Love After Marriage (Part 120)


Arshu’s room..
Aishu smiles seeing babies sleeping peacefully.. Arvi comes to room.. He says babies are sleeping silently na.. She glares at him and say you should have come before 15 min.. He asks why? She says Pari stopped crying Arya started then after feeding him..she started crying.. He laughs and say did I ask about were the one who wanted kids..else you were to that extent of leaving me.. She takes pillow to hit him..throws towards him..say you’re the reason for their birth take care of them night ok.. He says if you want ill take care of their mom first ? She says amma will sleep with go and sleep in top room ? He takes night dress and goes to change.. She smiles.. He comes out.. She kiss him and hugs him say sorry.. He kiss her forehead and say be smiling that’s enough for me.. She asks oh really? Then ill ask carpenter bhaiyya to make this bed large one..for us and babies..?? He says ok.. This room you make..we will shift to 1st floor na..there ill see?? She hugs him..says you can’t become dad again so don’t waste energy in this work?? He says Ill become after 2yrs..?.. She smiles.. Amma knocks door.. Arvi goes to open door.. Aishu is lying on bed.. Amma asks arvi will be here? Should I be here? Mom replies her we will be here..he will go and sleep in his bed room.. He leaves.. Aishu smiles..

3months passes..
Arshu planned to celebrate their 4th anniversary with kids.. Aishu will be busy with kids..she have reduced her pregnancy weight to 40%.. Amma is busy with ranju.. Mom occasionally comes to arshu’s home.. Aishu smiles seeing dresses she wore during her pregnancy.. She says Pari..hearing baby’s cry.. She feeds her and smiles saying you’re dad as become so busy now a days.. See its 7pm he didn’t reach home yet.. She smiles hearing car sound..see Arya sleeping..takes Pari and goes to open door.. Arvi she opens door..he tries to take baby.. She glares at him and say sensitizer.. He nods ok and goes to fresh up.. After that she gives Pari to him.. He asks about Arya? She shows cattle.. He asks you don’t feel tried huh? She smiles says I won’t be. He places pari next to Arya and say aishu I know will be tried but you won’t say.. She hugs him and say my cute boy go have dinner.. He says we both will have..brings her to dinning table..with kids cattle.. He feeds her..she says Arvi you also have na.. Both finish dinner..

Aishu is sitting on sofa with Arya in lap.. Arvi comes there asks aishu can I ask you one thing? She says you can always.. He asks her how you met with accident? She says Arvi that.. He says I know about Kumar..please tell me what happened.. She says you will get angry won’t He says promise dear I won’t.. She says Arvi that day..

Morning i woke up from bed..i smiled seeing calendar and said my jadoogar will be with me from today onwards..what shall I wear?..saree? No no if he kiss me then I can’t control myself and if anything happens which should happen after marriage ? ill wear salwar suit only.. (sorry I didn’t read all updates so don’t remember her dress colour) i selected green and cream colour dress..I got bath..remembered your last kiss ya that kiss Mano’s marriage day..i saw myself in mirror said stop blushing aishu .. Then I got ready.. Came down saw amma busy with phone ..i left for airport without informing her..but papa saw me..he smiled and told me come with arvi early as possible.. I said ok..he blessed me..i winked at him.. He told you won’t leave this habit .. I smiled..said bye papa.. He was smiling.. I left ..

I was riding near that forest area.. Suddenly I saw a car coming with full speed..i was scared not bcz of speed but bcz of Kumar sir..he was riding car..i left something gonna happen with me today.. I increased speed..but he came to that way only..i was stopped by car.. He got down..i was not knowing what I should do bcz I was fully mind was blank.. He came near me..i was going back..I slipped and fell..I was like dumb..i didn’t know what to do..I stood still…. He caught my hand..i slapped him..with other hand..he held that hand also.. I remembered what tapu said me if we hit guy with leg near stomach they will fall down.. I did that..he left my hands but..held my dupatta..he pushed me..i also fell down..i wanted to run.. He held my legs..he kept on pulling me near to him..i started crying..i took sand and put it in eyes..he was rubbing..I got up and started going towards my vehicle..

He came towards me..I started vehicle..he took vehicle keys started saying why simply you’re running away from me? You look so hot while you’re nervous and scared..he was laughing.. He was coming near me..i was getting scared..I was literally shivering..i started stepping back..i wanted to run from there.. He was stepping forward..he was saying you are being far from your guy..come on you will be having some needs which should be fulfilled by him..let me do that for you.. I said him please leave your your daughter’s age na..please think me as you’re daughter..please sir..please.. He was telling you’re my student who made me mad in’re’re dressing style everything made me mad..i want your body not any relationship don’t worry..after spending time with can go and get married to your Arvi..he will be enjoying there don’t worry..bcz how he looks and talks we can say many girls fall for also fell for him just bcz he is handsome..thats lust aishu not love..mine is also just lust like yours..but you both want that lust to last long but me only few hours..just you’re virg**ty the are you virgin?..bcz you and he are so close that means… I went near him and slapped him hard saying arvi is not like you..never ever compare yourself to him..we both love each other..if ours was lust then my parents would slapped us..or given us poison..% He started both are’s just one can love in this age..he must be enjoying there.. chances for him are don’t need to be pure for him..he might be enjoying with girls there.. I started crying..i continuously slapped him..he was laughing..said you’re only touching me dear..each of your slap is like a kiss to me.. I slowly started moving towards a rod fallen on road..i took that and hit him on his legs..i took my keys..gave a hit on his head with rod and left that place.. He had fallen.. I was trying to start vehicle but saw he was struggling to get up..i felt bad for him..but when vehicle started I left place.. Then after travelling for 5min..i saw a lorry coming towards me..i felt as if im losing balance..i couldn’t suddenly hit me… I was lying in blood pool..but saw a guy coming towards me..he was having rod in his hand..he hit me on head..he said when you can’t be mine you can never be others also ok..I closed my eyes..I was remembering our first meet but suddenly closed my eyes..i felt I’ll die for sure..

Arvi hugs her.. She smiles hearing pari’s bangles sound.. Signs arvi to take Pari..we will go out…and sit in garden.. He takes her..both are sitting in garden.. Arvi asks you are feeling better now? Tomorrow we should go for doctor na.. She smiles and say im okay.. He keeps seeing her eyes..says you know what my jaan started lying to me.. She says I just remembered those days.. He says ok now think about me.. She asks what I think about you? He says don’t you have little sadness that you’re making you hubby fast.. She says I cooked only made me have and you also had it.. He smiles..kiss her forehead.. She says Arvi you’re seeing you.. Both see Pari.. She is seeing arvi without blinking eyes.. Aishu asks him to show her Arya.. He does so..pari holds Arya’s shirt.. He wakes up.. Arshu keep seeing then.. Pari smile little ..arya smiles.. Arvi say these two gone on you aishu..see them.. Aishu smiles..asks arvi shall we go to room..please don’t make Pari stand so much..her legs will hurt.. He asks really her legs will hurt? She says amma told me not to make them stand till 7 months.. Arvi says take Pari..i wanna spend sometime with my Arya.. She takes Pari..arvi lifts Arya form aishu’s lap.. Then leave for room..

Precap: Arshu’s day out Pari and Arya.. Then chinu coming to meet arshu

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