Love After Marriage (Part 14)

Aishu is playing game in her tab, suddenly her bro call her. She talks with him,ask him to send engagement pics. He send her pics, she shows those pic to Amma. Amma see a pic in which arvi is looking at aishu,she doesn’t ask aishu but think of asking Mano. Amma ask aishu to sleep and goes out of her room. Aishu think I didn’t say about today’s dance performance to Amma. Then sleep off…
Next day morning at 5,
Aishu wakes up , then start running on treadmill. She is thinking about exams which are in next month. Arvi wake up,goes for jogging thinking about aishu and her smile. He then say to himself I better complete my B Tech and do masters before telling her anything. Then both get ready and go for college.
Amma call Mano and tell him to come home. When Mano comes she shows Arvi’s pic and ask him about him. He tells her this is arvi studying btech in our college,he is mummy’s brother’s relative. In simple he will be my brother in law, he is very good guy doesn’t have any bad habits and always busy with studies. Amma tells okay. Mano ask her why she asked about him? She tells him I had told you about searching guy’s for aishu I got this guy’s proposal there. Mano tells but his bro is not married yet. Amma tells I don’t know about that but my cousin brother told about this guy. Mano tells then he’ll become my aishu’s hubby. Amma tells let wait and see what gonna happen. Mom also get to know about aishu from one common relative comes to that aishu’s parents are searching for guy. She thinks of giving her as gift for Arvi’s birthday,as well as she will get two daughters to her home same time.
Amma call her brother and ask him to get Arvi’s parents number. Mom also ask her relative to get aishu’s parents number. Both get each other number and try calling,but get busy tone . Amma keep phone, within next minute mom call her.
Mom: Is this aishu’s amma?
Amma: Yes,its aishu amma. Who am I speaking to?
Mom: I’m Arvi’s mom, I got to know you’re searching for guy .
Amma: Yea we are searching but
Mom: But what?
Amma: Aishu will complete her MCA till then marriage can’t happen.
Mom: Oh that’ll. Thank god ? I thought something else.
Amma: Ok. Can we meet once directly.
Mom: Ok. Tomorrow at balaji temple
Amma: Ok then. Tomorrow at temple we will meet.
Aishu is coming back from college with her friends. They ask her to come to park at 5pm and tell her to bring notes back. Aishu reaches home, seat to complete yesterday’s notes. Amma come and give her green tea,she thanks her and tell I should go to return this notes to Madhu. After completing notes aishu leave to park where her friends are already waiting for her. She say them sorry as they are angry with her, Madhu ask her did you say about dance at home. Aishu nods no, Madhu hugs her telling my baby is growing up. Aishu hits her with book, all start laughing. Madhu goes to bring ice cream, aishu comes there and tells her I want to say off amma about dance if she comes to know then ? Madhu tell her be silent dear nothing gonna happen everytime you’ll get tensed for small things. Aishu nods ok.
Then both go to there friends with ice-cream and enjoy with friends. Madhu tell them MCA pgcet coaching classes who and all are joining? All tell I’ll join, aishu doesn’t reply. Madhu ask her she tells I’ll prepare at home, more than that I have project to be completed. Madhu and friends tell okay then tomorrow lets go and bring the register form. A kid come near aishu and ask her to come with them to play, she goes. Madhu and friends smile thinking aishu will never say no to anyone. Aishu is playing badminton with kids, suddenly her dupatta start flying in air. Arvi is coming in his bike, he stops bcz her dupatta falls on his face. She comes running and take cloth and say him sorry ,move off there. He see her playing with kids, then move off from there. Her friends come there and ask why was she running like that, aishu tell what happened. Her friends start teasing her indirectly you know if a girl’s dupatta falls on any guy then she will marry him only. Aishu gets link of it what they mean and gets annoyed move back home. Her friends stop her but she doesn’t listen to them.
Arvi while driving thinks why she is coming front of me so offen, im not able to concentrate on anything else. Arvi reachs home, his brother tell him that mom was asking about your fb password why did you change? Arvi say check him out its same old password. Both seat trying to open but it gives him wrong password, then mom comes there and opens it. Arvi ask her how does she new password? Did she change? She tells him I don’t want my son to keep old password only so I changed, adds she will text him his password. He tells ok, then he gets mom text password:aishwaryaparishith, remember it will be your life long password. He goes to ask why this password? She tells him that there is surprise for him on his 22nd birthday. Then he goes to study for main exams.

Precap: amma and mom decide to let their complete education before their marriage.

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  1. Eow what a supride na

  2. Oh how cute it is arvi and ash moms are super moms…. i like both arvi and ash yaar because oh uske family ke saath sab share karthe hein si nice…

  3. Nice episodes I liked it very much

  4. Lovely episode. Keep it up buddyyy. you loads

  5. Vety nice story! !!! I really like arvi’s character. He is an ideal husband material . An unconditional lover…… just love his and ash ‘s jodi. Keep writing. Take care dear

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