Love After Marriage (Part 119)


Arvi see’s aishu.. All family members see aishu.. She is sleeping.. Arvi holds her hands..she wake up.. She smiles seeing everyone.. She search for papa..say amma papa.. Papa comes and see near her.. She smiles and say papa.. He keeps his hands on her head..she smiles and winks at him.. Papa say ash.. She smiles.. Papa turns to say everyone..she holds his hands..nods no.. Arvi see nurse and Varsha bringing babies.. He takes girl baby..varsha gives boy baby to aishu.. Aishu hugs takes baby from aishu’s hands..arvi give her baby..she smile seeing him..he smiles..she kiss baby.. Baby’s hand touch her eyes..she smiles.. Arvi goes out..bcz of call.. Arvi goes to doctor aunty..say aunty im feeling my ash is back..her smile says it.. Aunty tell him there may be chances bcz of pain a girl undergoes when giving birth may change her many have gone to coma..means..aishu can.. Arvi lifts aunty and spins her..say thank you aunty thank you so much… He runs outside after it.. All family members leave them alone..

Arvi kiss her forehead.. She says Arvi don’t you have shame..babies are here.. He says no… She says please… He hugs her..kiss her neck.. She closes her eyes..he smiles hugging her.. She pinches him.. He says ahhh..jaan.. She says what jadoogar? He smiles and say I wanted this.. She says jadoogar..tries to stand up.. He hugs her and say Im dying here..and you didn’t say me na.. She says I wanted to say you after going home.. He hugs her and say you gave me best anniversary gift dear.. She says kids.. He says no my jaan.. She hugs starts crying.. She smiles and takes baby.. He says ill be out.. She nods.. He goes outside and amma comes asks him what happened? He hugs her and say ash is back..aishu’s memory.. All ask what? He says aishu’s memory is back.. Amma,mom and others go inside.. Aishu smiles seeing them.. Amma hugs also does same.. All say ash is back..Madhu and tapu hug and say idiot girl how much we missed you know.. She smiles.. Nurse come and say please everyone be out..she should take rest.. All go out.. Mom asks arvi to be with her..

After a week..
Aishu smiles seeing kids..say I was waiting for you both from many days..but today im taking you both to your home..where you can see your granny’s and granddads’…your brother Arjith…your uncle’re dad who didn’t go to office from the day you both are born.. Amma says started complaining about arvi to kids also.. Aishu says see amma he didn’t go to office..from 1week.. Mom say her he is doing his work from hospital don’t worry .. Arvi comes there with birth aishu.. She smiles seeing babies names..Pari and Arya .. Aunty comes and say then today you are going with babies.. Aishu smiles.. Aunty tell her to take care..and don’t think about time call me whenever you want ok.. Aishu nods ok.. They leave from hospital..
Arshu enter house with babies.. Flowers starts falling on them… Amma and mom takes babies and ask arshu to fresh up..and come out..for babies naming ceremony.. Arshu go inside.. Amma and mom make babies get ready.. Arvi is taking clothes..aishu hugs him from back and say I love you jadoogar.. He smiles says I love you too jaan.. He says you take bath and come..ill go after you.. She asks Arvi why did you forget your promise? Arvi asks what? She says after babies birth someone said me..they will take bath with me.. He smiles and hugs her…says that I promised to my wife..not you jaan.. She smooch him…. Arvi hugs her..she says Mr amma asked us to get ready.. He says you’re culprit if we get late.. She asks why? He replies tempting me na.. She laughs..hugs him.. They take bath and come out..

Naming ceremony starts..
After some puja.. Pandith asks arvi to repeat baby’s name thrice in her ear.. He says Pari Pari Pari.. Then he does same with boy baby..he repeats Arya Arya Arya.. Elders bless them.. Amma asks Arvi what you wanted to say? Arvi smiles and says amma that.. She asks what happened? He says Amma can we I mean me and aishu can get married again? Amma smiles and say yes you can..but why now.. Arvi say her aishu had many wishes about marriage I thought to fulfil those.. Amma smiles and bless him..tell him to ask mom once.. Mom who was hearing this tells I have a objection in it.. Arvi and amma ask what? She tells marriage will happen after two years.. Arvi asks why? She tells him you wanted to adopt a baby na.. Arvi nods yes.. She tells before that baby come to home your marriage will happen ok.. Arvi hugs mom and say thank you soo much.. Amma smiles..

Precap: Arvi asking about accident..aishu says him everything.. Then Kumar comes to Arshu’s apologize..

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