Love After Marriage (Part 12)

Recap: Suji asking him to say his love story…
Arvi says Bhabhi… Suji asks again…
Arvi starts narrating….
It was my senior Manohar engagement , I had been there with my friends. Mano have two sisters preeti and Aishwarya(cousin). Preeti and Aishu were standing from upstairs asking Mano to come upstairs. I saw preeti first, she just gave smile because she met me once in college. I smiled back, then saw aishu running back of small girl(her small sister Tanu), to say I didn’t see her I just saw her dress. Both aishu and Tanu were enjoying playing without thinking of anyone. Mano came near us, he saw me and friends seeing aishu and Tanu. He smiled and greeted us. Suddenly Tanu came gave him aishu’s hair clip. Aishu came there and started complaining to him about Tanu. He also irritated her by supporting Tanu she just gave annoyed look and went from there. That time I saw her eyes which were speaking more than her words. I couldn’t see her face because Mano was standing front of me. But I heard ankle ornament sound it was loud because of her angry steps. After 30min engagement function started. I saw her for first time her face was so cute and her smile was so sweet. To say I didn’t come to know when function got over. We went to congratulate Mano, that time my friend(Surya) touched her hand without knowing. She gave him angry look and went off from there. We went to ask sorry but she didn’t hear us. Surya said she have much head weight. We both were with Mano, we said him what happened. He laughed and said she is like that only don’t worry ill talk with her. She was with preeti, he called her . Both preeti and aishu came, he told aishu what happened was unknowingly please let go. She smiled and went off. Preeti was with us, Surya asked why aishu didn’t speak with us? She said nothing like that if she have meet you both earlier she would have spoken. Surya got call, excused and went to receive call. Preeti asked me why you are observing aishu soo much? I said her nothing like that her dress was beautiful. She said ohh ,i thought you’ll say she is beautiful doesn’t she? I said yeah she is. She understood and smiled. She went off because aishu called her. I and Surya thought lets move as we have college tomorrow. But Mano asked as to have food and move. Aishu was serving food, Mano asked her take care of us. We sat for having lunch,she was serving us. Preeti came there and said her something in her ears. Then when she came to serve me ,she gave me angry look. After finishing lunch we said her thanks for serving us and moved back home.
Preeti and aishu were speaking in their room. She asked preeti why you asked me to give angry look that guy? Preeti said her because he said you’re beautiful. She reply her he said truth only na, because he didn’t say for you said me to do it na.. Both sisters fought with pillows and were laughing. Mano came there asked what happened? Both smile and hug him , say my brother got engaged na so feeling sorry for him. He pulls both ears and start acting he that he is angry with him. All laugh and say good night each other.
Here at home i was thinking of aishu why she gave me angry look? Did preeti said her anything? Then i got Surya text asking him to meet him tomorrow at jogging spot. I went to sleep.. Aishu and preeti were laying on bed. Preeti told her you know that guy whom you gave angry look is our far relative, his name is arvi. Aishu ask her why saying all that? She tells because he likes you. Aishu asks what? She tells her I saw him looking at you in function. Aishu tell her shut up and sleep.
Next day…
Aishu wakes up and see time its already 7. She goes to get ready. Arvi comes home from jogging,he goes to get ready. After both come out bathing respectively, stand near mirror. He sees her in mirror and smiles. She leaves home in her vehicle.
Arjun comes to Arvi’s room calling him, see arvi smiling and think something as happened to this guy. He pats him and ask him to go its 9am. Arvi rushes. In mid way to college Surya joins him and he asks him completed work huh?
Arvi: No dude.
Surya: You have gone mad thinking about her.
Arvi: Dude forget it da.
Surya: Ok I can. But you can’t forget it right.
Arvi: Smile and nods yes.
Both reach college. Their lecturer ask them to meet principle and before going to competition. Both after meeting leave for aishu college but they don’t know it’s her college.
Aishu comes to college and comes to know their is coding and debugging in feast today in BE college. Her friends ask her to go with captain, she thinks and tells okay.
Arvi reach ash’s college. Aishu is filling registration , he doesn’t see her. She is surrounded by her friends. Arvi and friends go to main hall. Surya see aishu but doesn’t say arvi. Arvi gets lecturer call he goes out, aishu see him and think I have seen him somewhere na.
Feast starts, announcement are made. Arvi and aishu gets busy with competition. At 12pm Aishu and captain think of going to class. They both come and ask lecturer can they back for college,will return when results will announced. Lecturer tells no you can’t bcz there are some games. Aishu understood what games might be and ask sir please we will leave. Sir tells no go have lunch and come back. Aishu and captain both go for lunch. Arvi and friends are having lunch,Surya shows his friends aishu and tell them Arvi like her. They all ask Arvi, he replies nothing like that. Everyone enjoy by teasing him. Aishu comes to canteen and ask them whether they fruit salad? Surya is standing there only. He calls her,she tells him hai, sorry for yesterday matter. He tells it’s ok,how come you are here? She says im this college student, from degree batch. He say her okay then. Captain call her so she say bye and go with captain for lunch. Surya comes and tells arvi aishu is this college student it seems.

Precap: Aishu performing for a song.

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