home just then and tells I got job in TCS company with package of 8lakh per annum. Mom and dad Congratulate him. He bro ask for treat? Then hug him and congratulate him. Mom thinks today my son fulfilled his promise, now ill complete his life with more happiness. Arvi and Arjun go out to bring ice-cream. At Aishu and Arvi’s home mom and Amma tell their husbands about today’s meeting and how they fulfilled their mother’s duty. Appa and papa say let kids meet once. Amma tells him in February aishu will meet arvi, then I’ll ask about her wishes. Aishu is busy with project.
Arjun comes to ice-cream shop, he see suji there both seat for having ice cream. Arvi comes and teases them , that they couldn’t wait for him. Just then a girl wearing jeans enters there, she calls suji Akka.

Precap: That girl is shown. She keeps looking at Arvi’s and smiles.

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  1. Haa ur story was too gud dr….

  2. May be that girl is our ash am i right dr…..

  3. Thank u TU for updating FF soon..

    Amazing epi di..i liked the concept of Arranged love ❤..oh both Arvi and Ash mom’s r friends..that’s good..
    Arvi got job too..Congo yaar..
    The girl who entered into the ice cream ? shop is the Sister of Suji?.. I don’t want Suji’s sister to fall in love ❤ with Arvi..I think she did the accident of Ash pls don’t do this..i don’t want any negativity yaar..pls its a humble request..Sorry if it hurts u di..
    Take care ?..waiting for next part eagerly..update soon..

    1. Arvi _Aishu ???(pooja)

      Negative character makes love grow more between aishu and arvi. He/she will had twist but I think you will definitely like arvi and aishu more when that character enter.

  4. in which we have 2 see full chapter of this previous episode

  5. Pooja ur story is superb…..☺r u from andhra Pradesh???? But thanx for ur updates

    1. Arvi _Aishu ???

      From Karnataka dear? you?

  6. Search in this link for previous chapters ”

  7. Nice episode, keep it up, ,,

  8. I am frm A.P…

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